Bermuda, 1842, Despatches, Offices and Individuals : Index; Acts and Legislation; Returns; Report; Petition; Address; Financial document; Order; List; Memorandum; Correspondence 1842.

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Colonial Caribbean: Module 2
Summary note
  • Despatches from William Reid, governor of Bermuda, together with letters from various 'offices' (Government departments and other organisations) and individuals on matters related to Bermuda. Despatches are described at item level: CO 37/107/1. Reports that the Commanding Royal Engineer had been instructed to make a plan and estimate of the proposed chapel at Ireland Island. Executive, No. 1, folios 3-4. 04/01/1842. CO 37/107/2. Proposes that the sides of Maria Hill be quarried away and the summit left as a defensive position for the protection of the naval hospital and quarters on the south-western part of Ireland Island. Military, No. 2, folios 5-8. 04/01/1842. CO 37/107/3. Proposes wooden barracks be sent out in frame from England for the use of the convicts to be employed at Prospect Hill works, with the wall enclosing the barracks to form part of the defences. Adds that hulks should be sent for the use of those to be employed at the lighthouse and defences for Castle Harbour. Notes the need for considerable reinforcements of labour from England to accelerate the progress of public works. Military, No. 3, folios 9-12. 10/01/1842. CO 37/107/4. Explains suggestions for reorganising and reducing the expense of the Customs Establishment by employing its officers elsewhere. Executive, No. 4, folios 13-19. 10/01/1842. CO 37/107/5. Forwards a Book Almanack [not included in volume]. Executive, No. 5, folios 20-21. 11/01/1842. CO 37/107/6. Reports that the Provost Marshal was not yet satisfied and was therefore unable to grant an acquittance to Mr Kennedy for his Quit Rent Accounts. Executive, No. 6, folios 22-23. 11/01/1842. CO 37/107/7. Reports that the Court of Chancery had admitted the validity of the claim of the heirs of Thomas Hausser to property left by him in the colony. Encloses a memorandum by Chief Justice Butterfield. Judicial, No. 7, folios 24-35. 01/02/1842. CO 37/107/8. Reports that the inhabitants had donated £500 for the destruction of reefs at the mouth of St George's Harbour. Asks for two or three Royal Sappers and Miners, trained in submarine operations, to be sent out to carry out the job. Suggests that the government supply the required gunpowder. Executive, No. 8, folios 36-44. 03/02/1842. CO 37/107/9. Robert Kenndy's Quit Rent Accounts and Sale of Provost Marshal Land: forwards a report by Provost Marshal John H Trott explaining his claim to emoluments derived from land alleged to have been originally reserved for the benefit of the Provost Marshal and improperly sold by Mr Kennedy as Colonial Secretary Land. Outline plan, marking named bays and numbered shares of land [plan not in item -- extracted to MFQ/1/988 - Bermuda: Saint George's Island]. Executive, No. 9, folios 45-77. 05/02/1842. CO 37/107/10. Forwards a sketch showing how Vice Admiral Sir Charles Adam had prepared and fastened a chain for securing the end of a boom to close the mouth of the camber at the Dockyard. Military, No. 10, folios 78-80. 05/02/1842. CO 37/107/11. Comments that Sear's Hill would obscure the proposed lighthouse at Gibbs Hill for ships sailing west-southwest. Explains this problem could be solved by placing a red lantern on St David's Head to serve as a guide towards the main entrance into Bermuda. Encloses a map of the island showing where the light would not be visible. Executive, No. 11, folios 81-93. 11/02/1842. CO 37/107/12. Forwards and recommends an application of a Legislative Committee for 20 convicts to be employed deepening the channel which leads into the Port of Hamilton. Adds that the actual cost of the work was more than double the estimated £2719. Executive, No. 12, folios 94-108. 22/03/1842. CO 37/107/13. Reports that the Roman Catholic Bishop of Quebec had submitted an enquiry for the wife of a convict named Augustin Kennedy concerning his fate. Colonial Office draft states that Kennedy was sent to England in HMS Vernon where he received a total remission of his commuted sentence of transportation for life. Executive, No. 13, folios 109-112. 