Housing policy in the United States / Alex F. Schwartz.

Schwartz, Alex F., 1957- [Browse]
Fourth edition.
New York, NY : Routledge Books, 2021.
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"The fourth edition of Housing Policy in the United States refreshes its classic, foundational coverage of the field with new data, analysis, and comparative focus. This landmark volume offers a broad overview that synthesizes a wide range of material to highlight the significant problems, concepts, programs and debates that all define the aims, challenges, and milestones within and involving housing policy. Expanded discussion in this edition centers on state and local activity to produce and preserve affordable housing, and the implications of reduced financial incentives for homeowners. Other features of this new edition include: Analysis of the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 on housing-related tax expenditures; Review of the state of fair housing programs in the wake of the Trump Administration's rollback of several key programs and policies; Cross-examination of US housing policy and conditions in an international context. Featuring the latest available data on housing patterns and conditions, this is an excellent companion for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in urban studies, urban planning, sociology and social policy, and housing policy"-- Provided by publisher.
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  • Cover -- Endorsement -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of contents -- Detailed contents -- Figures -- Tables -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- 1 Introduction -- Why Housing Matters -- Housing and the Environment -- The Economic Importance of Housing -- The Goals and Forms of Housing Policy -- Housing Policy in the United States: An Overview -- Organization of the Book -- Notes -- References -- 2 Trends, Patterns, Problems -- Introduction -- Housing Construction Trends -- The Housing Bubble -- Tenure -- Characteristics of Homeowners and Renters -- Housing Conditions -- Crowding -- Affordability -- Affordability and Tenure -- Employment and Housing Affordability -- Worst-Case Housing Needs -- Explaining the Affordability Problem -- Homelessness -- The Magnitude and Causes of Homelessness -- Federal Housing Expenditures -- Conclusion -- Appendix: Selected Data Sources on Housing -- Notes -- References -- 3 Housing Finance -- Introduction -- Housing Finance and the New Deal -- Home Loan Bank System -- Home Owners' Loan Corporation -- Federal Housing Administration -- Federal Housing National Mortgage Association -- Mortgage Finance from the 1940s to the 1980s-The Thrift Era -- The Impact of FIRREA -- Housing Finance from the 1990s to the Present-Securitization and Crisis -- The Ascendance of the Secondary Mortgage Market -- The Rise of Risk-Based Pricing and the Emergence of Subprime Lending -- Deregulation, Competition, and Technology -- High-Risk Mortgages and the Secondary Mortgage Market -- The Structure of Mortgage-Backed Securities -- The Growth of Private-Label Securitization -- The Mortgage Crisis -- The Mortgage Crisis in Historical Perspective: Impacts and Policy Response -- Debt Financing for Multifamily Housing -- Public Policy and Housing Finance -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References.
  • 4 Taxes and Housing -- Overview of Tax Expenditures -- Homeowner Tax Expenditures -- Investor Tax Expenditures -- The Tax Reform Act of 1986 -- Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 5 The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit -- How the Credit Works -- Converting Tax Credits into Equity -- Underwriting and Development Costs -- A Portrait of Tax-Credit Housing -- Sponsorship (For-Profit/Nonprofit) -- Credit Type -- Resident Income -- Physical Characteristics (Size, Construction Type) -- Year Put in Service -- Location (Central City, Suburbs, Nonmetropolitan Areas, Poverty Areas, Minority Areas) -- Financial Performance -- Issues and Unresolved Problems -- Complexity and Inefficiency -- Affordability and Sustainability Beyond Year 15 -- Competing Uses for Tax Credits -- Programmatic Rigidity -- Conclusion -- Appendix: Discounting and Present Value -- Notes -- References -- 6 Public Housing -- Overview of Public Housing -- Tenant Selection -- Project Location -- Design and Construction Quality -- Management -- Operating Subsidies -- Capital Needs -- Distressed Public Housing -- HOPE VI and the Transformation of Public Housing -- Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998 -- One-Strike Eviction Policies -- Summary of Changes in Public Housing and Local Examples -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 7 Privately Owned Rental Housing Built with Federal Subsidy -- Mortgage Subsidy Programs -- Section 221(d)3 -- Section 236 -- Section 515 -- Program Performance -- Section 8 New Construction and Substantial Rehabilitation -- The Preservation Challenge -- Older Assisted Stock -- Newer Assisted Stock -- Physical Preservation Needs -- Section 515 -- Federal Response -- Overview of Privately Owned, Assisted Housing Stock -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 8 Vouchers -- Introduction -- Origins and Growth.
