Astrological and medical miscellany.

Manuscript, Book
Middle High German (ca. 1050-1500)
[Bavaria?, Germany] : [producer not identified], [between 1400 and 1600]
1 volume (24 leaves) : parchment ; 15 cm


  • Script: Textualis libraria.
  • Decoration: Red used in calendar for KL, names of months, and days of significant saints. Rubrication in texts; two-line red initials; some initials stroked in red.
Binding note
United States, 21st century. Rebound in the Preservation Office, Princeton University Library, by Mick LeTourneaux, 2008.
  • 1.1v-13r: Liturgical calendar ( January-December), with names of months and feast days in German. Probably of Bavarian origin; perhaps Augsburg because of the inclusion in red letters of St. Udalricus of Augsburg (d. 973) (“Odalricus bischoff”) for 4 July and St. Godehard of Hildesheim (960-1038) for 5 May.
  • 2.13v-14v: Tables to calculate the Golden Number (“dy gulden zale”), fol. 13r; and Dominical Letter (“der sondages buchstaub”), fol. 14r.
  • 3.15v-16v: “Mercke von den iiii complexien daz eine iglicher mensche ist von iiii complexien und iiii elementen. Dy erste hesset sanguinea. Wer die complexien ist der ist milde heiß und fuchte ...” Explicit: “... und melancholie, und senectus dy sint kalt und drocken.”
  • 4.16v-22r: “Von den xii zeichen. Nu sint xii glich lineen der namen na geschreben stent, an dez hymels ...” Explicit: “... gewynnet gnode und wirt den luden woll gefallen.”
  • 5.22r-24r: “Von baden eyne gude lere. In deme regimen der gesuntheit stehz geschreben daz dy sere baden sullent, dy nit arbeident und alle ...” Explicit: “Ader wer riddige hittze hait der sail aller keyner baden.”
Princeton MS. 202 is of unknown early and intermediate provenance. The Princeton University Library purchased the manuscript at a Sotheby's, London, sale on 4 December 2007. Sotheby's description speculates that the present manuscript and the other volumes in lot 43, including Princeton Mss. 138.57, 203, and 204, are possibly “the remains of monastic collections or personal volumes carried away by some of the last monks and nuns, who may have been related to the Fugger family” of Augsburg.
Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts in the Princeton University Library, volume 2, pages 486-487.
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Princeton MS. 202, Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.
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