[Arma Christi and prayers]

Manuscript, Book
Middle English (1100-1500)
[England], [between 1475 and 1500]
15 leaves : parchment, illustrations ; 121 x 93 (100 x 75) mm bound to 126 x 102 mm.


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Rare books genre
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Summary note
Illustracted collection of prayers.
  • Incipit: [Arma Christi] "Deuout prayers of the pasyon of god. O gloryous Ihesu redemer of mankynde ..." -- [Of the fyue woundes] "Of the fyue woundes of our lorde. Gracyous lorde for thy bytter passyon, Accepte my prayers þat I do repete, And on my soule take compassyon ..." -- [To the gloryous vyrgyn Mary] "To the gloryous vyrgyn Mary, Quene of heuen and moder of mercy. Blyssed mary moder vyrgynall, Integrate mayden sterre of þe se ..." -- [Suffrages to St. George] "O Blyssed martyr of god saynt George to the be gyuen laude and glory above all other knyghtes ..."
  • Explicit: [Arma Christi] "Fyue thousande also grete and small, Here is the nombre of them all. Thus endeth the prayers of passyon of our lorde Jhesu Cryst." -- [Of the fyue woundes] "Gracyously be my refuge and bote, And conforte in aduersyte." -- [To the gloryous vyrgyn Mary] "Socoure it from myn enmyes rage."
  • Ms. codex.
  • Title from printed catalog.
  • Collation: Parchment ; fol. ii + 15 + ii ; modern foliation in pencil.
  • Layout: 17-24 long lines per page ; ruled.
  • Decoration: 36 illustrations in dark red, reddish brown, pink, teal blue, green, and white. Four of the drawings occupy full pages (fols. 1r, 13r, 14r, 15r), while the rest are smaller. See the entry in Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts in the Princeton University Library, volume 1, pages 441-442 for detailed descriptions of the illustrations.
  • Origin: Third quarter of the 15th century.
Binding note
Later binding. England, mid-19th century. Red morocco over pasteboard; gold-tooled, with marbled endpapers and flyleaves.
Language note
Middle English;
Textualis semi-quadrata.
  • 1. fol. 1r-8r: [Arma Christi]. Prayers and illustrations related to Christ, the Crucifixion and the Instruments of Passion.
  • 2. fol. 9r-12r: Of the fyue woundes of our lorde. Prayers on the Five Wounds of Christ.
  • 3. fol. 12v: To the gloryous vyrgyn Mary. Verse prayer in two quatrains to the Virgin Mary.
  • 4. fol. 13v-15v: [Suffrages to St. George, St. Sebastian of Rome, and St. Margaret of Antioch].
Unknown early provenance. Previously owned by Sir Thomas Phillips, and later by William Amherst Thyssen-Amherst. Sold from his collection in 1909 at Sotheby's where it was acquired by "Austen". Later owned by Mrs. Everly Thompson. Acquired in 1961 by John Howell Books. At a unknown date, Laurence C. Witten, acquired the manuscript and sold it on 11 April 1983 to Robert H. Taylor. His bequest to the Princeton University Library, 1985.
Source acquisition
Gift of Robert H. Taylor, 1985.
Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts in the Princeton University Library, volume 1, pages 440-442.
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Also available in an electronic version.
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  • Metrical prayers XV cent.
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