24/03/1842. CO 37/107/14. Reports granting three month's leave of absence to Hunt Marriott, Clerk to the Collector of Customs, due to ill health. Executive, No. 14, folios 113-114. 25/03/1842. CO 37/107/15. Forwards a copy of the governor's speech given at the opening of the Legislature and the addresses in response from the Legislative Council and House of Assembly. Encloses comments on the settlement of convicts, emigration from Great Britain, the lighthouse, improvement of St George's Harbour, funds for public works and fisheries, provisions for education, and renewal and amendment of acts. Executive, No. 15, folios 115-119. 29/03/1842. CO 37/107/16. Reports that the Commissioners of Customs had directed the censure and dismissal of Mr O'Reilly, Collector of Customs at Hamilton, for questioning the validity of the Colonial Act which regulates customs officers' salaries. Notes that the next in seniority, Landing and Tide Surveyor Hurdis, held the same views as Mr O'Reilly and suggests appointing Mr Fraser as acting collector. Executive, No. 16, folios 120-126. 30/03/1842. CO 37/107/17. Requests blank Blue Books for 1842. Suggests the inexpediency of allowing the distinction between the races of 'black', 'coloured', and 'white people to be preserved in the annual population returns. Executive, No. 17, folios 127-132. 25/04/1842. CO 37/107/18. Forwards a letter from acting Colonial Secretary C Frozard stating that he agreed to receive the ordinary office fees in lieu of a fixed salary while Mr Kennedy would continue to receive his full salary during his absence. Executive, No. 18, folios 133-138. 30/04/1842. CO 37/107/19. Responds to a complaint against the governor of delaying the progress of public works and defences by unjustifiably interfering with the Engineers Department and ordering it to blow away the reefs at the mouth of St George's Harbour. Encloses documents concerning the matter. No. 19, folios 139-183. 01/05/1842. CO 37/107/20. Forwards and recommends David McCardell's application for payment of his Royal Artillery pension in Bermuda instead of Canada as he intended to settle on the island. Military, No. 20, folios 184-191. 10/05/1842. CO 37/107/21. Reports granting four months' leave of absence to the Reverend S P Musson, Rector of Paget and Warwick Parishes, due to ill health. Executive, No. 21, folios 192-195. 19/05/1842. CO 37/107/22. Forwards a minute of the Court of Chancery relative to the balance of the estate of the late Thomas Hausser remaining in that Court. Executive, No. 22, folios 196-203. 21/05/1842. CO 37/107/23. A charge of £59 14s 11d to the governor's account. Folios 204-205. 21/05/1842. CO 37/107/24. Reports the wreck of the convict ship Sir George Arthur on the reefs as it carried 80 convicts. Reports the death of the master and mate as well as the loss of public stores. Explains that an enquiry was being made into the alleged blame attached to the Master and crew. Notes the good conduct of the convicts. Executive, No. 23, folios 206-211. 07/06/1842. CO 37/107/25. Acknowledges the receipt of despatches during the half year ending 1 July. Folios 212-213. 01/07/1842. CO 37/107/26. Forwards the quit rent accounts for the attention of the Commissioners of Audit. Financial, No. 24, folios 214-225. 22/07/1842. CO 37/107/27. Forwards a copy of the governor's speech given at the closing of the Legislature. Comments on the encouragement of fisheries, training of working cattle, British emigrants, St George's Harbour, and absence of crime. Executive, No. 25, folios 226-230. 23/07/1842. CO 37/107/28. Reports that the Legislature had voted £1000 towards deepening the ship channel leading into St George's Harbour. Proposes that the work be undertaken by either the Naval or Ordnance Department. Encloses a memorandum concerning the nature of the work. Executive, No. 26, folios 231-240. 02/08/1842. CO 37/107/29. Forwards the Acts passed during the last Legislative session along with the journal of the House of Assembly, the journal of the Legislative Council, the minutes of the Privy Council [not included in volume]. Encloses the Attorney General's report on the Acts. Acts are listed as: No. 1 Sick and Disabled Merchant Seaman -- No. 3 Encouragement of Shipbuilding -- No. 4 Conveyance of Freehold Estates -- No. 5 Salaries of Customs Officers -- No. 6 Pilots for Steam Vessels and Buoy Poles at the Channel -- No.
