Ivan IV and Muscovy / Charles J. Halperin.

Halperin, Charles J. [Browse]
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Bloomington, Indiana : Slavica, 2020.
407 pages ; 23 cm


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"In many ways Ivan the Terrible's personality and reign remain mysteries. This anthology will attempt to shed new light on a variety of issues related to Ivan's person and 16th-century Muscovy, including accounts of the Oprichnina written by Germans in his service, intrafamilial strife and foreign slaves in Muscovite society, the role of clergy in the documentary life of the Muscovite laity, the Muscovite perception of the political culture of the Crimean Khanate, diplomatic relations between Ivan IV's Muscovy and Lithuania, coinage, Ivan and the russkaia zemlia, Ivan as a charismatic ruler, and a historiographical analysis of Ruslan Skrynnikov's Tsarstvo terrora and Reign of Terror"-- Provided by publisher.
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Includes bibliographical references.
  • I. Source studies. Chapter 1. Why did the Illustrated Chronicle Compilation and the Book of Degrees remain unfinished? ; Chapter 2. Chronicles and government sources ; Chapter 3. Ivan IV's Germans and the Oprichnina ; Chapter 4. Ivan Peresvetov and Ivan IV's Muscovy ; Chapter 5. Lay Elite Seals: who had them and when they used them
  • II. Social history. Chapter 6. Clergy in the documentary life of the Muscovite laity ; Chapter 7. Who was entitled to sue for precedence? ; Chapter 8. Fractious families and foreign slaves in Muscovite society ; Chapter 9. Law and disorder: apolitical violence in Muscovy
  • III. Diplomacy. Chapter 10. The Khan and the Elite: the Muscovite perception of the political culture of the Crimean Khanate ; Chapter 11. Muscovite diplomacy toward Lithuania: mythology and logic ; Chapter 12. Elizabeth I on Ivan IV's taste in women
  • IV. Economy. Chapter 13. Ivan IV's coinage
  • V. Intellectual history. Chapter 14. Pskov and the Pskov land ; Chapter 15. Ivan IV and the russkaia zemlia
  • VI. Ivan IV. Chapter 16. Ivan the Terrible's temper, or: Ivan IV's terrible temper ; Chapter 17. Was Ivan the Terrible charismatic? ; Chapter 18. The documented Ivan the Terrible: an epistemological exercise
  • VII. Historiography. Chapter 19. Skrynnikov's Tsarstvo terrora and Reign of Terror.
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