Jamaica, April to July 1832 : Despatches : Correspondence; Legal document; Report; Financial document; Address; Returns Apr-Jul 1832.

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Apr-Jul 1832.
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Letters from various government offices (departments) and individuals, most of which relate to the despatches sent from the governor in 1831. Correspondents and subjects covered are as follows: Offices (Government departments): House of Commons (manumission returns; 'Slave Act'); Admiralty (the Pearl ordered to put to sea; trial of offences at sea); Agent (detention of mail; intended resignation of Agent; Mr Burge's memorial to Committee of the Lords; Burge's application for office of Agent; manumission returns; condolence and congratulation message; Witness Examination Bill; 'Slave Act' and 'Free Coloured People' Law; motions; payment of troops; Burge interview; list of Acts recently assented to; Sugar Refinery Act; papers to be laid before House; detention of packet; Committee of the Lords; copies of grants; account of Revenue); Commander in Chief (military supplies; troops sufficient for security); Council Office (free ports; operation of Act 2083 for the 'Governance of Slaves'); Foreign Office (packet regulations; appointment of Robert Harrison as US Consul; Colonial Act obliging merchant ships to receive paupers on board; application of pensioners wishing to proceed to Jamaica); Home Office (sentences of transportation of soldiers; transportation of Horatio Sandys; transportation of offenders to Bermuda); James Stephen, legal adviser (correspondence from Mr Stanley); Treasury (supplies to troops; payment of bill for returns, Crown Solicitor; salary to late Rev Bowerbank; building of churches; complaint against Mr Evelyn; troops' provisions; conduct of Mr Fawcett, custos, Annotto Bay; Black Garrison Company; salary of Rev Griffiths; Bishop's bill; supplies for troops; account of Mr Edwards); War Office (military supplies; consideration of pensioners proceeding to island; Major Hall as Barrack Master); Church Missionary Society (submitting particulars regarding proceedings of the Society in Jamaica); Miscellaneous Offices: Colonial Registry (registry of 1828; slave returns); Wesleyan Missionary (papers required regarding enslaved person named Williams). Individuals: Rev Adam (complaint against late James Betty for cruelty shown to enslaved person Henry Williams); A Aickman (Assembly votes); G Aitkens (property left by his uncle William Aitkens); D Armitage (colonial applications); M Blanchet (enquiry regarding Frenchman named Ferieul); Captain Browne (offers to proceed to Jamaica in hope of preventing 'disturbances'); Rev J M Bridges (Rector of St Ann, submits petition for abolition of slavery); D Collins (property on the Black River); T B Clare (extension of absence); Rev Cooke (Chelsea Pensioners); Rev B Crowe (salary of Bishop of Kingston); B Dillon (claim against Captain Carmichael?); J Dealy (property left by Freer); Ewart (petition from Mrs Lee); L H Evelyn (ill treatment of 'negro' servant; abolition of slavery, etc); G Germain (Act concerning office of Receiver General); G Griffiths (extension of absence); W Greville (report on Mr Bullock's fiscal conduct; arrival of Bullock; question of surrendering patent); T Hamilton (letter from president Agricultural and Horticultural Society, Kingston); T Hadfield (property enquiry); H Hawley (property left by brother); R Kite (Arther Barrie); J B Knox (property of Dr Landryan); G Knight (property left by Captain Harton); Sir J Keane (troops; Mr Lees, conduct of governor); Mrs F A Lee (desertion by husband); J Lawson (enquires after property); T McKenny (correspondence for Mr Hibbert); McFungey (wishes to be sent back to the island); M Marshall (pensioners to proceed to Jamaica); D MacDonnell (recommendation given to Rev Murphy as Missionary); M Nepean (his absence; delay to his departure; proposition to give up his appointment); W Osborne (pensioner requires permission to go to Jamaica); Rev R Postlethwaite (begs clerical appointment); Phelps (letter from Mr Greenland regarding state of the island); Palmer (charges of cruelty to an enslaved person against Mr Jackson); Seguier (letter for Mr Knox); E Stanley (complaining of his unjust treatment following being suspected of corresponding on certain cases); T Sweeny (thanks for chaplaincy); T A Sullivan (recommendation of his application to office of Provost Marshal); M Talbot (letter to forward); Sir N Tindal (Act to enable Courts to order examination of witnesses on interrogations); Mrs Thompson (pretentions to certain funds); Lord Tenterden (observations on the Burges letter); G Tuckett (appointment of Chief Justice); R Welch (registry of land patents); J B Walker (copies of wills); Wildman (recommendation of Mr Austin as clergyman).
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