Bahamas, Jan-Jul 1835, Despatches : Index; Legal document; Financial document; Returns; Newspaper clipping; List; Order; Report; Petition; Correspondence Jan-Jul 1835.

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Colonial Caribbean: Module 2
Jan-Jul 1835.
Summary note
  • Correspondence, Original-Secretary of State: Despatches sent by Lieutenant Governor Blayney Townley Balfour (items 1-9), President Joseph Hunter (items 10-13) and Lieutenant Colonel William MacBean George Colebrooke. Described at item level. CO 23/93/1. Complains that Colonel Pattison had not supplied him with the military returns. Reports on the different branches of the military establishment and recommends various reductions. Bahamas, No. 37, Folios 3-11. 04/01/1835. CO 23/93/2. Forwards a memorial from Isabel Kerr, the widow of former Attorney General Kerr, asking for payment that was due to her husband for escheating land to the Crown. Bahamas, No. 38, Folios 12-17. 13/01/1835. CO 23/93/3. Reports on the nature of the colony's soil and produce in response to a circular despatch of 30 September 1834. Includes information on salt, Palma Christi, and silk worms. Encourages the introduction of free ports and trade with Haiti. Encloses a copy of the despatch as printed for Parliament entitled 'Papers Relative to the Abolition of Slavery in the British Colonies: Bahamas, No. 474'. The printed copy includes a return of exports taken from the Blue Book for 1834. Bahamas, No. 39, Folios 18-24. 13/01/1835. CO 23/93/4. Reports the need to make alterations to the salaries of clergymen as stated in the Parliamentary Estimates. Bahamas, No. 40, Folios 25-26. 15/01/1835. CO 23/93/5. Asks for a schedule of the fees charged on private acts of Parliament. Bahamas, No. 41, Folios 27-28. 19/01/1835. CO 23/93/6. Forwards an application from the Assembly to have the Port of Grand Key, Turks Island, declared a free portrait Bahamas, No. 42, Folios 29-33. 28/01/1835. CO 23/93/7. Reports that the Assembly had granted a civil list for five years, during which time Act 8th George 2 would be suspended. Advises that if the Assembly should apply for a reduction of the salaries of the Chief Justice and Colonial Secretary after the deaths of the present holders that the request should be granted. Bahamas, No. 43 , Folios 34-36. 29/01/1835. CO 23/93/8. Reports his arrival at Port au Prince, Haiti. Suggests 'the propriety of conferring on the President some mark of European honour'. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 37-37a. 29/03/1835. CO 23/93/9. Applies for passage allowance on returning to the United Kingdom from the Bahamas. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 38-41a. 16/12/1835. CO 23/93/10. Reports assuming the administration of the Government on 19 February due to the departure of Governor Balfour. Bahamas, No. 1, Folios 43-44. 21/02/1835. CO 23/93/11. Forwards a half-yearly return of the ten Council members. Listed are William Vesey Manning, the Lord Bishop of Jamaica, Joseph Hunter, Patrick Brown, William Webb, Robert Sandilands, John Good, William Hiela [?], James Walker, and John Irving. Bahamas, No. 2, Folios 45-47. 21/02/1835. CO 23/93/12. Reports the inconvenience experienced by the irregular service of mail ships from England. Bahamas, No. 3, Folios 48-51. 23/02/1835. CO 23/93/13. Reports that the Assembly are in session but will not enter any new subjects until after the arrival of the new Governor. Bahamas, No. 4, Folios 52-53. 23/02/1835. CO 23/93/14. Reports arriving in Jamaica. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 55-56. 12/01/1835. CO 23/93/15. Gives observations on the apprenticeship system in Port Royal, Jamaica. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 57-59. 28/01/1835. CO 23/93/16. Requests information on the new arrangements for mail service to the Bahamas. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 60-61. 29/01/1835. CO 23/93/17. Reports plans to sail from Jamaica to the Bahamas in HMS Fort on 7 February. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 62-62a. 01/02/1835. CO 23/93/18. List of 53 Acts of the Bahamas Legislature [includes Acts Nos 829-878 plus seven additional acts]. Not all of the acts passed during the year are listed. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 63-67. 21/01/1835. CO 23/93/19. Reports arrival and assumption of the Government on 26 February. Reports finding the colony in 'a perfect state of tranquility'. Bahamas, No. 1, Folios 68-69. 