Barbados, 1841 Offices and Individuals : Petition; Legal document; Report; Address; Charter; Memorandum; Financial document; Acts and Legislation; Index; Correspondence 2 Jan 1835 - 18 Feb 1842.

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Colonial Caribbean: Module 2
2 Jan 1835 - 18 Feb 1842.
Summary note
Letters received from various government offices (departments), other organisations and individuals relating to Barbados. Correspondence from the bishop of Barbados for 1841 is bound separately [see CO 28/154]. Correspondents and subjects are as follows: Offices: Admiralty (mail service, report of arrival of French brig of war at Barbados, expense of bishop's passage, reports death of Governor McGregor on 14 June, asks about payment made to Commander Hamilton in respect to his mission to Texas, appointment of Sir Charles Edward Grey as governor, appointment of Sir Richard Bowcher Clarke as judge of the Vice Admiralty Court) -- Agent (claims for money from compensation funds, arms for colonial police force, extension of Samuel Hinds' leave of absence) -- Council Office (quarantine regulations, approval of Sir Charles Edward Grey's commission) -- Board of Trade (objection to Act No 724 'for laying an excise duty on all tobacco imported into this Island', method of certifying shipments of sugar) -- Foreign Office (confirms position of General Lamar as president of Texas [in connection with case of Barbadians enslaved there], Barbadians enslaved in Surinam) -- Home Office (British inspectors of prisons have no comment on report of inspector of prisons in Barbados, report of Captain Jebb on plans for proposed alterations in two prisons) -- Law Officers (opinion on Act No 737 for prohibiting the sale of wine, etc, in any of the ports or harbours of Barbados, appeal before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on the case of the brigantine Thirteenth of June condemned by the Vice Admiralty Court of Barbados, power of governor to appoint clergy, requests letters patent appointing present bishop, resignation of bishop) -- Board of Ordnance (supply of gun carriages, supply of arms for police force) -- Treasury (agent's application for surplus of compensation funds to go to Barbados and his correspondence on outstanding claims, states that Mr C Phipps is ineligible for appointment to Customs Department on grounds of age, states that Mr Sealy has no cause of complaint concerning the alteration of the nominal value of the dollar, regulations concerning firing on vessels violating the customs laws, rejection of Messrs Hebbert's application to allow certain militia supplies to be shipped duty free, passage allowances for Commander Hamilton on his mission to Texas, petition of Sarah Jane Vaughan seeking grant of escheated property of her father, escheated property of W B Worrell, signal stations, bishop's salary, no objection to Act No 741 'duty on chargers', claim of John Brathwaite for half salary for period during which he administered the government, claim of Lieutenant Governor Darling for full salary for period during which he administer the government and for cost of employing clerks, establishment of lighthouses [including copies of correspondence with Trinity House], passage of Mr G Walcot, fees on W B Worrell's escheat) -- War Office (claim of Lieutenant Alexander Connor for half pay together with his income as inspector general of police in Barbados) -- General Post Office (complaint made by Reverend Mr Rowe against the deputy postmaster, petition of bankers, merchants and others seeking alteration of the time of departure of mails, postage on newspapers published at New York) Individuals: Reverend W Austen (forwards copy of letter from 'the most intelligent, influential and respectable members of that body hitherto designated'People of Colour' ' seeking financial assistance to augment a fund to be set up to ensure the education of 'promising youths' in the professions. Signatories: Thomas J Cummins, Valentine Wilkins, Thomas Ellis, Robert H Ashby, William P Thomas, London Bourne, Joseph Kennedy, Joseph Thorne, Samuel B Arthur, William S Wilkey, Thomas C Ashby, Benjamin W Massiah, William C Haynes, John Horsham, Thomas Harris, Joseph Hamilton, Henry Wilkins, and Henry Brathwaite. With copies of correspondence with the late governor) -- R A Alleyne (extension of leave) -- Sir R Bowcher Clarke (extension of leave) -- Ann Currie (account of a long running case in the Court of Chancery of Barbados in which she was involved) -- Messrs Codd (salary of Major General Darling) -- Thomas Downey (claim on estate of the Corcoran brothers) -- Charles Cave (Sir Robert Bowcher Clarke's warrant of appointment as chief justice) -- M Dedel, minister of the Netherlands (seeking death certificate of Hendrik Daniel Bos, military surgeon) -- R Grosvenor (acknowledges address presented to Prince Albert) -- Charles Edward Grey (will make enquiries concerning the employment of Mr Phipps on his arrival in Barbados) -- Reverend W M Harte (in support of Mr Thorne recently appointed assistant harbour master) -- Charles Hebbert and Co (asks if supplies for militia may be shipped duty free) -- Charles Phipps (forwards his congratulations to the Queen on the birth of the Princess Royal, seeks employment as a stipendiary magistrate, his congratulations on Lord Stanley's appointment, his suggestions for the suppression of the slave trade, his congratulations to the Queen on the birth of a prince) -- Robert B Pitman (seeks employment as colonial secretary) -- Somerville W K Ramsbottom (leave of absence, repayment of fees on his warrant as colonial secretary having resigned) -- George Scotland (applies for post of chief justice) -- H E Sharpe (extension of leave, detailed report on the representation of the people act, fees on his appointment to the office of attorney general) -- William Waller (seeks decision on the escheated estate of W B Worrell) -- Bartholomew Walsh (estate of Bryan Corcoran) -- Charlotte Straghan White, nee Spenser (presenting her claim to be sole heiress of the Earl of Spencer's family and entitled to their property in Barbados).
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