Incidental music. Part 2, Plays H-P / John Eccles ; edited by Estelle Murphy.

Eccles, John, -1735 [Browse]
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Musical score
  • Middleton, Wisconsin : A-R Editions, Inc., [2021]
  • ©2021
1 score (xxiii, 449 pages, 4 unnumbered pages of plates) : facsimiles ; 31 cm.


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  • For various combinations of voices and instruments; figured bass unrealized.
  • Music by John Eccles except as indicated.
  • Edited from the composer's Collection of songs for one, two, and three voices (London: John Walsh, 1704), and other sources.
  • "The works of John Eccles"--Page xvi.
  • Includes introduction by Winkler, Alan Howard, and Estelle Murphy, and critical commentary following the music for each play.
  • "Biographical glossary": pages 441-447.
Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references (pages 448-449).
Language note
English words, also printed as texts preceding the music for each play.
Staff notation.
  • Hamlet, Prince of Denmark / William Davenant after William Shakespeare ; songs by John Eccles and anonymous (1703). Swain long slighted and disowned ; Once more to these arms
  • Henry V / Roger Boyle after William Shakespeare ; song by John Eccles (revival ca. 1700). Fill all the glasses
  • Husband his own cuckold / John Dryden, Jr. ; instrumental music by Gottfried Finter ; songs by John Eccles (1696). Help, oh help ye powers divine ; Why so coy and so strange?
  • The innocent mistress / Mary Pix ; instrumental music by Francis Forcer ; songs by John Eccles and anonymous (1697). At dead of night, when wrapped in sleep ; When I languished, and wished ; How long must I the hours employwrapped in sleep ; When I languished, and wished ; How long must I the hours employ
  • The intrigues at Versailles; or, A jilt in all humours / Thomas D'Urfey ; songs by John Eccles and William Croft (1697). Hey hoe, the clock has just struck four
  • The Passion according to St. John
  • Edward Ravenscroft ; instrumental music by John Eccles ; songs by John Eccles and anonymous (1697). Why do I sigh and languish so
  • The justice busy; or, the gentleman quack / John Crowne ; songs by John Eccles ; dances by anonymous (ca. 1699). I'll hurry thee hence ; E'er since you came into my sight ; My lover has an inconstant mind ; No ev'ry morning ; Till now I suppressed the fire in my breast ; Wine does wonders ev'ry day ; You ladies who are young and gay ; Justice Busie
  • The Lancashire witches; or, Teague O'Divelly the Irish priest / Thomas Shadwell ; songs by John Eccles (1694-95). Tormenting passion leave my breast ; Then beauteous nymph ; Thus you may be as happy as we
  • The libertine / Thomas Shadwell ; songs by William Turner, anonymous, Henry Purcell, John Eccles, and John Wilford (1704). Thou joy of all hearts ; Chloris, when you disperse your influence ; Prepare, prepare, new guests draw near ; What's love? 'tis all o're a deceit ; In vain I hope to find relief
  • Love betrayed; or, The agreeable disappointment / William Burnaby ; instrumental music by William Corbett ; songs by John Eccles, John Corbett, and John Weldon (1703). Chloe found love for his Psyche in tears ; Love in her bosom end my care
  • Love for love / William Congreve ; instrumental music by Gottfried Finger ; songs by John Eccles and Gottfried Finger (1695). A nymph and a swain to Apollo ; A soldier and a sailor ; I tell thee Charmion
  • The lover's luck / Thomas Dilke ; instrumental music by Thomas Tollet ; songs by John Eccles (1695). Rich mines of hot love ; Full of the god ; Let us revel and roar
  • Love's a jest / Peter Anthony Motteux ; songs by John Eccles, Bernard Martin Berenclow, anonymous, and Samuel Akeroyde (1696). Slaves to London I'll deceive you ; Slaves to London I'll deceive you ; From Aberdeen to Edinburgh ; Should I not lead a happy life? ; Hark you madam ; Mortals learn your lives to measure ; Pretty miss let us talk together
  • Love triumphant; or, Nature will prevail / John Dryden ; songs by John Eccles and Henry Purcell (1694). What state of life can be so blest ; Young I am and yet unskilled
  • The man of mode; or, Sir Fopling Flutter / George Etherege ; songs by Nicholas Staggins, John Eccles, and Littleton Ramondon ; dances by anonymous (revival ca. 1698). When first Amintas charmed by heart ; As Amoret with Phillis sat ; Caelia with mournful pleasure hears ; That you alone my heart possess
  • The married beau; or, The curious impertinent / John Crowne ; instrumental music by Henry Purcell ; songs by John Eccles, Henry Purcell, and anonymous (1694). Oh fie! What mean I foolish maid ; Beyond the desert mountains
  • The match at Bedlam / Anonymous ; song by John Eccles (ca.1696-98). Amintor's warmth declines
  • Measure for measure; or, Beauty the best advocatelife? ; Charles Gildon after William Shakespeare ; instrumental music by John Eccles ; music from Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell ; dance by anonymous ; song by John Weldon (1700). Take, o take those lips away
  • The metamorphosis; or, The old lover outwitted / John Corey ; song by John Eccles (1704). Hail powers beneath
  • The midnight mistakes / Joseph Williams ; song by John Eccles (1694?). You damsels who sleep
  • The novelty: every act a play / Peter Anthony Motteux, John Oldmixon, and Edward Filmer ; songs by John Eccles (1697). Her eyes are like the morning bright ; Hee oh! pray father
  • The pretenders; or, The town unmasked / Thomas Dilke ; instrumental music by John Lenton ; songs by John Eccles (1698). All things seem deaf to my complaints
  • The provoked wife / John Vanbrugh ; songs by John Eccles (1697). Fly ye happy shepherds ; When yielding first to Damon's flame
  • Pyrrhus, King of Epirusure; or, Beauty the best advocatelife? ; Charles Hopkins ; songs by John Eccles (1695). Hark! The big drums they beat to battle ; Stretched in a dark and dismal grove.
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