50 things they don't want you to know about Trump / Jerome Hudson.

Hudson, Jerome [Browse]
First edition.
New York, NY : Broadside Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2020]
xi, 285 pages : illustrations, map ; 21 cm.


Summary note
"National bestselling author and Breitbart.com editor Jerome Hudson returns with a list of the Trump administration's accomplishments the mainstream media has worked hardest to hide"-- Provided by publisher.
  • Drug Overdoses Dropped for First Time in 30 Years Under Trump
  • President Trump Has Allocated More funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities than any other president
  • Prescription Drug Prices Fell for the First Time in 50 Years During Trump's Tenure
  • America Once Again Led the World in Reducing Carbon Emissions in 2019
  • Trump's EPA Gave $100 Million to Fix Flint, Michigan's Broken Water Infrastructure System
  • Trump Appointed American's First Openly Gay Cabinet Member
  • Violent Crime Has Fallen Every Year Since Trump Took Office After Rising the Last Two Years Under Obama
  • Farmer Wages Grew at Fastest Pace in Two Decades
  • President Trump Legalizes Hemp and CBD Oil, a Boon for Patients and Farmers
  • Trump Authorized the Largest Wildness Preservation Expansion in a Decade
  • The famous "Muslim ban" excluded 87 percent of the world's Muslims
  • Latinos are nearly one-third more likely to start a business under Trump than they were back under Obama
  • Under Trump, blue-collar workers enjoyed three-times the wage growth of the top 1-percent of households
  • The Democrats began calling for Trump's impeachment months before he was the Republican nominee
  • Trump Has Been Tougher on Putin than Obama Was
  • Border Crossings Plummeted by 78% from March 2019 to March
  • Trump Waged Economic War on Anti-LGBT Nations, Starting with Putin Ally and Russia's Chechnya Region Leader Ramzan Kadyrov
  • Politically Motivated Arrests of Cubans Plummeted by Thousands in 2019
  • Trump's Global Campaign to Bring Home Americans Held Hostage
  • The Trump DoJ Has Opened over 1,000 Cases Against the World's Top IP Thieves as America Loses Trillions in Chinese Intellectual Property Theft
  • Trump Killed Net Neutrality and broadband speeds in America improved by 35.8%
  • Trump Confirmed a Historic Number of Judges
  • Trump Dismantled Iran's Obama-Funded War Machine
  • America Became a Net Exporter of Natural Gas and Crude Oil for the First time in Over 50 Years
  • There Were More Job Openings in Early 2020 than People Looking for Work for the First Time Ever
  • The Poverty Rate for Black and Hispanic Dropped to an All-Time Low in 2018
  • EPA Criminal Actions Dropped to a 30 Year Low
  • Net New Women-Owned Businesses Added Per Day Reached a Record High in 2018
  • Net Neutrality Repeal Raises Annual Incomes by $50 Billion
  • Trump Prioritized Breaking the Chinese Monopoly on Rare-Earth Elements and the U.S. Is Digging for Them for the First Time Since the Manhattan Project
  • The Trump Administration Struck a Billion Dollar Deal to Provide HIV Prevention Drugs for Free to 200,000 Uninsured Americans Every Year for the Next Decade
  • Trump Ushered in a Landmark Trade Pact to Replace the North American Free Trade Agreement that Cost the U.S. Millions of Jobs
  • 80 Percent of Farmers Supported President Trump's Trade War with China
  • Trump Saved Thousands of Apple Jobs in Texas from being Shipped to China, Months Before the Coronavirus Pandemic Began There
  • The Trump Tax Cuts Brought $1 Trillion in Corporate Profits to U.S. from Overseas
  • Federal Employee Pay Increased 3 Percent in 2020, a Decade High, and Millions Now Benefit from 12-Week Paid Parental Leave
  • Trump Has Donated His Entire Salary as President
  • Trump Halted the Funding of International Organizations That Fund or Perform Abortions
  • 95% of Americans Agree Trump Was Right to Stop Flights from China
  • Trump Shut Down China's Hopes to Take Over America's Telecom Infrastructure Via Huawei
  • Trump Received the Bipartisan Justice Award Honoring His Criminal Justice Reform Efforts
  • Trump Defended the Free Speech Rights of Campus Conservatives
  • Trump Broke Up Obama's Title IX Kangaroo Courts
  • From His First Month in Office, President Trump Presided Over Largest Manufacturing Boom in First Term Since the 1970s
  • Trump's Federal Agencies Are Investigating the Big Tech Giants Monopolistic Practices
  • Foreign Investment in the USA Has Reached an All-Time High Under Donald Trump
  • Trump's America First Policies Helped Lift Corporate Profits to Record Levels
  • Cyberbullying Plummeted Under Trump, as Melania's Anti-Cyberbullying Initiative Goes Forward
  • Median Household Income Reached $65,666 in 2019, the Highest Level on Record
  • Agreeing with President Trump, 84 Percent of Americans Distrust information from the Chinese Government About the Coronavirus.
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