Trinidad, 1836, Offices and Individuals : Correspondence; Financial document; Acts and Legislation; Memorial; Index 1836.

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Colonial Caribbean: Module 2
Summary note
Letters from 'offices' (Government departments and other organisations) and individuals on matters relating to Trinidad. Correspondents and subjects are as follows: Offices: Agent, Mr Baillie (counter claims for arrears of taxes, withdrawal of counter claims, application of lieutenant governor for Debrett's Peerage etc, expense of sending three convicts to England, payment of passage of six convicted felons, requests authority to purchase copy of an Act required by lieutenant governor, letter reporting transmission of a bill on the Treasury for purchase of silver coinage, requisition of lieutenant governor for a series of statutes) -- Foreign Office (appointment of Abbé Smith as coadjutor of the Roman Catholic bishop) -- Colonial Office (draft of letter to Home Office forwarding copies of proceeding in trials of three persons [covering letter only]) -- Treasury (sums to be paid into military chest, payments to a catechist and to the colonial agent, accounts of former colonial treasurer, reductions in establishments and pensions, sanctions sum for completion of Roman Catholic church, Mr West's pension, sale of former treasurer's property, Mr Hill's account as treasurer, supply of silver coin, retirement allowance of Mr Mackworth, approving colonial votes for building churches and for education, Mr Boissiere's claim for remuneration for stone quarried on his land, remittance for purchase of silver coinage, Mr Cadiz not entitled to retirement allowance, Mr O'Brien's appointment to take charge of registries of slaves, sanctions allowance of full salary to Roman Catholic bishop while on leave, litigated compensation claims, silver coinage, erection of new court house and other buildings at Port of Spain, allowances to settlers at Manzanilla and Cuare, allowance of Mr Adderley, agent may be instructed to withdraw counter claims on Messrs Miles, taxes to be paid by Mr Fuller, counter claim against Mr Fuller) -- War Office (lack of religious instruction for disbanded men of the 3rd West India Regiment) -- Church Missionary Society (trusteeship of certain grants of land). Individuals: D St Audre, French Consulate (judiciary documents to be forwarded) -- Anonymous (suggests suppression of the Port of Spain Gazette -- Dr T Anderson (his representation, wishes to retire as inspector of health) -- Sir Charles Adam (sends application from Mr Wedderspoon for permission to practice as barrister, requests return of Wedderspoon's papers) -- G G Allardice (lands held without grant [with printed copy of Ordinance 'for the purpose of settling Titles to Lands']) -- J Brett (counter claim on his property) -- B Bickley (Mr Knox's application for post of attorney general) -- J T Bigge (supporting Mr Gomez's application for post of chief justice) -- R Bernal (Mr Spong's application for post of harbour master) -- William Burnley (observations on Council and Government, management of Crown lands, enquiry about framing of African rules, asks to see minutes of Council, complaint about exercise of legislative authority of the king in Council in the case of tax on apprenticed labour [two letters]) -- Dr Bowring (introduction for Mr D Hunter) -- Sir J Conroy (Captain Hutchinson may be removed to Barbados) -- G P Dimond (asks to see colonial returns relating to office of vendue master) -- C J D'Eyncourt (correspondence with Mr Bloomfield on loss of his appointment as stipendiary magistrate) -- J H Forbes (compensation money due to Messrs Eccles [two letters]) -- Henry Fuller seeks appointment as chief justice of St Lucia, recommends that Port of Spain should be made a free port) -- R Findley (complaining of non-appointment, repeats complaint) -- G Ford (complains of lieutenant governor's conduct in regard to colonial balances) -- A Gomez (seeks appointment as chief justice, charges against him) -- Captain Grindlay (sends letters in favour of his conduct as stipendiary magistrate) -- Henry Goulburn (Mr Gomez's complaint of not being appointed to act as chief justice) -- Sir Lewis Grant (claim to compensation for loss of his government) -- Mrs E B Gray (charges threatened against her husband) -- Janet Hunter (employment for her husband) -- J Hipkins (property of late W and M Morrisson) -- J Hume (recommends Mr Jackson for legal employment) -- E Hodgkinson (his official arrangements, reduction in his office) -- W Jaffray (letter to forward) -- J Jones (Captain Mackenzie's address) -- J Innes (suggestions for improvement of the colony [with copy of memorial of proprietors and others and statement of quantity of sugar, rum and molasses made from 1832-1835]) -- L Johnston (memorial on representations of Mr Ford about his judicial conduct) -- W Knox (applies for post of attorney general) -- G Lacoste (applies for post of attorney general) -- J B Littlepage (reports his arrival on leave, seeks extension of leave) -- J Marryat (counter claims on account of non payment of slave tax, Mr Jackson's application for post of chief justice) -- Meredith and Reeve (seeks withdrawal of counter claims, payment of counter claims, contested claims of Mr Fuller) -- H Mackworth (begs that payment on account of taxes recovered by him may not be enforced, extension of leave, seeks interview, recommends Mr Schack as his successor, requests relief, retired allowance) -- H Murray (extension of West Indies Judicature Bill to Trinidad, extension of leave, application of Mr Cadiz) -- E Murray (arrival on leave, extension of leave) -- D Mackworth (requests favourable consideration of his brother's case) -- A McGregor (memorial on Mr Wedderspoon's case [three letters]) -- W Mullynix (confirmation in his office) -- T Pemberton (requests appointment as collector of customs at Barbados) -- S Rothery (Mr Burnley's reflections on his conduct on discussion of the Africans Protection Ordinance) -- Mrs Ryan (claim against Sir G Hill) -- P D Souper (certificate of leave of absence, additional leave, seeks post of secretary at New South Wales, thanks for pension) -- G Scotland (objection of two clauses of ordinance for protecting persons entitled to compensation, arrival on leave, controversy between Messrs Rothery and Burnley, additional leave) -- G Stephen (payment of Mr Hart's arrear of salary) -- Mrs Somersall (her case, requests reply) -- E Schack (seeks appointment, claim to office of Alguacil mayor, arrears of taxes collected) -- Lieutenant Spong (seeks appointment) -- Sir H Taylor (Mr Lacoste's application for post of attorney general) -- J Vallecillo (grant of land [in Spanish]) -- J Wright (repayment of taxes) -- L Walsh (seeks employment).
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