The Routledge companion to music cognition / edited by Richard Ashley and Renee Timmers.

New York, NY : Routledge, 2017.
xxiii, 561 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm.


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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Part 1. Music from the air to the brain. Music from the air to the brain and body / Edward W. Large -- Music and the brain: areas and networks / Psyche Loui and Emily Przysinda -- Music in the brain: imagery and memory / Rebecca S. Schaefer -- Music in the brain: music and language processing / Mireille Besson, Mylene Barbaroux, and Eva Dittinger -- Music and the brain: music and cognitive abilities / Reyna L. Gordon and Cyrille L. Magne -- Music, brain and movement: time, beat and rhythm / Molly J. Henry and Jessica A. Grahn -- Music and health: physical, mental, and emotional / Suvi Saarikallio -- Music, moments, and healing processes: music therapy / Jorg Fachner -- Music, pleasure, and social affiliation: hormones and neurotransmitters / Roni Granot.
  • Part 2. Hearing and listening to music. Musical structure: time and rhythm / Peter Martens and Fernando Benadon -- Musical structure: sound and timbre / Stephen Mcadams and Meghan Goodchild -- Musical structure: tonality, melody, harmonicity, and counterpoint / Daniel Shanahan -- Musical structure: melody, texture, and harmony in the classical tradition / Robert Gjerdingen -- Harmony and melody in popular music / David Temperley and Trevor de Clercq -- Musical structure: form / Richard Ashley -- Music production: recording technologies and acousmatic listening / Ragnhild Brovig-Hanssen and Anne Danielsen -- Musical connections: absolute pitch / Elizabeth West Marvin -- Musical connections: crossmodal correspondences / Zohar Eitan -- Musical connections: music perception and neurological deficits / Barbara Tillman, Catherine Hirel, Yohana Leveque, and Anne Caclin -- Assisted music listening in hearing loss / Tonya R. Bergeson and Rachael Frush Holt.
  • Part 3. Making and using music. Creating music: composition / Roger T. Dean -- Music improvisation: a challenge for empirical research / Peter Vuust and Morten Kringelbach -- Performing music: written traditions / Dorottya Fabian -- Performing music: oral and improvising traditions / Nikki Moran -- Performing music: humans, computers, and electronics / Elaine Chew and Andrew Mcpherson -- Music with others: ensembles, conductors, and interpersonal coordination / Clemens Wollner and Peter E. Keller -- Music alone and with others: listening, sharing and celebrating / Alexandra Lamont -- Music and text: vocal musicianship / Annabel J. Cohen -- Music and movement: musical instruments and performers / Laura Bishop and Werner Goebl -- Scene and heard: the role of music in shaping interpretations of film / Siu-Lan Tan -- Music as enabling: enhancing sport, work, and other pursuits / Nicola Dibben.
  • Part 4. Developing Musicality. Music across the species / Bruno Gingras -- Music cognition: developmental and multimodal perspectives / Sandra E. Trehub and Michael W. Weiss -- Musical expertise: genetics, experience, and training / William F. Thompson, Miriam A. Mosing, and Fredrik Ullen -- Learning music: informal processes and their outcomes / Lucy Green and Tim Smart -- Music and social cognition in adolescence / Susan A. O'Neill -- Musical preference: personality, style, and music use / Jonna K. Vuoskoski.
  • Part 5. Musical Meanings. Music Cognition: Investigations through the centuries / Kyung Myung Lee -- Music and communication / Richard Ashley -- Emotion in music listening / Renee Timmers -- Music, analogy, and metaphor / Lawrence M. Zbikowski -- Musical aesthetics and values / Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis -- Music's meanings / Eric F. Clarke.
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