COVID-19 and vaccine nationalism : managing the politics of global pandemics / Eric E. Otenyo.

Otenyo, Eric Edwin [Browse]
Cambridge, MA : Academic Press, 2023.
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  • Front Cover
  • Covid-19 and Vaccine Nationalism
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • 1 - COVID-19 and vaccine nationalism: managing the politics of global pandemics, an introduction
  • Politics, past and present forms of nationalism: defining vaccine nationalism
  • Focus on contexts of nationalism: an overview
  • Ideology and theory of nationalism
  • Categories of nationalism and vaccine nationalism
  • Highlighting on economic nationalism
  • COVID-19 crisis and big picture frameworks
  • Systems approach, markets, and global vaccine governance
  • Market failure and COVAX
  • Vaccine nationalism and tiered global citizenships
  • Governance and responsibility within the global system
  • National interest and self-preservation?
  • Interdisciplinary focus and multiple methodological strategies
  • Recapitulation of plausible conceptual operational and non-state actor approaches
  • Summing up the approaches argument
  • Settling on the social justice and fairness frame
  • Book chapter layout
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • 2 - COVID-19 vaccine concerns: an overview on how nations got here
  • COVID19: the messy numbers problem
  • Tracking disease, national origins, and early therapeutics
  • Bats versus labs: the two competing theories of the origin of coronavirus
  • Global pandemic and other immediate mitigation solutions
  • Essential medicines and treatments
  • Vaccine heterogeneity and SARS-CoV-2
  • Africa participated in COVID-19 vaccine trials and the need for benefit sharing
  • Promising impactful mRNA vaccines research
  • Multilateral international organization concerns and pleas for vaccines
  • Africa: developing countries appeal for help, self-reliance, and solidarity
  • National pride and Iran's campaign against vaccine apartheid
  • Cuba and vaccine sovereignty.
  • Russia and the new Sputnik moment
  • Russia's vaccine diplomacy and tool of engagement or war over vaccines
  • Israel, vaccines, and the triumph of ultranationalism
  • Vaccines, workplace, and societies-everyday living experiences
  • Vaccine passports and cards
  • Of billionaires, vaccine T-shirts, and merchandise
  • 3 - American politics and global COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Vaccines: historical antecedents and triumph of science
  • Comparative vaccine research, regulation, and rollout
  • Benefits and risks
  • COVID-19 vaccine presidential election politics
  • Challenge of political COVID-19 vaccine messaging
  • Global collaborations: GAVI and COVAX
  • Patent rights
  • Influenza and global collaborations and controversies
  • American nationalism as explanatory factor in COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy
  • Tuskegee and black bodies
  • Republicans, evangelicals, white Christian nationalists, and vaccines
  • Religious faction resistance to vaccine is not a new thing
  • Operation Warp Speed paradox
  • Array of renewed hope as Biden takes over
  • Vaccination month of action and incentives for vaccinations
  • American states and vaccine lotteries
  • Presidential leadership matters
  • COVAX support, hoarding of vaccines as an act of nationalism, or the arsenal of vaccines?
  • Surplus vaccines, children vaccinations, and accusations of selfishness and national defense
  • Further reading
  • 4 - China's nationalism and COVID-19 vaccines
  • Defining China's nationalism and historical perspectives
  • Ancient cohesive China
  • Self-determination and how is China's nationalism imagined
  • Sun Yat-sen: the father of modern Chinese nationalism
  • A strong and confident China and western power anxiety
  • China's nationalism and the external factor viewed through COVID-19 vaccines production
  • Taiwan.
  • China's COVID-19 vaccines and triumph of China's technologies
  • China's national rejuvenation and the lingering question of prejudice
  • Africans in China and COVID-19
  • Vaccine diplomacy and campaigns to promote China's vaccines
  • Economic vaccine nationalism, protectionism, bilateralism, and governance
  • Two-part strategy
  • Vaccine hesitancy and outreach and Zero-COVID administration
  • 5 - Fragmented COVID-19 vaccine nationalism and politics in the EU and the UK
  • The European Union and global power
  • Restless European nationalism and citizenship
  • History and governance of the EU
  • National norms and politics and COVID-19 challenges
  • EU COVID-19 vaccination strategy
  • EU's views on China and Russia's vaccines
  • Individual implementations in a few countries/nations
  • Vaccine passports and protests in Western Europe
  • Britain's AstraZeneca's rollout and the contours of European vaccine diplomacy
  • Traveling to and from Britain
  • Touting success: vaccines and Brexit, and Scottish nationalism and rejection of vaccine nationalism
  • Throwing away unused vaccines: "we reject vaccine nationalism?"