05/03/1835. CO 23/93/20. Requests to be appointed to the local rank of Colonel which would entitle him to the military command. Bahamas, No. 1 (number reused), Folios 70-71. 05/03/1835. CO 23/93/21. Comments on the plans of the Spanish to build a lighthouse on the Key Sal Bank. Explains that the right to territory was in dispute between the English and Spanish. Adds that the Americans wished to gain possession of it as it would enable them to supply salt independent of the Bahamas. Notes that this would be a great disadvantage to the industry and revenue of the colony. Encloses a letter concerning the matter from the Foreign Office dated 8 August 1837. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 72-76. 05/03/1835. CO 23/93/22. Reports the unsatisfactory state of the currency explaining that 'great inconvenience [was] experienced especially by the poorer classes. for the want of small currencies in their retail transactions'. Asks that a supply of small silver coin be sent out, in fractional parts of sixpence, to the amount of £1000. Encloses a vote of the Assembly on the subject. Bahamas, No. 4, Folios 77-80. 06/03/1835. CO 23/93/23. Replies to a circular despatch of 1 November 1834 requesting 'information as to the means of diffusing Christian Knowledge and religious education amongst that class of His Majesty's subjects who by the law for the abolition of slavery have been placed in new social and political relations, and who in emerging from their former servile state, have still to be reclaimed from the effects of the prejudices and ignorance so injurious to themselves and to society'. Encloses information concerning the matter supplied by the Rector of Christ Church Parish in Nassau Rev William Hepworth and Baptist Missionary J Burton. Bahamas, No. 5, Folios 81-93. 10/03/1835. CO 23/93/24. Forwards three Acts of the Legislature: Vagrant Act Court of Sessions Act Trade and Navigation Act Bahamas, No. 6, Folios 94-96. 10/03/1835. CO 23/93/25. Forwards and comments on a report from the Assembly on escheats and quit rents. Bahamas, No. 7, Folios 97-105. 11/03/1835. CO 23/93/26. Reports that it would be necessary to furnish the Government House at public expense. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 106-109. 11/03/1835. CO 23/93/27. Provides a letter of introduction for Private Secretary Lieutenant Egerton who was travelling to England on a leave of absence. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 110-110a. 11/03/1835. CO 23/93/28. Forwards an application from George Wood for the position of Attorney General. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 111-114. 11/03/1835. CO 23/93/29. Gives observations on the extent of the slave trade in Havannah [Havana]. Explains why he considers the Bahamas more suitable than Trinidad for receiving liberated Africans. Bahamas, No. 8, Folios 115-120. 12/03/1835. CO 23/93/30. Reports on the magistracy in general. Explains that the three stipendiary magistrates sent out were insufficient and requests two more. Notes that the local magistrates are expensive and inefficient. Encloses a printed copy of the despatch. Bahamas, No. 9, Folios 121-125. 12/03/1835. CO 23/93/31. Reports the arrival of Stipendiary Magistrate Hector Munro. Bahamas, No. 10 (duplicate), Folios 126-127. 18/03/1835. CO 23/93/32. Forwards the military returns for March [not included in volume]. Comments on the military command. Bahamas, No. 11, Folios 128-129. 20/03/1835. CO 23/93/33. Reports on measures taken concerning the alteration in the mail service. Suggests an arrangement for improving the packet system. Bahamas, No. 12 (duplicate), Folios 130-134. 21/03/1835. CO 23/93/34. Reports his inspection of the 385 liberated Africans, taken from the Portuguese slaver Hebe , who had been apprenticed. Encloses a return of their distribution among the various islands, includes the 140 who had died. Bahamas, No. 13, Folios 135-137. 23/03/1835. CO 23/93/35. Forwards duplicates of Mrs Kerr's memorials for remuneration owed to her late husband former Attorney General Kerr [not included in volume]. Bahamas, No. 14, Folios 138-139. 24/03/1835. CO 23/93/36. Reports having taken measures for preparing the Blue Book and providing for Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Bahamas, No. 15, Folios 140-141. 21/03/1835. CO 23/93/37. Forwards and comments on a statement made by John Saunders concerning one of his 'indentured male servant[s] of colour.
