Cosmetic and toiletry formulations. Volume 2 / by Ernest W. Flick.

Flick, Ernest W. [Browse]
2nd ed.
Park Ridge, N.J., U.S.A. : Noyes Publications, 1989.
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Cosmetic & Toiletry Formulations Volume 2
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  • Includes indexes.
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  • Front Cover; Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Volume 2; Copyright Page; Contents and Subject Index; SECTION I: ANTIPERSPIRANTS AND DEODORANTS; Alcohol-Free Roll-On Deodorant; Antiperspirant Stick; Antiperspirant(s); Quick Drying Aerosol Antiperspirant; Anti-Perspirant Cream(s); Antiperspirant Pump; Antiperspirant Suspension Roll-On(s); Deodorant Stick(s); Deodorant/Antiperspirant Spray; Deodorant Pump Spray(s); Dry Roll-On Antiperspirant(s); Enhanced Clear Hydro-Alcoholic Roll-On; Soft Stick Antiperspirant(s); Spray Deodorant; Solid Antiperspirant; Transparent Deodorant Stick(s)
  • Underarm Roll-On Deodorant LotionSECTION II: BABY PRODUCTS; Baby Bath(s); Baby Care Cream W/O; Baby's Skin Smoothing Cream; Baby Cream(s); Baby Foam Bathwith HerbsRe-Fatting; Baby Protective CreamType W/O; Baby Lotion(s); Babymilk Without Perfume; Baby Powder; Baby Oil(s); Baby Oil Spray, Herb/Vitamin Content; Baby Shampoo(s); W/O-Babycreme; Conditioning Baby Shampoo; Mild Baby Bubble Bath; Baby Wash; Baby Milk; Mild Baby Shampoo(s); Pearlescent Baby Shampoo; SECTION III: BATH AND SHOWER PRODUCTS; After Shower Rinse Off Body Mousse; Body Mousse; Alcoholic After Bath Splash
  • Pearl Body CleanserLiquid Bath Lather; All Over the Body: Shampoos, Shower Baths, Foam Baths; Bath Foam; Mild Body Shampoo; Bath Gel(s); Bath Lotion; Bath Oil(s); Foot-Care Bath with Vitamins, Deodorizing; Body Oil; Bath Salt with Pearl Pigments; Silky Bubble Bath; Blooming Bath Lotion; Pearlescent Bath Lotion; Body Contouring Gel; Silky Bath Gel; Body Emulsion, Herb Content Type O/W; Cream Bath, Vitamid/Herb Content; Bubble Bath(s); Clear Bath Gelee; Clear Liquid Foam Bath(s); Clear Shower Gel(s); Cream Bath(s); Fitness-Shower-Bath; Special-Bath; Foam Bath; Foaming Bath Oil(s)
  • Hand and Body CleanserSkin Cleanser; Herbal Foam Bath(s); High Foaming Shower Gel; Showerbath; Low Irritation Foam Bath/Body Shampoo; Shower Gel; Oil Foam Bath(s); Shower-Bath(s); Shower Foam; Cream Foam Bath; Shower Gel(s); Shower Soap(s); Foaming Bath Oil; Transparent Bath and Shower Bar; Non-Defatting Body Wash; Foam Bath(s); Vitamin Bath Gel; Vitamin Shower Foam; SECTION IV: BEAUTY AIDS; Absorbant Facial Mask for Oily Skin; Acne Lotion with Microencapsulated Salicylic Acid; Body Moisturizer Balm; Acne Scrub; Facial Scrub; Aerosol Moisturizing Facial Mask(s)
  • Airy Skin Conditioning Mousse(s)Aloe Anionic Moisturizer; Aloe Nonionic Moisturizer; Overnight Moisturizer; Aloe Vera Gel Mask; Syndet Beauty Bar; Anhydrous Cream Makeup; Emulsion Makeup; Anhydrous Makeup Base; Makeup Foundation Cream with Silicone Oil; Anti-Ash Moisturizer; Pressed Powder Blush; Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Cream; Neutra Facial Cleanser Type; Anti-Wrinkle Cream; Black Makeup Film Prototype; Nonionic Makeup; Body Oil Spray(s); Body Powder; Face Mask; Botanical Nail Strengthener; Cuticle Massage Oil; Cuticle Softener; Clay Mask; Vitamin Mask; Cleanser for Around the Eyes and Face
  • Conditioning Facial Cleanser
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