[Deed issued to Sayyid Dilāvar Shāh son of Ḥukūmat Shāh].

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Summary note
This document contains a deed issued to Sayyid Dilāvar Shāh son of Ḥukūmat Shāh by one of the rulers of Shughnān, granting him some property in the vicinity of Khorogh. The document is heavily damaged and the date, the name of the copyist, and other critical information is missing. The document mentions that Sayyid Dilāvar Shāh previously served as a minister (vazīr) under the ruler of Khoqand, Muḥammad Khudāyār Khān, who ruled on three separate occasions between 1844 and 1875. Hence, the document can most likely be dated to the second half of the 19th century.
  • Incipit: هو المستعان در ... علما عظام و قضات ذولاحترام و امرأ عالی‌ مقام ... سایر زمان استان ملک احتشام ولایت شقنان واقف و آگاه گردیده بدانید که
  • Explicit: و دیگر در بین زمین مذکورین ... پیوسته است به جویبار ولایت غرباً متصل است ... باغ آشور محمد مذکور
  • The document is written in black ink in a fine hand on a single sheet of paper. The document is heavily damaged and significant portions of it are missing, particularly the bottom section.
  • Badakhshan Manuscript Project.
  • Date: Not listed, but evidently 19th century
  • Location: Khorogh
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Original document; title supplied by cataloger.
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  • BMP055
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