International handbook on gender and demographic processes / Nancy E. Riley, Jan Brunson, editors.

  • Dordrecht : Springer, [2018]
  • ©2018
vii, 359 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm.


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This handbook presents a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of gender in demography, addressing the many different influences of gender that arise from or influence demographic processes. It collects in one volume the key issues and perspectives in this area, whereby demography is broadly defined. The purpose in casting a wide net is to cover the range of work being done within demography, but at the same time to open up our perspectives to neighboring fields to encourage better conversations around these issues.0The chapters in this handbook carefully document definition and measurement issues, and take up parts of the demographic picture and focus on how gender plays a role in outcomes. In other cases, gender often plays a cross-cutting role in social processes; rather than having a single or easily distinguishable role, it often combines with other social institutions and even other statuses and inequalities to affect outcomes. Thus, a key factor in this volume is how gender interacts with race/ethnicity, class, nationality, and sexuality in any demographic setting.0While each section contains chapters that are broad overviews of the current state of knowledge and behavior, the handbook also includes chapters that focus on specific cultures or events in order to examine how gender operates in a particular circumstance.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction: Nancy E. Riley and Jan Brunson
  • Methodology and Measurement: 1 Measuring Gender in the Context of Demographic Change: Nancy E. Riley and Deborah S. DeGraff
  • 2 Women, Biopower and the Making of Demographic Knowledge: India's Demographic and Health Survey : Nilanjana Chatterjee and Nancy E. Riley
  • 3 Gender in the Investigation and Politics of 'Low' Fertility: Leslie King
  • Fertility & Infertility: 4 Reproduction in Retrospective, Or What's All the Fuss over Low Fertility?: Elizabeth L. Krause
  • 5 Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Making and Unmaking of Kin in Iran: Transformation or Variation on a Theme? : Soraya Tremayne
  • 6 Unconceived Territory: Involuntary Childlessness and Infertility among Women in the United States: Kristin J. Wilson
  • 7 Surrogacy and the Gendered Contexts of Infertility Management in India:Holly Donahue Singh
  • 8 Stratified Reproduction : Nancy E. Riley
  • Health, Morbidity, & Mortality: 9 Maternal health in Nepal and Other Low-income Countries: Causes, Contexts, and Future Directions: Jan Brunson
  • 10 When the Wages of sin is Death: Sexual Stigma and Infant Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa: Jennifer Johnson-Hanks
  • 11 Gender and HIV: Evidence from Anthropological Demography in Nigeria: Daniel Jordan Smith
  • Migration & Displacement: 12 Gender and Migration: Evidence from Transnational Marriage Migration: Danièle Bélanger and Andrea Flynn
  • 13 Womanhood Implies Travel: Punjabi Marriage and Migration between India and Britain: Kaveri Qureshi and Ben Rogaly
  • 14 "Where Husbands Find Jobs and Women Go to School": Gender, Employment and U.S. Refugee Resettlement of Burma-origin Families: Pilapa Esara Carroll
  • Families & Marriage: 15 Women's Happiness in Contemporary China: The Relevance of Unpaid Work: Ieva Zumbyte, Susan E. Short, and Nancy Luke
  • 16 Gendered Support for Older People in Indonesia: A Comparative Analysis: Elisabeth Schröder-Butterfill, Vita Priantina Dewi, Tengku Syawila Fithry, and Philip Kreager
  • 17 Demographics of Gay and Lesbian Partnerships and Families: D'Lane R. Compton and Amanda K. Baumle
  • 18 Marriage in Contemporary Japan: Laura Dales
  • 19 The Exaggerated Demise of Polygyny: Transformations in Marriage and Gender Relations in West Africa: Bruce Whitehouse
  • Policy and Applications: 20 Women as Actors in Addressing Climate Change : Yves Charbit
  • 21 Structures of Violence throughout the Life Course: Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Gender-Based Violence : Jennifer R. Wies and Hillary J. Haldane
  • 22 Gender, Displacement, and Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies: Aunchalee E. L. Palmquist and Karleen D. Gribble.
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  • 9402412883 ((hardcover))
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