  • Donating vaccines
  • 6 - COVID-19 vaccine politics: India's nationalism and global supplies
  • Nationalism and the colonial past
  • "China Virus" as reference point for nationalistic rhetoric
  • The vaccine challenge and an emergent global race
  • Self-reliant myth and message of hope: Serum Institute and National Pride
  • Jawaharlal Nehru's nationalist vaccine charge
  • Mounting political pressure and preventable death: the COVID-19 wave of May 2021
  • India's alleged vaccine nationalism and diplomacy
  • Expanding vaccinations
  • Did Modi's government learn from previous mistakes?
  • International and domestic setbacks
  • Vaccine hesitancy and corruption.
  • Antecedents to vaccine resistance and vaccine boosters
  • Vaccine Maitri or Vaccine Friendship Program
  • Blaming China, assumptions of vaccine nationalism, and fault lines
  • 7 - The United Nations call to end vaccine nationalism
  • Strands of vaccine politics
  • Policy experts say no to vaccine nationalism
  • UN members and the politics of vaccine apartheid
  • The United Nations General Assembly vaccine nationalism
  • Human rights framing: Africa and vaccine apartheid
  • Big power supremacy battles
  • Triumph of corporate power and pandemics
  • The COVID-19 vaccine access challenges through the lenses of World Leader's UN Meeting
  • Biden's promise: arsenal of vaccines
  • Global COVID-19 summit: Building Back Better
  • Africans reiterate their concerns and share their policy implementation outlooks
  • Caribbean and small islands policy positions at the UN General Assembly
  • Voices from Europe on vaccine equity
  • Omicron and more COVID-19 and the 2nd global COVID-19 vaccine summit
  • 8 - Reflections on vaccine nationalism and global inequalities
  • Pandemics are global, but they don't affect everyone equally
  • First and second booster vaccine doses as a form of inequality?
  • Science is cumulative: lessons from AIDS and other diseases
  • A recapitulation of collaborations and partnerships
  • The World Bank and WHO and international opposition to vaccine nationalism
  • Voices from senior statesmen and experts
  • The troubled nature of global vaccine management
  • Hesitancy, maladministration, and the politics of misinformation and disinformation
  • Capitalism Matters: Big Pharma Profits
  • Vaccine tourism as another potential counter argument against vaccine nationalism?
  • Africans destroy vaccines
  • Vaccine inequalities, digital divides, and scheduling appointments.
  • Vaccine efficacy ranking grades and hierarchies
  • Rich but left out of vaccine nationalism narrative
  • A convoluted concept
  • Problem framing
  • Pfizer's FDA Full Approval
  • Political will and vaccine donations
  • Third shots versus equity and global solidarity
  • Settling third shot debate in the United States and conversations for fourth shot
  • Sharing technology
  • 9 - Moving forward beyond politics of COVID-19 vaccines development
  • Strengthening international institutional capacity
  • Increased funding
  • Establishment of permanent locus of collaboration and strategic reserves within developing areas
  • Collaboration of vaccine productions and genome sequencing
  • Trust and involvement of grassroot organizations and improve health and vaccine education
  • Leadership and transparency
  • Ambassadors for global mutual support systems in pandemic responses
  • Strengthen nonprofits philanthropic interventions
  • Corporate social responsibility and cessation of vaccine nationalism
  • Final remarks and conclusions
  • Index
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  • B
  • C
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  • F
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  • H
  • I
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  • L
  • M
  • N
  • O
  • P
  • Q
  • R
  • S
  • T
  • U
  • V
  • W
  • Y
  • Z
  • Back Cover.
  • 9780443185717 (electronic book)
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