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Orthodontic pearls : a selection of practical tips and clinical expertise / edited by Eliakim Mizrahi, BDS, DOrth RCS, FDS RCS, MSc, PhDPrivate practice, London, UK.

  • Boca Raton : CRC Press, [2015]
  • ©2015
Second edition.
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chapter 1. The relevance of continuing education to orthodontic practice / Nada M. Souccar and Lionel P. Sadowsky -- chapter 2. Administration : the practice / Eliakim Mizrahi, Victor Lalieu and Effie Patrikios -- chapter 3. Management of the new patient / Eliakim Mizrahi -- chapter 4. Orthodontic investigations / Eliakim Mizrahi, Pieter van Heerden, Antony G.H. McCollum, Luc Dermaut, Matie Grobler, Colin Wallis, Alexander Jacobson and Demetri Patrikios -- chapter 5. Cone beam computed tomography / Iain Macleod -- chapter 6. Orthodontic photography : an update / Jonathan Sandler and Alison M. Murray -- chapter 7. Case discussion / Eliakim Mizrahi -- chapter 8. Inter-, intra- and extraoffice communications as an orthodontic risk management tool / Laurance Jerrold -- chapter 9. The extended duty orthodontic team / Liz Hopkins -- chapter 10. Marketing an orthodontic practice / Winston B. Senior, Asif Hassan Chatoo and Renton Tindall -- chapter 11. Psychology for patient compliance / Kees Booij, Victor Lalieu, Effie Patrikios and Colin Wallis -- chapter 12. Fixed appliances / Eliakim Mizrahi, Robert A. Katz, John Hickham, Luc Dermaut, Ronald G. Melville, Anthony Lam, Glenn William Cooper, Jonathan Sandler, Matie Grobler, Victor Lalieu, Pieter van Heerden and Lee W. Graber -- chapter 13. Practical tips for getting the benefits from self-ligating brackets / Nigel W.T. Harradine -- chapter 14. Orthodontic auxiliaries / Eliakim Mizrahi, Demetri Patrikios, Luc Dermaut, Tom Weinberger, Matie Grobler, Glenn Cooper, Hans Booij, Brett Kerr, Brian Nebbe, Farah R. Padhani and Victor Lalieu -- chapter 15. Auxiliary springs for crown and root movement / Eliakim Mizrahi, Ronald G. Melville, Farah R. Padhani and André O. Hugo -- chapter 16. Digital technology for orthodontics : features and benefits / Rohit C.L. Sachdeva and Nikita Sachdeva -- chapter 17. Temporary anchorage devices / Eliakim Mizrahi and Antony G.H. McCollum -- chapter 18. Interdisciplinary treatment / Eliakim Mizrahi, W. Aubrey Soskolne, Ayala Stabholz and Antony G.H. McCollum -- chapter 19. Impacted canines / Adrian Becker and Stella Chaushu -- chapter 20. Lingual technique in current orthodontic practice / Alan Rumbak -- chapter 21. Temporomandibular joint : disc displacement / Brian Nebbe -- chapter 22. Detailing the final occlusion / Eliakim Mizrahi, Luc Dermaut, Richard N. Carter and Ronald G. Melville -- chapter 23. Removable appliances / Eliakim Mizrahi, Matie Grobler, Luc Dermaut, Robert A. Katz, Ronald G. Melville and John J Sheridan -- chapter 24. Retention / Eliakim Mizrahi, Farah R. Padhani, Victor Lalieu, Gerald Gavron, Ronald G. Melville, Richard N. Carter, Simon Ash, Brett Kerr, Demetri Patrikios and Adam A. Ryan -- chapter 25. Laboratory aids / Eliakim Mizrahi, Desmond Solomon and Ronald G. Melville.
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