Dominica : Original Correspondence, Secretary of State: Despatches, 1773-1774 : Petition; Returns; Report; Financial document; Address; Correspondence 1768-1774.

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  • CO 37/42/1. The Address of the Lieutenant Governor and Council of Bermuda' concerning the health of the King dated 16 July 1789. This is one of the documents forwarded with despatch No. 20 (CO 37/41/10). Henry Hamilton, Lieutenant Governor of Bermuda, No. 20, Folios 1-2. 13 Aug 1789. CO 37/42/2. Reports on Lieutenant Hurd's observations concerning the security and capacity of several of the islands harbours and anchorages. Hurd had been sent by the Admiralty to conduct a nautical survey with Captain Durnfield RE. Henry Hamilton, Lieutenant Governor of Bermuda, No. 21, Folios 3-4. 14 Aug 1789. CO 37/42/3. Congratulates W W Grenville on his appointment as Secretary of State for the Home Department. Explains that sending mail (post) to England was 'tedious and precarious'. Henry Hamilton, Lieutenant Governor of Bermuda, No. 1, Folios 5-6. 10 Oct 1789. CO 37/42/4. Informs Governor Browne that Lieutenant Governor Henry Hamilton will replace him as Governor of Bermuda at the end of the year. W W Grenville, Secretary of State, draft, Folios 7-8. 31 Oct 1789. CO 37/42/5. Informs Lieutenant Governor Henry Hamilton that he will replace Governor Browne as Governor of Bermuda at the end of the year. W W Grenville, Secretary of State, No. 1, Folios 9-10. 4 Nov 1789. CO 37/42/6. Responds to a despatch concerning the salaries of the island's clergy. Henry Hamilton, Lieutenant Governor of Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 11-12. 9 Dec 1789. CO 37/42/7. Responds to the news that Henry Hamilton will replace him as Governor; encloses addresses of the Council and General Assembly given before he left for England. William Browne, Governor of Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 13-18. 14 Dec 1789. CO 37/42/8. Acknowledges his appointment as Governor. In response to a despatch of 4 November which had arrived the previous day. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 3, Folios 19-20. 11 Jan 1790. CO 37/42/9. Forwards the Naval Officer's list of ships that entered and left the island between 1 July and 30 September, and between 1 October and 31 December 1789 [not included in volume]. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 21-22. 15 Apr 1790. CO 37/42/10. Duplicate of CO 37/42/9. Folios 23-24. 15 Apr 1790. CO 37/42/11. Forwards the militia returns mustered by Captain Durnford RE. Requests a response concerning fortifications and lighthouses. Also remarks on the progress of a survey being conducted by 'the engineer and Lieutenant of the Navy'. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 25-28. 18 Apr 1790. CO 37/42/12. Forwards a report by Captain Andrew Durnford entitled 'Remarks on the Island of Bermuda shewing [sic] its advantageous situation for trade in general, but particularly on supplying the West Indies from Nova Scotia and Canada with live stock, limber and et cetera and exporting West India produce in return. Also some observations on its defensive situation at large'; a copy of a letter from Hamilton to Lord Hawkesbury giving general observations of the island including descriptions of harbours, whale fishery, rockfish and groupers, anchovies, cedar, shipbuilding, wreckage salvaging, agriculture, inhabitants both 'Negro' and white, fortifications, healthy air, and the salt trade in the Turks Islands; a copy of a letter from the Collector of Customs John Steward concerning the state of the island's revenue. . Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 4, Folios 29-50. 1 May 1790. CO 37/42/13. Forwards and comments on letters from the island's Church of England Clergymen - Alexander Richardson, James Barker and John Moore - concerning their salaries. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 5, Folios 51-54. 20 May 1790. CO 37/42/14. Reports a remark made by American merchant Mr. Cowper that Americans would seize Bermuda at the first opportunity. Also comments on the transport of mail (post). Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, private, Folios 55-56. 20 May 1790. CO 37/42/15. Forwards and comments on three bills [not included in volume] - for removing the seat of government to Crow Lane, for the disposal of the tax of Powder money, and to amend a bill for regulating the ferry. