Trinidad, Dec 1847 - Nov 1848, Offices and Individuals : Index; Petition; Newspaper clipping; Legal document; Report; Financial document; Order; Correspondence Feb 1846; Dec 1847 - Dec 1848.

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Colonial Caribbean: Module 2
Feb 1846; Dec 1847 - Dec 1848.
Summary note
Letters from various offices (government departments and other organisations) and individuals on matters related to Trinidad. Correspondents and subjects are as follows: Offices: House of Commons (relief for planters, sugar cane cultivation) -- Admiralty (William Kelaart's passage, medical inspector of 'Coolies' [Indian Immigrants]) -- Crown Agent (seals for Supreme Court and registrar general, Mr Ganteaume's appointment as Registrar General, postage stamps, registrar general's report, governor's request for Parliamentary reports, stock held by trustees for the government, sale of exchequer bills, requisition for medicine) -- Board of Trade (duty on cocoa and chocolate) -- Foreign Office (issue of exequatur due to Don Antonio Llano's appointment as Spanish Consul, agreement with Venezuela for the surrender of criminals) -- Treasury (plan for steam communication with Venezuela, report on Customs Duties Ordinances and Ways and Means Ordinance, Chief Justice Scotland's retiring pension, expenditure for the establishment of inland post, compensation allowance assigned to the post mistress, salaries of customs officers, report on Post Office arrangements, goods admissible into British colonies in French ships under an Order in Council of 1826, queries on Treasurer's accounts for 1846, circulation of small coin, non repeal of imperial customs duties due to distressed state of the revenue, expenditure due to a map, need for copper coin, customs officers to remain under the direction of the Board of Customs, estimates for 1840) -- Land Board (observations on immigration returns, mortality among African emigrants arriving on the Growler , the Chevalier de Verteuil's application for a grant of land, recommends appointing Mr Kelaart as medical superintendent of immigrants, memorial from cocoa planters complaining of a clause in Ordinance No 4 of 1848) -- Railway Company (progress made in forming a railway company, duty on chocolate, state of the colony, questions whether the railway could be styled 'royal', mercantile opposition, application for funds) -- General Post Office (instructions on letters addressed to G W Nicol) -- Church Missionary Society (young Africans in Sierra Leone competent to act as school masters in Trinidad) -- Individuals: Anonymous 'Coloured Man' (treatment of Indian immigrants by government officials) -- M T Baines (J N Fox's claim for £240 deposited in colonial chest to the credit of the children of Ellen Fox) -- William Chapman (requests free passage for the widow and children of his deceased son who had been a Police Officer) -- Benito Fernandez (requests a pension, health certificate) -- Mrs Rosetta Fleming (requests financial assistance) -- Major Fagan (newspaper extracts regarding the treatment of Indian immigrants, charges of Stipendiary Justice Cadiz, complaint of Justice Bowen's judgement, his management of immigrants, payment of passage money) -- Robert Guppy (complains of non-promotion) -- Charles Hobson (applies for puisne judgeship) -- Thomas G Hibbard (emigration of English labourers, better mode of drainage) -- William Kelaart (accepts appointment of Medical Superintendent of 'Coolie' Immigration, departure from England) -- Sir Chapman Marshall (thanks for receipt of Mr Chapman's letter to the governor, Lord Grey's 'exertions' on behalf of free passage for Mrs Chapman and family) -- Philip W S Miles MP (extract of letter from Mr Kennedy regarding need for copper coin, Major Fagan's dispute with Lord Harris) -- Alexander McMillan (asks for the name of a government agent in Trinidad) -- Mr Macdonald (reports there are no African youths competent to act as school master) -- Mrs Julia Meikleham (requests appointment as surgeon of the colonial hospital for her husband) -- John Morgan (requests Mr White's address, non-payment of bill by Mr White) -- George Scotland (requests extension of leave until his pension claim was settled, proposes to return and resume his duties for another year due to the Treasury's refusal to sanction his full retiring allowance) -- Rev Eli W Stokes, Episcopal 'Clergyman of Colour' (reports desire to live as a clergyman in Trinidad, requests a letter of recommendation to present to the governor of Trinidad) -- Hugh Weightman (applies for puisne judgeship) -- Lumley Woodyear (enquiry regarding Joseph and William Woodyear) [in French] -- Mrs Catherine Warner (enquiry regarding Attorney General Warner) -- Arthur White, Colonial Secretary (reports arrival on leave of absence) -- Inhabitants of Trinidad (an unsigned copy of a memorial for the suppression of the slave trade in Spanish Colonies and Brazil with respect to 'slave-grown sugars') [Printed for Parliament Slave Trade Treaties March 1850].
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