String phenomenology 2003 [electronic resource] : proceedings of the 2nd International Conference, Durham, UK, 4 July - 4 August 2003 / Veronica Sanz ... [et al.], editors.

International Conference on String Phenomology (2nd : 2003 : Durham, England) [Browse]
Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific, c2004.
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This book contains a remarkable overview of the current trends in string phenomenology, through the contributions of an international team of researchers who present their latest results. Dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Ian Kogan, this volume will fill a gap in the literature on a comprehensive overview of the subject. The proceedings have been selected for coverage in:. Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings® (ISTP® / ISI Proceedings). Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings). CC Proceedings - Engineering & Physical Sciences.
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  • Preface; IN MEMORY OF IAN KOGAN Misha Shifman; CONTENTS; Flavour Structure of Intersecting Brane Models S. A. Abel, J. Santiago and 0. Lebedev; Stringy Solution to Strong CP Violation Problem C. G. Aldazabal, L. E. Ibdnez and A. M. Uranga; Phenomenological Prospects of Noncommutative QED L. Alvarez-Gaume and M. A. Vdzquez-Mozo; Suppressing the Cosmological Open-String Vacua C. Angelantonj; Horava-Witten Cosmology R. Arnowitt, J. Dent and B. Dutta; The Linear Collider Programme G. A. Blair; String Unification of Gauge Couplings with Intersecting D-Branes R. Blumenhagen
  • On String Gas Cosmology at Finite Temperature M, BorundaOn Tachyon Kinks from the DBI Action Ph. Brax, J. Mourad and D. A. Steer; Identifying String Relics at AUGER? A. Cafarella and C. Coriano; A Relief to the Supersymmetric Fine Tuning Problem J. A. Casas, J. R. Espinosa and I. Hidalgo; Heterotic String Optical Unification G. Cleaver, B. Dundee, J. Perkins, R. Obousy, E. Kasper, M. Robinson and K. Stone; Varying Alpha, Thresholds and Extra Dimensions T. Dent; The Statistics of String/M Theory Vacua M. R. Douglas
  • On Cosmologically Induced Hierarchies in String Theory E. Dudas, J. Mourad and C. TimirgaziuConstraining Electroweak Physics J. Erler; A Paradox for Strings in PP-Wave Backgrounds D. B. Fairlie; Anthropics Versus Determinism in Quantum Gravity A. E. Faraggi; Towards the Classification of Z2 x Z2 Fermionic Models A. E. Faraggi, C. Kounnas, S. E. M. Nooij and J. Rizos; On the Moduli Space for Strings on Group Manifolds S. Forste; AdS/CFT-Inspired Unification at about 4 TeV P. H. Frampton; SO(10) Heterotic M-theory Vacua R. S. Garavuso; Lattice Supersymmetry and String Phenomenology J. Giedt
  • Gauge Five Brane Moduli in Four Dimensional Heterotic Models J. A. GraySupersymmetric Intersecting D6-Branes and Chiral Models on the T6/(Z4 x Z2) Orbifold G. Honecker; Supersymmetric -Functions, Benchmark Points and Semi-Perturbative Unification J. Jack and D. R. T. Jones; Reading the Number of Extra Dimensions in the Spectrum of Hawking Radiation P. Kanti; Trinification from Superstring Toward MSSM J. E. Kim; The Flavour Problem and Family Symmetry S, F. King and I. N. R. Peddie; Phenomenological Aspects of Twisted Moduli T. Kobayashi
  • 4D GUT (and SM) Model Building from Intersecting D-Branes C. KokorelisWarped Super-bigravity Z. Lalak and R. Matyszkiewicz; Heterotic Yukawa Couplings and Wilson Lines O. Lebedev; Which is the Best Inflation Model? D. H, Lyth; GUT with Anomalous U(l)A Suggests Heterotic M-Theory? N. Maekawa; Phenomenological Aspects of Heterotic Orbifold Models at One Loop Y. Mambrini; Co-Dimension Two Branes and the Cosmological Constant I. Navarro; Interactions in Intersecting Brane Models A. W. Owen; Problems and Cures (Partial) for Holographic Cosmology M. A. Per and A. Segui
  • Magnetic Fluxes, NS-NS B Field and Shifts in Four-Dimensional Orientifolds G. Pradisi
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