  • named John' who was detained in the port of Apalachicola in east Florida after the ship he was travelling on with Saunders was seized under the United States Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Bahamas, No. 16, Folios 142-146. 24/03/1835. CO 23/93/38. Suggests the need to establish Circuit Courts for the out islands. Bahamas, No. 17, Folios 147-152. 25/03/1835. CO 23/93/39. Reports his inspection of the Africans liberated from the Felicidad and Despique. Bahamas, No. 18 (duplicate), Folios 153-157. 25/03/1835. CO 23/93/40. Acknowledges the receipt of various
  • despatches from the Colonial Office. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 158-159. 18/03/1835. CO 23/93/41. Requests another copy of the report on military expenditure. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 160-161. 20/03/1835. CO 23/93/42. Acknowledges the receipt of various despatches from the Colonial Office. Bahamas, unnumbered , Folio 162. 29/03/1835. CO 23/93/43. Forwards a copy of the rules of the Bahama Friendly Society, which is composed exclusively of emancipated slaves, with a copy of an address to the King from the members. The address was signed by President William Butler, Vice President Mike Eden, Treasurer Arron Cumbridge, Secretary Prince Clarke and Chairman of Committee Richard Martindale [?]. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 163-169. 31/03/1835. CO 23/93/44. Gives a statement of his public services and requests the honour of knighthood. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 170-171. 01/04/1835. CO 23/93/45. Forwards his address to the Assembly concerning the establishment of Circuit Courts. Notes that it might be advantageous to form a penal settlement in the Bahamas. Bahamas, No. 20, Folios 172-175. 03/04/1835. CO 23/93/46. Reports that the Slave Registry and the Police Acts have been submitted to the Assembly for the required amendments. Bahamas, No. 21, Folios 176-177. 03/04/1835. CO 23/93/47. Forwards a return of the Special Justices with their salaries and allowances. Explains that he considers the present system to be defective. Submits a proposal for arranging the magistracy. Encloses a printed copy of the report and extract from the despatch. Bahamas, No. 22, Folios 178-182. 09/04/1835. CO 23/93/48. Forwards a copy of the Commission of the Peace for Justices of the Peace issued by Governor Sir James Carmichael Smyth on 7 April 1831. Requests to be informed if any alteration should be made before issuing a new one. Bahamas, No. 23, Folios 183-189. 10/04/1835. CO 23/93/49. Recommends various allowances as remuneration to the members and secretary of the Compensation Commission. Bahamas, No. 24, Folios 190-191. 13/04/1835. CO 23/93/50. Reports appointing Mr Lees to a seat in the Council and recommends his confirmation. Bahamas, No. 25, Folios 192-193. 13/04/1835. CO 23/93/51. Reports ending the Legislative session on 4 April due to the Council throwing out the Appropriation Act. Encloses his speech given on the reassembly of the Legislature on 7 April with the subsequent replies. Bahamas, No. 26, Folios 194-197. 13/04/1835. CO 23/93/52. Reports the intent to form a Land Board to report on the lands where settlements may be formed. Notes that he considers the Crown Lands to be valuable and adds that it would be unwise to sell large tracts of land as there would be competition for their possession. Bahamas, No. 27, Folios 198-200. 13/04/1835. CO 23/93/53. Reports the intention to get returns from the different government departments in order to revise and reduce them. Adds that a Bill is in progress for forming circuit courts for the out islands. Bahamas, No. 28, Folios 201-202. 13/04/1835. CO 23/93/54. Forwards the military returns for April [not included in volume]. Notes that he does not agree with Governor Balfour's recommendation that Royal Engineer Officer Captain Kitson be removed explaining that his services are needed as a civil engineer to supervise public works. Bahamas, No. 29, Folios 203-206. 21/04/1835. CO 23/93/55. Reports that bill for establishing Circuit Courts had passed. Bahamas, No. 30, Folios 207-208. 21/04/1835. CO 23/93/56. Forwards a report of the Assembly concerning currency. Recommends the adoption of the British Standard. Refers to his despatch No 4 of 6 March concerning the supply of silver coin. Bahamas, No. 31, Folios 209-210. 21/04/1835. CO 23/93/57. Explains the need to remodel the judicial arrangements and form Circuit Courts. Notes that he considers two judges sufficient and comments on the judge's salaries. Bahamas, No. 32, Folios 211-219. 