  • 7 Retail Liquor Shop Regulations -- No.
  • 8 Property Required for Ordnance Services -- No. 9 British Immigration Agent -- No. 10 Tax and Appropriation -- No. 11 Land adjoining Session House Hamilton vested in the Crown -- No. 12 Criminal Lunatics Lodged in Gaol -- No. 13 Police in Hamilton and St George -- No. 14 Petty Debts -- No. 15 Revenue -- No. 16 Post Office Regulations. Legislative, No. 27, folios 241-261. 09/08/1842. CO 37/107/30. Forwards a printed copy of British Emigration Agent W Burgess's report on Bermuda which states its general features, climate, soil,
  • productions, trade, institutions, number of labourers required, returns of population, churches, chapels, schools, prices and food and clothing et cetera Executive, No. 28, folios 262-272. 18/08/1842. CO 37/107/31. Reports that the Bermuda Infantry called out by proclamation for three weeks training. Encloses requisition for clothing required for 1842 and 1843. Military, No. 29, folios 273-282. 19/08/1842. CO 37/107/32. Acknowledges the receipt of despatches during the quarter ending 5 October. Unnumbered, folios 283-284. 05/10/1842. CO 37/107/33. Responds to a despatch concerning Registrar of the Vice Admiralty Court Spencer's claim to compensation for housing the records of that court. Executive, No. 30, folios 285-289. 26/10/1842. CO 37/107/34. Forwards a letter from the Colonial Secretary concerning the arrangements he made for remunerating his deputy while on leave of absence. Executive, No. 31a, folios 290-295. 28/10/1842. CO 37/107/35. Recommends that the cost of introducing labourers from Britain be defrayed by the introducer and not the government. Legislative, No. 31b, folios 296-300. 08/12/1842. CO 37/107/36. Various returns forwarded during the year, as follows: quarterly returns of colonial officials present and in execution of their offices -- annual return of officers absent on leave and offices executed by a deputy -- annual return of officers receiving retirement allowances [nil return] -- return of salaries given to stipendiary magistrates [nil return] -- half-yearly return of members of the Legislative and Privy Councils -- half-yearly return of steam vessels built and registered [nil return] -- quarterly reports of the governor's service. Unnumbered, folios 302-318. 01/01/1842. Correspondents and subjects are as follows: Offices: Admiralty (employment of 'native' vessels to convey government stores, exclusion of naval expenditure from Blue Book returns, salaries of Vice Admiralty Court officers during war, deepening of the channel leading into St George's Harbour) -- Commander-in-Chief (refusal of garrison chaplain to supply returns) -- Board of Trade (operation of Shipbuilding Act) -- Foreign Office (property claimed by Thomas Hauser's heirs) -- Home Office (settlement of convicts, convicts for military works, non-employment of convicts deepening the channel, Augustin Kennedy's free pardon, wreck of convict ship Sir George Arthur) -- Board of Ordnance (employment of Sappers and Miners in clearing harbour entrance, David McCardell's pension, no objection to Act respecting the purchase of lands) -- Treasury (Customs Salaries Act, Solicitor General Stewart's salary as Acting Attorney General, lighthouse at Gibbs Hill, selection of acting officers in Customs Department, Robert Kennedy's quit rent accounts, Kennedy's salary while absent, salary of registrar of Vice Admiralty Court, conveyance of silver to the colony, reduction of the Customs Establishment, report on Revenue Act) -- General Post Office (cannot undertake charge of a provincial post office) -- Land Board (reply to Immigration Agent's report, Emigration Act). Individuals: Call Martin and Company (requests certification that Colonial Secretary Kennedy's leave absence was sanctioned by the Secretary of State) -- Cox and Company (governor's salary) -- Reverend M Dempsey (offers services as a Roman Catholic priest) -- Robert Kennedy, Colonial Secretary (payment of his salary, quit rent accounts, exclusion from the chance of succeeding to the temporary administration of the government) -- Lieutenant Rothery (applies for appointment as superintendent of convicts) -- John Stewart (attorney general's salary claimed for D Stewart).
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