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 57-58. 3 Jun 1790. CO 37/42/16. Acknowledges the receipt of various despatches sent between 10 October and 3 June. W W Grenville, Secretary of State, No. 2 draft, Folios 59-60. 4 Aug 1790. CO 37/42/17. Outlines issues concerning agriculture, farming, Newfoundland fishing, the salt trade, and the supply of grain and flour as related to American trade regulations. Asks the British government for help obtaining grain and salted meat from Ireland or Canada 'until the effects of the American act be fully experienced'. Comments on Bermudian's 'aversion' to agriculture explaining that they prefer to get 'a hasty fortune by the hazardous employments of wrecking, smuggling and privateering'. Gives the tonnage of ships registered in Bermuda between 27 October 1788 and 15 June 1790. Lists the prices of bread, flour, Indian corn, beef, pork, butter, and cheese. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 6, Folios 61-64. 15 Jun 1790. CO 37/42/18. Forwards and comments on a memorial of the Council and Assembly concerning the American Tonnage Bill. Reports that Fanny, one of the ships which sailed between Bermuda and England, had been wrecked on the Bar of Charleston. Explains that maintaining communication with England was difficult because of the determination not to send any despatches via the United States and the West India mail ships did not visit Bermuda. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 8, Folios 65-68. 23 Jun 1790. CO 37/42/19. Reports actions taken on the island due to a report that Britain might go to war with Spain; encloses a copy of a letter addressed to Lieutenant General Mathew requesting supplies for the island's defence. The letter includes a return listing the items needed including food, hospital supplies, ammunition, tools, and ordnance supplies. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 9, Folios 69-74. 11 Jul 1790. CO 37/42/20. Forwards copies of the Council minutes and proceedings from 1 September 1789 to 15 July 1790. . 20 Jul 1790. CO 37/42/21. Acknowledges the receipt of a despatch of 9 April 1790 and an act amending two acts: the first regulating trade between British possessions and the United States, the second allowing rum from the West Indies to be imported into Quebec duty free. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 10, Folios 139-140. 20 Jul 1790. CO 37/42/22. Acknowledges the receipt of a despatch concerning a discussion had with the Court of Spain. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 11, Folios 141-142. 20 Jul 1790. CO 37/42/23. Return of the eight members of the Council on 24 July 1790. The list includes Council President John Harvey, Provost Marshal Henry Tucker, John Tudor, Francis Forbes, Samuel Trott, Chief Justice Daniel Leonard, Captain Andrew Durnford RE, and Bridger Goodrich. Recommends that John Green be appointed to a place on the board of Council. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 12, Folios 143-146. 24 Jul 1790. CO 37/42/24. Responds to a secret circular of 6 May concerning the capture of British ships by Spanish warships off the Northwest cost of America. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 13, Folios 147-148. 24 Jul 1790. CO 37/42/25. Reports receiving instructions in a despatch of 3 December 1789 related to the 'credits of persons who have never resided within these islands being liable to be attached for the recovery of debts'. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 14, Folios 149-150. 25 Jul 1790. CO 37/42/26. Reports informing the local government of the need to reinforce the island's defences due to the dispute with Spain. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 15, Folios 151-152. 25 Jul 1790. CO 37/42/27. Responds to a circular of 15 May concerning the detention of the packets [mail ships]. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 16, Folios 153-154. 4 Aug 1790. CO 37/42/28. Forwards a return of the supplies sent by General Mathew on board John. Also reports ordering that the military hospital be repaired and a cistern be built. Reports appointing Joseph Hutcheson as Garrison surgeon, Anthony King as assistant to Chief Engineer Captain Durnford, Henry Lawzun as Barrack Master, and James Stockton as Commissary of Provisions. Each was given a salary of five shillings per day.
  • Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 17, Folios 155-158. 14 Sep 1790. CO 37/42/29. Responds to despatches Nos. 10-17. Includes information on the defence of the island, barracks to house soldiers, and repairs made to forts. W W Grenville, Secretary of State, No. 6 draft, Folios 159-161. 22 Jan 1791. CO 37/42/30. Note that despatches Nos. 18, 19 and 20 are missing from the volume. . 1790. CO 37/42/31. Comments on the detrimental effect smuggling was having on the revenue. Explains that smugglers waited until night to enter the one of the
  • island's several secluded harbours, thus avoiding the revenue officers. Reports on actions taken to fortify the defences of the harbours and other landing places. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 164-165. 1 Nov 1790. CO 37/42/32. Forwards a return of ships that have passed the island's east end between 6 August 1789 and 6 August 1790 explaining it 'proves how greatly the trade of the enemies of Great Britain may be distressed by cruizers [sic] on this station in a time of war'. Reports ordering the port masters and wardens to compile returns every six months showing the ships which pass at the island's east and north end and the details of shipwrecks. Comments on plans to build a lighthouse at North Rock. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 21, Folios 166-168. 15 Dec 1790. CO 37/42/33. Reports plans to reinforce the defences of the island's forts and batteries, and prepare for the arrival of troops. Comments on the state of the Castle, appointment and salary of Mr. Herbert as fort adjutant, Fort Southampton, progress on a new road, military hospital, and alarm posts and beacons. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 22, Folios 169-170. 18 Dec 1790. CO 37/42/34. Reports that plans were being made to start a school on the island for both locals and West Indians. Notes that, among other advantages, having a school locally would remove the necessity of sending students to America where 'they might be poisoned by principles destructive of the attachment to the parent state'. Also comments on his correspondence with the Bishop of London who had requested an account of ecclesiastical matters, including the character of the clergy. James Willcocks, Governor of Bermuda, No. 23, Folios 171-172. 18 Dec 1790. CO 37/42/35. Reports plans to reinforce the island's defences due to news of a possible war with France and Spain. Encloses a copy of two letters from Hamilton to Lieutenant General Mathew and a request for various military supplies. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, No. 24, Folios 173-182. 18 Dec 1790. CO 37/42/36. Informs Justices of the Peace for Warwick Parish William Smith and Benjamin Bascome to insure the safety of Paul Bascome and his family with the help of the militia. Also asks them to 'to take every method in your power to discover the persons concerned in this outrageous proceeding'. Also see CO 37/42/41. Henry Hamilton, Governor of Bermuda, Folio 185. 30 Jan 1789. CO 37/42/37. A copy of The Bermuda Gazette including a proclamation for the apprehension of William Darrell, James Lodge and Nicholas Parker who, along with other passengers on board the Minerva, were accused of violently preventing searcher of the customs for the west end Theodore Godet Jr. from doing his job and forcibly taking control of the sloop. . 31 Jan 1789. CO 37/42/38. Forwards an address from the House of Assembly of Bermuda thanking the King for 'his gracious attention to the interests and security of that island'. John Brickwood, Public Agent for Bermuda, Folios 187-190. 15 Apr 1789. CO 37/42/39. Reports the death of Zacchariah [Zachariah] Hood, Agent and Collector of Turks Island. Explains that Hood was already ill when he arrived in Bermuda on 5 April. Also reports that money, which had been carried by Hood belonging to the King's revenue, would be sent to the Board of Customs. Copeland Stiles, Folios 191-192. 11 May 1789. CO 37/42/40. Requests to be made Agent and Collector of Customs of the Turks Islands. Paul Bascome, Folio 193. 12 May 1789. CO 37/42/41. Comments on 'the spirit of rebellion' among the merchants of Bermuda in light of the Minerva case. Compares the atmosphere surrounding the case to that found from 1775 to 1783. Explains that he was blamed for the sloop being detected which resulted in his property being destroyed and threats being made against his and his family's lives. Reports that the Governor's proclamation and letter to the Justices of the Peace had been ignored and that he was not able to provide protection. Adds that Tudor Tucker had been made searcher of the customs. Paul Bascome, Folios 194-196. 