23/04/1835. CO 23/93/58. Reports some inconveniences experienced in the Marriage Act and the remedies adopted. Encloses a printed government notice concerning the matter. Bahamas, No. 33, Folios 220-224. 23/04/1835. CO 23/93/59. Reports that order had been restored among the apprentices in the Island of Exuma. Bahamas, No. 34, Folios 225-226. 23/04/1835. CO 23/93/60. Reports the appearance of some pirates and states the need for cruisers to protect islands 'especially as the suppression of the slave trade still prevailing may be expected for a time to induce many desperate and lawless persons to engage in such undertakings'. Encloses newspaper excerpts concerning the sightings and interviews conducted with William Claxton, William Farrington, and John Pinder concerning the employment of the sloop Jane to 'cruise off the Turks Islands for the protection of slave property'. Bahamas, No. 35, Folios 227-233. 23/04/1835. CO 23/93/61. Forwards the prospectus of the Bahama Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 234-237. 23/04/1835. CO 23/93/62. Reports that the Circuit Bill had passed. Recommends that two judges be sent from England as 'local connections are objectionable'. Bahamas, private, Folios 238-241. 22/04/1835. CO 23/93/63. Forwards a return of the local Special Magistrates and statements of the expense as compared with his proposed arrangement of circuits of the Stipendiary Magistrates to whom he recommends an allowance of 7 shillings per day while actually on circuit. In response to circular despatches 28 February and 16 March. Encloses a printed copy. Bahamas, No. 36, Folios 242-250. 04/05/1835. CO 23/93/64. Reports further on the pirate ship mentioned in despatch No 35 of 23 April. Bahamas, No. 37 (duplicate), Folios 251-251. 04/05/1835. CO 23/93/65. Reports appointing George P Wood to the Compensation Commission. Bahamas, No. 38, Folios 252-252a. 04/05/1835. CO 23/93/66. Forwards copies of the Special Magistrates monthly returns on cases 'between Masters and Apprentices at Exuma'. Most of the returns are nil. Includes two cases. In the first, apprentice Joe Skinner was sentenced to receive twenty five strips for 'disobedience of orders and very insolent language to complainant as employer [James Marley]'. The second outlines an investigation made into the conditions on Mrs Frances Ferguson's plantation. It is noted that 'the discontent and disobedience manifested by this Lady's apprentices had in the first instance arisen from neglect of her late overseer, who has by the concurrent testimony of all parties, allowed the apprentices to idle their time, and they now feel the difference, by being called upon to work steadily, and regularly -- and secondly by Mrs Ferguson trying to exact too much from them'. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 253-263. 05/05/1835. CO 23/93/67. Forwards the governor's speech given at the closure of the Legislature on 11 April. Bahamas, No. 39 (duplicate), Folios 264-266. 27/05/1835. CO 23/93/68. Reports granting three months leave of absence to Collector of Customs J Walker. Adds that W Bethel will be acting Collector of Customs. Bahamas, No. 40, Folios 267-268. 27/05/1835. CO 23/93/69. Reports that £252 12s 3d of expenses were incurred by the liberated Africans. Comments on measures adopted for reducing this expenditure. Bahamas, No. 41, Folios 269-272. 27/05/1835. CO 23/93/70. Refers to his letter of 11 March concerning the need for Government House furniture. Reports buying furniture at his own expense. Bahamas, unnumbered (duplicate), Folios 273-274. 27/05/1835. CO 23/93/71. Reports the need for a small steam boat. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 275-278. 28/05/1835. CO 23/93/72. Requests permission to present a new 'Pair of Colours' to the militia in the name of the King. Bahamas, No. 42 (duplicate), Folios 279-279a. 29/05/1835. CO 23/93/73. Forwards the military returns for May [not included in volume]. Bahamas, No. 43, Folios 280-280a. 29/05/1835. CO 23/93/74. Forwards a return of the special magistrates showing the amounts of their salaries. Bahamas, No. 44 (duplicate), Folios 281-282. 01/06/1835. CO 23/93/75. Recommends removing the Post Office from Crooked Island to Nassau. Suggests that 'the annual allowance for the mail boat should be should be appropriated to a steam boat of about 80 tons and 25 horsepower which would perform the duty more efficiently and facilitate the service of the Circuit Courts about to be established'. Bahamas, No. 45, Folios 283-286. 02/06/1835. CO 23/93/76.
