Jamaica, 1840, Offices : Order; Correspondence; Minutes; Address; Memorial; Report; Acts and Legislation; Petition; Index; Returns Jan 1840 - Jan 1841.

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Colonial Caribbean: Module 2
Jan 1840 - Jan 1841.
Summary note
Letters from 'offices' (Government departments and other organisations) relating to Jamaica. Correspondents and subjects covered are as follows: House of Commons (orders) -- Admiralty (rules and regulations Vice Admiralty Court -- hulk for reception of convicts -- payment of Sir C Metcalf's journey -- no hulk can be appropriated as prison) -- Agent (rum duties -- papers to be moved -- summary of subjects brought under Lord John Russell's notice -- postage -- conciliatory proceedings of Assembly -- resolutions passed at a meeting of West India Proprietors and Planters -- reply to communication with secretary of state -- Queen's marriage -- debt of £200,000 -- requests interview on state of affairs -- report on wheat tillage in Barbados -- Colonial Judicature Act -- export of camels to West Indies -- copies of Laws passed) -- Judicature Act (plan and memoranda) -- Commander in Chief (Sir W Gomm's residence -- Rose Hill barracks -- report on West India Regiment -- interchange of 'black' troops -- increase of 'black' troops -- barracks) -- Privy Council Office (Acts: disallowing no 3319, 'an Act for establishing a Court of Common Pleas, St Catherine', no 3320 'to revive and continue in force an Act€¦.for Supreme Court of Judicature to grant special juries subsistence to witnesses', no 3337 'an Act for reviving Laws relating to clergy and to invest Bishop with Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction' -- allowing Acts nos 3319, 3320, and 3337) -- Board of Trade (Mr Clarke may import certain plants resembling tea plant on same rate of duty -- Acts nos 3321 and 3359 import and export duty, may be left to operation, Bank Act no 3344 to be disallowed -- no objection to Act no 3353 -- report on plan of government for raising funds by a duty on British Manufactures to build a penitentiary -- Acts no 3353, 3359, 3324-3326, 3360-3364 -- Steam Communication Act no 3358, Duty on flour for Troops Act, no 3361 -- memorandum on Acts nos 3319, 3320, 3337) -- Foreign Office (regarding slave ship Rosalia Habanaira -- regarding slave ship Scorpio at Sierra Leone -- slave ship Victoria at Sierra Leone -- Acts and treaties regarding suppression of the Slave Trade -- export of camels to West Indies -- slavery case of American schooner Brilliant wrecked on coast of Cuba and plundered by Maid of Milk -- inspector of prisons report -- report on Police Act -- report on Prisons Act, no 3341 -- certain papers being laid before Parliament) -- Law Officers (Criminal Law Act no 3284 -- opinion on Acts nos 3306, 3323, 3324, 3325, 3326 -- report on Wills Act no 3351 -- administration of Justice Bill no 3345 -- report on imprisonment for debt Act, no 3349) -- Board of Ordnance (barracks) -- War Office (barracks -- religious instruction to Roman Catholic soldiers -- Major Darling's appointments) -- Treasury (Sir L Smith's passage and salary -- salary to secretary -- Bishop's salary -- duty on flour imported for troops -- postage -- light house on Morant Point -- barrack at Maroon Town -- Sir Gomm's residence -- expenses for Captain of Spanish schooner Cuidad Cubana -- report on Acts nos 3311, 3317, 3314, 3332, 3327, 3340 -- payments to stipendiaries -- report of Acts nos 3358 and 3361 -- bill drawn by Bishop -- report on Acts nos 3321 and 3359 -- Africans of Isabellita , papers from collector of Customs -- report on Act no 3353 -- expenditure for Africans landed from slave ship Feliz -- expenses of liberated Africans, remarks on bill -- Mr Anderson's claims for payment -- audit on Mr Roby's accounts -- currency -- barracks at Maroon Town) -- Colonial Bank (Bank Act -- Currency Act -- issue of certain notes to the Colonial Bank) -- Baptist Missionary Society (conduct of Sir C Metcalfe -- case of Reverend S Oughton -- case of Mr Ward -- Dissenters Marriage Act) -- British and Foreign Anti Slavery Society (stipendiary magistrates reports -- state of the labourers -- requests interview on certain Laws -- memorial against certain Laws -- emigrant vessel about to sail from Limerick) -- Miscellaneous Offices (Excise: Bill for regulating hawkers and pedlars to solicitor for Stamps and Taxes -- Stamps and Taxes: report on Hawkers Bill -- Post Office: internal post, cannot comply with request to send Parochial Registers free of postage -- Wesleyan Society: new Marriage Act -- Land Board: plan to form a society to promote emigration to Jamaica, Act to encourage emigration -- West India Immigration Society: grant of land).
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