Kalophōnikon heirmologion.

Chatzētheodōrou, Geōrgios [Browse]
Uniform title
  • Musical score, Manuscript
Greek, Modern (1453- )
1 v. : paper ; 180 x 130 (120 x 80 ) mm bound to 190 x 135 mm.


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Library of Congress genre
Hymns [Browse]
Summary note
Greek manuscript containing a collection of introductory hymns (hirmoi) in post-Byzantine neumes for the various canons which are chanted at Matins and other services. Elaborate headpiece on fol. α1 and incription beneath it reads: "Kalophonikon ermologion. / heirmologion to kalophōnikon en ō hemperi/echontai pantes hoi kalophōnikoi heirmoi / kata ton neon tropon. ho akolouthos emelo/poiēthē para harseniou tou mikrou." The following composers are mentioned: Germanos, bishop of New Patras (now Hypatē, Greece); Valasios hiereus and nomophylax; Dēmētrios domestichos tēs Megalēs Ekklēsias; Petros Vyzantios ho Bereketēs (also known as Petros Glykys, ho Bereketēs); Geōrgios, ho Krēs; Iakōvos Prōtopsaltēs; Damianos hieromonachos tou Vatopaidiou; Iōannēs ho Prōtopsaltēs; Petros Lampadarios ho Peloponnēsios; Meletios Sinaitēs ho Krēs ho Palaios; Panagiōtēs prōtopsaltēs ho Chalatzoglou; Daniēl Prōtopsaltēs; and Grēgorios Lampadarios (also known as Grēgorios, ho Prōtopsaltēs). Scribe's note on f. ιθ8 states that the manuscript was written by Geōrgios Chatzē Theodōrou and given to monk Anthimos. The writing was completed on December 8, 1822.
  • Ms. codex.
  • Title from fol. a1.
  • Byzantine music manuscript on paper; 13 double lines a page, 4to; collation: α-ιη8 ιθ12: [156] ff. (last 2 leaves blank); written in black and red ink, headpiece and initials in red; no pagination or foliation. In good condition.
Binding note
Manuscript bound in contemporary brown leather over hard boards; worn; sewn on six raised bands.
Source acquisition
Purchase: Acquired with matching funds provided by the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund. AM 2014-24.
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