  • Forwards a copy of his instruction to the Stipendiary Magistrates on circuit and his circular of 27 April ending the services of the local Justices. Encloses a copy as printed for Parliament No 480, March 1837. Bahamas, No. 46 (duplicate), Folios 287-299. 02/06/1835. CO 23/93/77. Forwards the Blue Book for 1834 [not included in volume]. Bahamas, No. 47 (duplicate), Folios 300-300a. 02/06/1835. CO 23/93/78. Forwards a copy of a report on the effects of the Abolition of Slavery in the British Colonies which he addressed to the
  • Captain General [Spanish Governor] of Cuba Don Miguel Facon. Bahamas, No. 48 (duplicate), Folios 301-309. 02/06/1835. CO 23/93/79. Reports on the measures adopted for the promotion of education. Encloses the report from the School Committee concerning education in the out islands 'for the moral and religious instruction of the poorer classes including the apprentices'. The report includes a general return showing the names of the islands, the number of children under 14, the number for which instruction was provided, the number requiring instruction, the number of schools required, and the number of teachers required. Also encloses the prospectus of King's College School which was about to be established for the instruction of boys in connection with King's College London. Notes that 'the gentlemen of colour take an equal interest with others in the success of the plan, and will be prepared to give it their support'. Bahamas, No. 49 (duplicate), Folios 310-322. 02/06/1835. CO 23/93/80. Forwards and comments on the acts passed during the last two Legislative sessions [acts not included in volume]. Acts include: Act No 13, An Act for the Enlargement of Christ Church -- Act No 15, An Act to Facilitate Marriages where there may be no Resident Clergyman -- Act No 33, An Act for the Regulation of Births, Marriages and Deaths and to Provide for the Baptism of Children -- Act No 19, An Act for Giving Facility to Trade -- Act No 20, An Act for Regulating the Public Market -- Act No 21, An Act for Appointing Commissioners and Appropriating Sums for Repairs of Public Buildings -- Act No 25, An Act to Amend the Law for Establishing Schools -- Act No 30, An Act to provide for Two Additional Representatives for Turks Islands -- Act No 31, An Act for Granting Provisions and Bounties -- Act No 32, An Act to Amend the Law Relative to Provisions of Salaries for Certain Special Magistrates -- Act No 34, An Act for Appointing Justices of Assize for the Turks Islands and the Caicos Island -- Act No 36, An Act for Reclaiming the Swamps and Low Grounds in the Town of Nassau -- Act No 38, An Act to Amend the Auxiliary Act for the Abolition of Slavery -- Act No 39, An Act to Establish Savings Banks -- Act No 40, An Act to Regulate and Encourage Friendly Societies. Bahamas, No. 50 (duplicate), Folios 323-331. 02/06/1835. CO 23/93/81. Reports on the slave trade in Cuba and suggests that liberated Africans in Cuba should be transferred to the Bahamas rather than Trinidad. Gives reasons for considering the Bahamas suitable for the formation of African settlements. Explains his views concerning limiting the engagement of Second West India Regiment recruits from the liberated Africans to seven years. Copied for Parliament August 1836. Bahamas, No. 51, Folios 332-353. 02/06/1835. CO 23/93/82. Reports the need to have authority for paying the expenses of surveying and allotment from the proceeds of Crown Lands sales. Bahamas, No. 52, Folios 354-357. 18/06/1835. CO 23/93/83. Forwards copies of the Stipendiary Magistrates' reports of their visits to the out islands on circuit. Bahamas, No. 53, Folios 358-382. 19/06/1835. CO 23/93/84. Reports on the state of moral and religious education throughout the colony. Encloses 'Extracts from the Journal of the Reverend William Hacham [Heacham] MA, Rector of St Matthew's Parish in the Island of New Providence kept during his tour through the settlements in Eleuthera and Harbour Island'. Bahamas, No. 54, Folios 383-399. 19/06/1835. CO 23/93/85. Recommends that the Officer of Engineers be made superintendent of the lighthouses being constructed on Abaco and Gun Cay. Bahamas, No. 55, Folios 400-401. 20/06/1835. CO 23/93/86. Reports that Judge Lee went to Turk's Island on circuit. Bahamas, No. 56, Folio 402. 20/06/1835. CO 23/93/87. Forwards a report of a naval officer on the navigation to Havana by Crooked Island and by New Providence, with reference to his despatches Nos 12 and 45, of 21 March and 2 June, concerning the mail service. Bahamas, No. 57, Folios 403-405. 22/06/1835. CO 23/93/88. Forwards a list of books required for the use of schools that were proposed to be established for 'the education of the poorer classes'.Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 406-407. 