  • Voucher Utilization Trends -- Landlord Participation in the HCV Program -- Profile of Voucher Holders -- Neighborhood Characteristics of Voucher Holders -- Rental Vouchers and Residential Mobility -- Moving to Opportunity -- Baltimore Housing Mobility Program (BHMP) -- Choice Communities Initiative (San Diego, CA) -- Mobility Assistance Program (MAP) (Dallas, Texas) -- How Effective Are Mobility Programs? -- Small Area Fair Market Rents -- Vouchers and Reconcentration of Poverty -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 9 State and Local Housing Policy and the Nonprofit Sector -- Block Grants -- Community Development Block Grants -- HOME Investment Partnership Program -- National Affordable Housing Trust Fund -- Tax-Exempt Bond Financing -- Mortgage Revenue Bonds -- Mortgage Credit Certificates -- Multifamily Housing Bonds -- Housing Trust Funds -- Inclusionary Zoning -- New Jersey -- California -- Massachusetts -- Montgomery County, Maryland -- Key Dimensions of Inclusionary Zoning -- Assessment -- Recent State and Local Initiatives to Produce and Preserve Affordable Housing -- General Obligation Bonds for Housing -- Rent Regulation15 -- Other Recent State and Local Housing Initiatives -- Nonprofit Organizations and State and Local Housing Programs -- Community Development Corporations (CDCs) -- Large Citywide and Regional Housing Organizations -- Supportive Housing and Other Special-Needs Housing Providers -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 10 Housing for People with Special Needs -- Housing for the Elderly -- Section 202 -- Public Housing -- Other Federal Subsidy Programs -- Programs Designed to Help Elderly Households Remain in Place -- Housing for People with Disabilities -- Section 811 -- Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) -- Programs for Homeless People -- Housing First -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References.
  • 11 Fair Housing and Community Reinvestment -- What Is Discrimination? -- Discrimination in the Residential Real Estate Market -- Discrimination Especially Pronounced Among "Identifiably" Minority Individuals -- Discrimination Over Time -- Discrimination Against Other Groups -- Limitations of HDS2012 and Other Fair Housing Audits -- Discrimination in the Mortgage Market -- Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mortgage Denial Rates -- From Fair Access to Credit to Access to Fair Credit -- The Government's Response to Discrimination in the Real Estate and Mortgage Markets -- The Fair Housing Act -- Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) -- Legislation Aimed at Discrimination in the Mortgage Market -- Legislation Aimed at Subprime and Predatory Lending -- Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act -- Enforcement of Fair Housing and Fair Lending Laws and Regulations -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 12 Homeownership and Income Integration -- Homeownership -- Financial Benefits of Homeownership -- Barriers to Homeownership and Strategies to Overcome Them -- Supply-Side Constraints -- Homeownership After the Crisis -- Income Integration -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 13 An International Perspective on U.S. Housing Policy: Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom -- Introduction -- Country Overview -- Homeownership Policy -- Rental Subsidy Programs -- Public Housing and Other Forms of Social Housing -- Inclusionary Zoning -- Tenant-Based Rental Assistance -- Fair Housing -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 14 Conclusions -- COVID-19 and Housing -- Race and Housing -- Climate Change and Housing -- Housing Policy During the Trump Administration -- Notes -- References -- Index.
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