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approximately 1930.
19 leaves (unumbered) : photographs ; 60 x 48.5 cm.


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Summary note
Oversize photogrpaph album containing 151 silver-printed photographs (measuring from 15.5 x 22 cm to 21 x 29.5 cm) from a travel throughout Greece in the '30s. Included are views of many places, archaeological sites, ancient, Byzantine, and modern monuments, museums, and scenes of daily life in Greece. Among them are images of Athens (Acropolis and its monuments, the Theater of Dionysus, the Olympieion, excavations and the museum of Agora, the Tower of the Winds, the National Museum, the University, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier); Attica (Marathon, Parnētha, Neo Phalēro, mosaics of Daphni (Monastery), the archaeological site of Eleusis, a panoramic view Piraeus, Ákra Soúnio, Temple of Aphaia, Loutaki, and the Corinth Canal) (43); Mycenae (The Lion Gate, the Tomb of Agamemnon), Tyrinth, Argos, Acrocorinth (8); Epidauros (3); Nauplion (1); Olympia (the Temple of Hera), the Hiera Monē tou Megalou Spēlaiou, Mistra (Monastery of Pantanassa, Saints Theodoroi), Monemvasia, the Taygetus Mountains (12); Delphi (4); Meteora (4); Edessa (1); Volos and Pēlion (3); marriage of nomades (1); the range of Pindus, Kleisoura and Samarina (4); Verroia (1); Kastoria (the Lake and the monastery of Saints Anargyroi) (3); a panorama of Thessalonikē, the Walls, the Port, Byzantine churches of Thessalonikē, and female figures in traditional Macedonian costumes (8); Drama (1); Kavala (a panoramic view of the city, a scene of daily life, the House of Mohammed Ali) (7); Mount Athos (8); Iōannina (the Lake, the Mosque, the fortress) (4); Corfu (the Achilleion, the Pontikonisi, the Mon-Repos, the Terraces) (8); Arta (the Paregoretissa Church) (1); Zakynthos (3), Skyros (1), Dēlos (3), Tēnos (pilgrimage at the Holy Church of Panagia Evangelistria of Tinos) (5); Skyros; Mykonos (4); Santorinē (Thēra) (4); Crete (Knossos, Museum of Ērakleion) (4); an image of a cultivation of tobacco; Papastratou manufacturing company of tobacco; and one image of a tapestry industry. Photogrpahs are attached on both sides of 19 thick cartons. Handwritten titles, captions and numbering for every photograph in French. Photographer(s) is unidentified. Only two images, a view of Nicopolis and the Church of Panagia Evangelistria in Tinos, bear in negative an imposed stamp "Perilla Athens" in capital letters.
Binding note
MSS copy bound in black fabric over hard boards; spine fastened with two metallic book binding screws; front cover detached.
Language note
Handwritten captions in French.
Source acquisition
Gift: Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund. AM 2019-84.
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