12 May 1789. CO 37/42/42. Comments on the salary of and his suitability for the positions of agent and collector of customs of Turks Island. Explains that the climate of the islands did not suit 'the constitutions of European peoples'. Adds that the Bermudians had developed the ability to stand the climate and lived on a diet of fish and salted provisions as 'no kind of vegetables grows there owing to the salt climate'. Paul Bascome, Folios 197-1989. 27 May 1789. CO 37/42/43. Gives a summary of his 'service to the Crown' while living in Bermuda and the Turks Islands in hopes of gaining a new post. Paul Bascome, Folios 199-202. 3 Jun 1789. CO 37/42/44. Introductory letter for Paul Bascome, former searcher of the customs at the west end of Bermuda. Andrew Durnford, Folios 204-205. 9 Jul 1789. CO 37/42/45. Forwards a letter from Governor Henry Hamilton requesting a boat. John Brickwood, Public Agent for Bermuda, Folios 206-209. 10 Jul 1789. CO 37/42/46. Explains that he will wait for a reply to his letters despite being advised to travel to England and present his request for the post of Turks Islands customs searcher. Notes the death of Turks Islands' Customs Searcher Mr. Wormenton and Comptroller William Smith's leave of absence taken due to ill health. Explains that with his salary and the income gained from 'my few Negroes in the salt ponds' he would be able to provide for his family and escape his enemies in Bermuda Paul Bascome, former customs searcher of the west end of Bermuda, Folios 210-210a. 6 Aug 1789. CO 37/42/47. Comments on William Smith's plan to resign as Comptroller of Customs in the Turks Islands due to the 'unhealthy climate'. Requests to be given the position on the condition that he receive the 'Home Salary' of £60. Encloses a copy of his letter of 6 August. Paul Bascome, former customs searcher at the west end of Bermuda, Folios 211-212. 17 Aug 1789. CO 37/42/48. Forwards various papers for consideration [not included in volume]. John Brickwood, Public Agent of Bermuda, Folios 213-214. 11 Dec 1789. CO 37/42/49. Forwards a petition from merchants trading with the Bahamas expressing their worries about the islands' defences 'in case of an actual rupture with Spain'. Signatories include Brickwood Pattle and Company, Simpson Davison, Robert Wells, William Ogilvy and Company, J Strachan and J Mackenzie, Le Mesurier and Surtan (?), George Leckie, Walter Wilson, Birkbeck (?) Hobson, Warder Dearman and Company, and John Junno. Phyn Ellices and Inglis, Folios 215-218. 15 May 1790. CO 37/42/50. Reports that the island is without any military or naval protection and explains that if Bermuda were be taken by an enemy it would effect Britain's trade in the West Indies. Also asks for the governments decisions concerning the granting of private commissions for privateering. Enclosures include: extract of a letter from the Council and Assembly to Brickwood dated 12 August 1789, ; address of the Bermudians at Turks Islands to Lord Dunmore - not answered, ; a further address including Lord Dunmore's answer, ; amount of fees taken on all vessels at Turks Islands, ; copy of a minute of the Assembly respecting the introduction of a copper coin into the Island of Bermuda, ; list of nine acts of Assembly requiring royal assent; includes acts concerning the value of foreign coins, prevention of parishes being burdened by the poor, apprenticeship of the poor, settling of intestate estates, debts of estates, regulation of House of Assembly elections and fixing of the qualifications of candidates, transfer from fee tail to fee simple for small holders, killing of a 'negroe [Negro] or other slave', issue of liquor licences, and regulation of retailing rum and other liquor. .John Brickwood, Public Agent for Bermuda, Folios 219-234. 15 May 1790. CO 37/42/51. Forwards a memorial from the Governor, Council, and House of Assembly of Bermuda concerning Bermudian's rights to gather salt at the Turks Islands due to attempts by the Bahamian Government to make them conform to the laws of Bahamas. John Brickwood, Public Agent for Bermuda, Folios 235-238. 19 Jul 1790. CO 37/42/52. The papers of Reverend Alexander Richardson, Clerk Rector of St. Georges.
  • Letters and petitions which mainly concern £67 12s 6d owed in unpaid salary for work completed between 12 October 1782 and 17 April 1784 when he was Chaplain to the Royal Garrison Battalion. Also includes information on the loss of his 50 acres of glebe land in 1779. Explains that although his land was returned in 1784 he did not receive rent for the five years it was used for the barracks. Correspondents include Lieutenant Joseph Dunn of the Royal Garrison Battalion, Adjutant General Oliver de Lancey, Governor William Browne, and the Lord Bishop of London. Folios 241-264. 28 Aug 1782 - 22 Dec 1790.
  • AMDigital Reference:CO 71/4.
  • CO 71.
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