22/06/1835. CO 23/93/89. Forwards a petition from twenty six inhabitants [thirteen married couples] of Grend Key in the Turks Island, mostly former slaves, complaining of the Marriage Act which came into force in December 1834 and invalidated marriages that had occurred in the absence of a 'clergyman in the Holy Orders recognized by the Church of England'. A draft response from the Colonial Office states that there seemed to be 'no solid reason why the custom of irregular marriages, flowing unavoidably as it did, from the servile conditions and circumstances of the parties, should be held less sacred.'. Bahamas, No. 58, Folios 408-421. 06/07/1835. CO 23/93/90. Reports the case of William Forster a free born 'coloured' Bahamian seamen who had sailed to Florida on an American ship and had been subsequently sold as a slave for five years for allegedly violating the Florida law which prohibited 'free persons of colour from being brought within that Territory'. Encloses a statement by John Baldwin and a printed government notice concerning the case. Bahamas, No. 59, Folios 422-430. 06/07/1835. CO 23/93/91. Reports the death of Stipendiary Magistrate D McLean on 7 July. Explains the duties of the stipendiary magistrates in relation to the out islands and requests that two additional ones be sent out from England. Bahamas, No. 60 (duplicate), Folios 431-437. 07/07/1835. CO 23/93/92. Reports having extended the period for completing the Slave Registries for three months. Bahamas, No. 61, Folios 438-441. 26/06/1835. CO 23/93/93. Reports on the state of commerce and the causes of its decline. Encloses a memorial from a 'respectable body of the inhabitants' asking for the navigation laws to be relaxed [not included in volume]. Bahamas, No. 62, Folios 442-451. 08/07/1835. CO 23/93/94. Reports that the Commander in Chief had refused his application for the local rank of Colonel. States that he still considers that as senior Lieutenant Colonel on the station he should be recognised in the Command. Bahamas, No. 63, Folios 452-455. 08/07/1835. CO 23/93/95. Forwards a duplicate of the Appropriation Act [not included in volume]. Explains the nature of a grant of £900 to Mr Stubbs for the service of a coast guard vessel at Turk's Island. Bahamas, No. 64, Folios 456-460. 08/07/1835. CO 23/93/96. Reports paying Collector of Customs James Walker £705 10s on account of liberated Africans. Bahamas, No. 65, Folios 461-461a. 09/07/1835. CO 23/93/97. Forwards the monthly return of the troops dated 1 June 1835 [not included in volume]. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folio 462. 09/07/1835. CO 23/93/98. Forwards the monthly return of the troops dated 1 July 1835 [not included in volume]. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folio 463. 09/07/1835. CO 23/93/99. Forwards a duplicate of his despatch No 65 of 9 July and explains the nature of James Walker's claim for £705 10s. Bahamas, No. 66, Folios 464-465. 20/07/1835. CO 23/93/100. Reports on the importance of Kay Sal Bank in the event of war. Notes that the Spanish were raking salt on it, which is contrary to the present agreement. Bahamas, No. 67, Folios 466-468. 22/07/1835. CO 23/93/101. Forwards a statement of the salary and allowances due to Mr McLean at the time of his death. Recommends that the £128 8s 6d, together with a gratuity equivalent to a quarter's salary, should be paid to McLean's widow. Bahamas, No. 68, Folios 469-473. 23/07/1835. CO 23/93/102. Forwards a certificate of Governor Tucker's death in 1758 [not included in volume].Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 474-474a. 23/07/1835. CO 23/93/103. Forwards a report of the first Circuit Court held in the Turk's Island. Notes that he considers the establishment of the Circuit Courts advantageous as they allowed for official communications with the out islands. Bahamas, No. 69, Folios 475-483. 24/07/1835. CO 23/93/104. Forwards a copy of his circular instructions to the local and stipendiary magistrates. Copied for Parliament No 486, August 1836. Encloses the extracts printed for Parliament Nos 486 to 490. Bahamas, No. 70, Folios 484-492. 25/07/1835. CO 23/93/105. Forwards a report by a committee appointed to inspect the condition and treatment of the liberated Africans.
  • Also includes an opinion by the Attorney General concerning the illegality of the seven year indentures of liberated Africans. Bahamas, No. 71, Folios 493-500. 25/07/1835. CO 23/93/106. Forwards a return of the sale of some small allotments of Crown Lands of a quarter of an acre each on which 'a small settlement [had] for several years been formed by the Africans'. Explains that the land was purchased by those living in the settlement at an average of £5 to £6 per acre.Bahamas, No. 72, Folios 501-504. 25/07/1835. CO 23/93/107. Forwards the proceedings of a meeting held for the
  • purpose of establishing King's College School on the model of King's College London. Solicits the King's patronage for the establishment. Bahamas, unnumbered, Folios 505-508. 26/07/1835.
  • AMDigital Reference:CO 23/93/1-107.
  • CO 23.
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