The shimmering is all there is : on nature, God, science, and more / Heather Catto Kohout ; edited by Martin Donell Kohout.

Kohout, Heather Catto, 1959-2014 [Browse]
First edition.
College Station : Texas A&M University Press, [2021]
xiv, 267 pages: illustrations (black and white) ; 24 cm.


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"The Shimmering Is All There Is: On Nature, God, Science, and More is a collection of essays and poems by the late Heather Catto Kohout. A native of San Antonio, Heather was a disciplined and original thinker and writer. Her education, experience, and temperament-as a loving wife, mother, and daughter; a proud Texan; a teacher and scholar with graduate degrees in English literature and religion; and the founder of a residency program for environmental writers and artists at a ranch in the Texas Hill Country-permeate every word she wrote. She had a unique combination of empathetic imagination, profound spirituality, cosmic sensibility, and an ability to laugh-gently-at her fellow creatures and, especially, herself. Heather Kohout's essays and poems are thoughtful, profound, and generous, shifting constantly between the specific and the universal and carrying throughout a message of stewardship. She was an environmentalist at heart, but her writing explores so much more: nature, art, theology, science, food, and family. She wrote about Mexican teenagers who dress as angels in an attempt to halt drug-related violence; the perils of industrial agriculture; the pleasure of letting the chickens out of their coop in the morning; and the battle to save the Georgetown salamander. Always, she wrote about what it means to try to live an ethical life and to be fully human as a part of, not in opposition to, nature. These essays and poems exemplify the best of Texas womanhood: stubborn independence, fierce conviction, good humor, and instinctive generosity and kindness"-- Provided by publisher.
Includes index.
  • Foreword / Nancy Baker Jones
  • Introduction / Martin Donell Kohout
  • Essays / Heather Catto Kohout: The Wonder and Power of Water
  • Dreaming Time
  • A Mother's Legacy
  • Growing Hope
  • "Everywhere There's Lots of Piggies ..."
  • Carnivorocity
  • James Cameron, Alexis de Tocqueville, and the Nature of Nature
  • Massachusetts, Part I: Of Books and Houses and Hospitality
  • Massachusetts, Part II: Take a Walk on the Wild Side
  • Mapping the Geography of Hope: Our Place in the Wilderness
  • Sorry, Dad: Wilderness and Government Regulation
  • Purity, Ambiguity, and the Investment Portfolio
  • The Devil's Bargain: On Gardening and Violence
  • Still More on Violence: There Will Be Blood
  • Home with the Armadillo: A Love Letter to Texas
  • The Gift Economy
  • Made for You and Me: Some Thoughts on Private Property
  • Double Vision: Prophets, Tribalism, Eugenics, and the Environment
  • Cleaning Out the Mental Refrigerator: Niebuhr, McKibben, and Band-Aids
  • "A Cup of Tea, a Warm Bath, and a Brisk Walk"
  • Stubbing the Giant's Toe: Thoughts on Midwestern Agribusiness
  • Hall of Mirrors: The Lost Art of Conversation
  • Of Mothers and Mountains
  • Barbers, Bison Meat, and the Invisible Hand
  • "Sit. Stay. Stay! I Said STAY, Dammit!"
  • Faith, Bureaucracy, and Sheep: Thoughts on Changing One's Mind
  • Hosts, Guests, and Strangers: Thoughts on Hospitality
  • Singing in the Dark
  • The Rising Light
  • Shooting Holes in the Constitution: Some Thoughts on Guns and Violence
  • Meat and Flourishment: Carnivorocity, Take Two
  • A Field That Don't Yield: Writer's Block and the Language of Community
  • Lenten Reflections: Dead Trees, Bafflement, and Submission
  • Tragic Waste: Some Thoughts on the S-Word
  • Dorothea Brooke, Betty Friedan, and Big Ag
  • The Power of Poetry: Peace, Demons, Sonnets, and Resurrection
  • Learning to Listen, and Love
  • Gratuitous Beauty
  • Signs of the Times: Billboards, Property Rights, and the Enlightenment
  • Field Notes from Madron̳o Ranch: Bison and Birds
  • Silos: My Beef with Freeman Dyson
  • Food Science: Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan, and the Old Testament
  • Children of Dawn: Sin in the Twenty-First Century
  • A Furry Flurry of Fully Furrowed Brows: My Beef with Freeman Dyson, Part II
  • Re-Wilding the Monocultural Self
  • Edsels and the Enlightenment: The Downside of Corporate Personhood
  • Field Notes from Inside My Head: Connecting Art and Commerce
  • Angels in the Dark
  • A Father's Legacy
  • Submission Guidelines
  • Take Me to the River
  • Bonfires in the Soul
  • Spring Creed
  • Microbiomes and Individual Identity: Alexander Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Jellyfish and Revelation
  • The Cliff of the Unknown: Desire, Tolerance, and Identity
  • Poetry and the Pelvic Bowl
  • A Tale of Two Kitties: Thinking About Predators and Cancer
  • This and Not That
  • The Unsteady Rock: Descartes, Salamanders, and the Nicene Creed
  • Mind the Gap: Ghosts, Trees, and Goodbye to a River
  • Repairing the World: Beatles, Alaskan Mountain Goats, and Asiatic Cheetahs
  • Poems: Invocation
  • Prophet
  • Compunction
  • What She Knew
  • Sacrifice
  • Proof
  • Within
  • With
  • Ordination
  • Ordination: Piedras Negras
  • Beside
  • Beneath.
  • 9781623499501 (hardcover)
  • 162349950X (hardcover)
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