The Oxford handbook of grammatical number / edited by Patricia Cabredo Hofherr, Jenny Doetjes. [electronic resource]

First edition.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2021.
1 online resource (793 pages)


Summary note
This volume offers detailed accounts of current research in grammatical number in language. Following a detailed introduction, the chapters in the first three parts of the book explore the multiple research questions in the field and the complex problems surrounding the analysis of grammatical number: Part I presents the background and foundational notions, Part II the morphological, semantic, and syntactic aspects, and Part III the different means of expressing plurality in the event domain. The final part offers fifteen case studies that include in-depth discussion of grammatical number phenomena in a range of typologically diverse languages, written by - or in collaboration with - native speakers linguists or based on extensive fieldwork.
Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Foundations. Semantic approaches to number / Jakub Dotlačil
  • Number and the mass-count distinction / Alan Bale
  • Number and quantity expressions / Jenny Doetjes
  • Individuation : number marking languages vs classifier languages / Pierina Cheung
  • Number in the mental lexicon / Niels O. Schiller and Rinus Verdonschot
  • Number in the nominal domain. Nominal number morphology / Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
  • The syntax of number markers / Martina Wiltschko
  • Bare nouns and number / Henriëtte de Swart
  • Number and numeral classifiers / Jenny Doetjes
  • Lexical plurals / Artemis Alexiadou
  • Collective nouns / Hanna de Vries
  • Singulative systems / Myriam Dali and Éric Mathieu
  • Nominal number and language pathologies / Britta Biedermann, Nora Fiede, and Karen Smith-Lock
  • Number in the event domain. Verbal plurality cross-linguistically / Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
  • Multiple events and 'N preposition N' / Sigrid Beck
  • Multiple event readings and occasional-type adjectives / Berit Gehrke
  • Multiple event readings with dependent indefinites / Donka F. Farkas
  • Case studies. Dual in Standard and Syrian Arabic / Nisrine Al-Zahre
  • Dual in Slovenian / Franc Marušič and Rok Žaucer
  • Inverse number in Dagaare / Scott Grimm
  • Japanese -tati and generalized associative plurals / Satoshi Tomioka
  • Non-inflectional plural in Yucatec Maya : syntax and processing / Lindsay Butler
  • Bare nominals and number in Brazilian Portuguese / Marcelo Ferreira
  • Nominal number in Cushitic / Maarten Mous
  • Noun classes and plurality in Bantu languages / Lutz Marten
  • Countability and number without number inflection : evidence from Haitian Creole / Moles Paul, Anne Zribi-Hertz, and Herby Glaude
  • Production and comprehension studies on the mass-count distinction in Yudja / Suzi Lima
  • Verbal number in Chadic, with special reference to Hausa / Malte Zimmermann
  • Dependent numerals in Kaqchikel / Robert Henderson
  • Number in sign languages / Roland Pfau and Markus Steinbach
  • Number in Marori / I Wayan Arka
  • Number in Balinese / I Wayan Arka and Mary Dalrymple.
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  • Handbook of grammatical number
  • Grammatical number
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  • 9780191837043
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