The Oxford handbook of singing / edited by Graham F. Welch, David M. Howard, and John Nix. [electronic resource]

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019.
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Singing has been a characteristic behaviour of humanity across several millennia. Including 53 chapters by 72 authors, drawn from across the world, 'The Oxford Handbook of Singing' is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wishes to know more about the nature of singing.
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  • Systematic Development of Vocal Technique / John Nix
  • Teaching the Professional Singer / June Boyce-Tillman
  • Mental Preparation for the Performer / Alma Thomas
  • Conservatory Teaching and Learning / Mary King, John Nix
  • Pedagogy of Different Sung Genres / Jeremy Fisher, Gillyanne Kayes, Lisa Popeil
  • Singing and Emotion / Eduardo Coutinho, Klaus R. Scherer, Nicola Dibben
  • The Extra-normal Voice / Michael Edward Edgerton
  • The Impact of Location on the Singing Voice / Harald Jers
  • The Sound Source in Singing: Basic Principles and Muscular Adjustments for Fine-tuning Vocal Timbre / Christian T. Herbst, David M. Howard, Jan G. Švec
  • The Vocal Tract in Singing / Brad Story
  • The Neuroscience of Singing / Boris A. Kleber, Jean Mary Zarate
  • Singing and Psychological Needs / Jane W. Davidson, Sandra Garrido
  • Voice Dysfunction and Recovery / Tara K. Stadelman-Cohen, Robert E. Hillman
  • Structure and Function of the Singing Voice / Gillyanne Kayes
  • Socio-cultural, Acoustic, and Environmental Imperatives in the World of Singing / Robert Walker
  • Cultural History and a Singing Style: "The English Cathedral Tradition" / Timothy Day
  • Breathing in Singing / Alan Watson
  • The Acoustics of Different Genres of Singing / Johan Sundberg
  • Adolescent Girls' Singing Development / Lynne Gackle
  • Physiology and its Impact on the Performance of Singing / Filipa M. B. Läa, Brian P. Gill
  • The Developing Voice / Desmond Sergeant
  • Mothers as Singing Mentors for Infants / Sandra E. Trehub, Helga Rut Gudmundsdottir
  • Vocal Music and Pedagogy of Chinese, African, and Indian Genres / Yang Yang, Aaron Carter-âEnyái, Nandhu Radhakrishnan, Sophie Grimmer, John Nix
  • Perspectives on Choral Conducting: Theory and Practice / Colin Durrant, Maria Varvarigou
  • Intonation and Staying in Tune in A Cappella Choral Singing / David M. Howard
  • Choral Singers' Perceptions of Musical Leadership / Dag Jansson
  • The Youth Choir / Joy Hill
  • Contemporary Concepts and Practices of Choral Singing / Ursula Geisler, Karin Johansson
  • Perceptual Features of Singing / David M. Howard, Eric J. Hunter
  • Intonation in Singing / Johan Sundberg
  • Perceived Quality of a Singing Performance: The Importance of Context / Evangelos Himonides
  • Defining and Explaining Singing Difficulties in Adults / Karen Wise
  • Fetal, Neonatal and Early Infant Experiences of Maternal Singing / Sheila C. Woodward
  • Singing and Invented Song-making in Infants and Young Children's Early Learning and Development: From Shared to Independent Song-making / Margaret S. Barrett
  • Boys' Singing Voice Change in Adolescence / Jenevora Williams, Scott Harrison
  • Addressing the Needs of the Adult (3z (BNon-singer (3y (B ( (3z (BNS (3y) (B / Susan Knight
  • Group Singing and Social Identity / Jane W. Davidson, Robert Faulkner
  • Can Singing have a Beneficial Effect on Lung Function and Breathing for People with Respiratory Illness? / Stephen Clift, Rebekah Gilbert
  • Singing and Vocal Development / Graham F. Welch
  • Historical Approaches in Revealing the Singing Voice, Part 1 / Harm K. Schutte
  • Ave Verum Pentium: Singing, Recording, Archiving and Analysing within the Digital Domain / Evangelos Himonides
  • Practical Voice Analysis and their Application in the Studio / Garyth Nair, David M. Howard, Graham F. Welch
  • Children Singing: Nurture, Creativity, and Culture: A Study of Children's Music-making in London, UK, and in West Bengal, India / Valentine Harding
  • Vocal Performance in Occasional Singers / Simone Dalla Bella
  • Future Perspectives / Peter Pabon, David M. Howard, Sten Ternstrèom, Malte Kob, Gerhard Eckel
  • The Effects of Gender on the Motivation and Benefits Associated with Community Singing in the UK / Diana Parkinson
  • Voice Management and the Older Singer / Jane W. Davidson, Lynne Murray
  • Unchained Melody: The Rise of Orality and Therapeutic Singing / June Boyce-Tillman
  • Digital Libraries for Singing: The Example of the AIRS Project / Annabel J. Cohen, Karen M. Ludke
  • Historical Approaches in Revealing the Singing Voice, Part 2 / Harm K. Schutte
  • Singing as Inter- and Intra-personal Communication / Graham F. Welch, Costanza Preti
  • The Effects and Benefits of Singing Individually and in a Group / Tèores Theorell
  • The Healthy Voice, Lifestyle and Voice Protection (including Exercise, Body Work and Diet) / John S. Rubin, Ruth Epstein.
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