Gregory, of Nazianzus, Saint [Browse]
Manuscript, Book
Ancient Greek (to 1453)
11th century.
276 leaves : parchment, illustrations ; 252 x 178 (180 x 122) mm


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Summary note
Includes sixteen liturgical homilies by Gregory of Nazianzos, bound out of order
  • Ms. codex.
  • Title from printed catalog.
  • Collation: Parchment ; fols. 276 ; modern foliation in pencil ; some Greek numbers in brown in the upper margins of the misbound folios indicating the correct order of the folios.
  • Layout: 25 long lines per page ; hardpoint ruling ; prick-marks are sometimes visible in the margins.
  • Description: Written in brown ink by one scribe who wrote the text in variation of Perlschrift and the titles of the homilies in alexandrinischer Auszeichnungsmaiuskel ; marginal notes ; marginal Greek numerals for scholia.
  • Decoration: Except for the narrow strip preceding Oratio I on Easter, the text is accompanied by very little decoration. The main initials, outlined by the scribe in brown ink of the written text, are painted in blue, green, a dark reddish brown, and a dark blue or reddish purple that gleams as though it had a bit of silver in it.
Binding note
Rebound by Mick LeTourneaux in the Princeton University Preservation Office in 1995.
  • 1. fols. 271r-v, 1r-2v: kenoutai gar tēs heautou doxēs epi mikron.
  • 2. fols. 3r-5v, 264r-265v, 267r-270v, 266r-v, 6r-7v: Grēgoriou tou theologou logos eis ta phōta.
  • 3. fols. 7v-21v, 248r-263v, 234r-240r: Logos 3. tou autou logos heteros, eis to vaptisma. Chthes tē lampra tōn phōtōn hēmera panēgyrisantes.
  • 4. fols. 240r-243v, 244r-245v, 246r-247v, 22r-29v, 229r-v, 230r-233v, 276r-v, 228r-v, 220r-227v, 30r-38v, 39r-54v: Logos 4. Eis ton megan vasileion epitaphios. Emellen ara pollas hēmin hypotheseis tōn logōn.
  • 5. fols. 54r-59v: Logos 5. Eis grēgorion ton adelphon (tou megalou by a later hand) vasileiou epistanta meta tēn cheirotonian. Philou pistou ouk estin antallagma tōn ontōn ouden.
  • 6. fols. 59v-83r: Logos 6. eis ton megan athanasion episkopon alexandreias. Athanasion epainōn, aretēn epainesomai.
  • 7. fols. 83r-103r: Logos 7. eis tēn tōn hekaton 50 episkopōn parousian. tou en hagiois patros hēmōn grēgoriou tou theologou logos.
  • 8. fols. 103r-132r: Logos 8. peri ptōchotrophias. Andres adelphoi kai sympenētes, ptōchoi gar hapantes kai tēs theias charitos epideeis.
  • 9. fols. 133r-135v: Logos 9. tou en hagiois patros hēmōn grēgoriou tou theologou, eis to pascha kai eis tēn vradytēta. Anastaseōs hēmera kai hē archē dexia kai lamprynthōmen.
  • 10. fols. 135v-155r: Logos 10. logos heteros eis to pascha. Epi tēs phylakēs mou stēsomai; phēsin ho thaumasios amvakoum.
  • 11. fols. 155v-161r: Logos 11. eis tēn kainēn kyriakēn kai eis martyra mamanta. Enkainia timasthai, palaios nomos kai kalōs echōn.
  • 12. fols. 161r-162r: Eis tēn kainēn kyriakēn.
  • 13. fols. 162v-174v: Logos 12. tou autou eis tēn pentēkostēn. Peri tēs heortēs vrachea philosophēsōmen, hina pneumatikōs heortasōmen.
  • 14 fols. 175r-190v: Logos 13. eis ton patera siōpōnta dia tēn plēgēn tes chalazēs.
  • 15. fols. 190v-201v: Logos 14. eis tous logous kai eis ton exisōtēn ioulianon.
  • 16. fols. 201v-212v: Logos 15. eis tous makkavaious. Ti dai hoi makkavaioi; toutōn gar hē parousa panēgyris.0
  • 17. fols. 213r-219v, 272r-275v: Logos 16. Eis kyprianon ex agrou epanēkōn, meta mian tēs mneias hēmeran.
Source acquisition
Purchased in Sorrento, Italy, in 1921 for the Princeton University Library by Ernest Cushing Richardson (1860-1939), the University Librarian.
Kotzabassi, Sofia. Greek manuscripts at Princeton, sixth to nineteenth century: a descriptive catalogue, pages 136-139.
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Also available in an electronic version.
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Princeton MS. 18
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