Prayer book.

Uniform title
Manuscript, Book
[Florence, Italy] : [producer not identified], [approximately 1523]
1 volume (ii, 312 leaves) : parchment, illustrations ; 88 x 65 mm


Former owner
  • Title from printed catalog.
  • Script: Round Italian rabbinic script, pointed throughout.
  • Decoration: First letter or syllable of each verse in large hollow capitals, some incorporating stylized fish, filled with yellow and/or orange.
Binding note
Italy, 16th century (?). Red velvet over poplar (?) boards (5 mm thick), restored with replacement red velvet over the original; sewn on three bands; tawed endbands with secondary sewing in green and ochre; edges gilt and gauffered.
1.1b-309a: Prayer Book, comprising: (1) 1b-41b, Genesis 1:1-50:25. (2) 41b-75b, Exodus 1:1-40:36. (3) 75b-100a, Leviticus, 1:1-27:34. (4) 100a-134a, Numbers, 1:1-36:13. (5) 134a-164a, Deuteronomy, 1:1-34:12. (6) 167b-209b, Book of Psalms, with several marginal glosses and annotations. (7) 213a-232b, Miscellany including sermons concerning the coming of the Messiah, brief texts on the law of Moses and circumcision, a chronology in part derived from Flavius Josephus (37-ca. 101 c.e.), Antiquitates judaicae, and other brief texts or quotations. (8) 234a-277a, 100 blessings. (9) 280a-281a, Seder brit milah; circumcision. (10) 281a-281b, Inyan pidyon ha-ben; redemption of first born. (11) 281b-284a, Seder hatanim; marriage. (12) 284b-287b, Inyan avelut; mourning. (13) 287b, Seder eruv tavshilin. (14) 288a-289a, Seder tefilot pesah shavu'ot; Passover and Pentecost. (15) 289b-293b, Seder rosh ha-shanah; Rosh Hashanah. (16) 294a-298b, Seder yom ha-kip-pur; Day of Atonement. (17) 299a-305b, Seder tefilot shel sukot; Feast of the Tabernacles. (18) 306a-307a, Vidui shel shaharit yom kippur; confessional of mourning service of the Day of Atonement. (19) 307a-309a, Vidui shel minhat yom kippur; confessional of afternoon service of the Day of Atonement. Fols. 164b-167a, 210b-212b, 232a-233b, 277b-279b are blank.
Garrett Hebrew MS. 6 was chiefly written and illuminated in the third quarter of the 15th century, with additions around 1523. It was one of several books known to have belonged to Isaac da Norsa, who lived in Ferrara from around 1485 to 1560. Isaac da Norsa was the son of the banker Emanuel ben Noe da Norsa and became actively invloved in banking business by 1519 and was head of the bank from 1524. Intermediate provenance is unknown. Robert Garrett (1875-1961), of Baltimore, Maryland, Class of 1897, acquired the manuscript at an unknown date. His gift to the Princeton University Library, 1942.
Source acquisition
Gift of Robert Garrett, 1942.
Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts in the Princeton University Library, volume 1, pages 394-395.
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Garrett Hebrew MS. 6, Manuscripts Division, Department of Special Collections, Princeton University Library.
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