Heirmologion kalophōnikon.

Grēgorios, ho Prōtopsaltēs, 1777-1821 [Browse]
Uniform title
  • Musical score, Manuscript
Greek, Modern (1453- )
171 leaves : paper ; 172 x 111 (125 x 75) mm bound to 173 x 118 mm


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Hymns [Browse]
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Summary note
Greek manuscript containing a collection of introductory hymns (hirmoi) in post-Byzantine neumes for the various canons which are chanted at Matins and other services. Among the poets and composers named are: Arsenios Vatopedinos, ho mikros; Valasios hiereus kai nomophylax; Germanos; Petros Bereketēs (also known as Petros Glykys, ho Bereketēs); Petros Lampadarios (also known as Petros, ho Peloponnēsios); Iōannēs ho prōtopsaltēs; kyr Iōannēs ho Kladas; Meletios Sinaitēs ho palaios; Geōrgios, ho Krēs; and Petros, ho Vyzantios. On fol. 4r scribe's inscription in red ink reads: "en hō periechontai hapantes hoi megalo/poiēthentes kalophōnikoi heirmoi. / eis tas perielthousas, treis hekatontae/tēridas para diaphorōn ekklēsi/astikōn mousikodidaskalōn. exēgēthentes para Grēgoriou prōtopsaltou. / kata paradosin petrou lampadariou tou / peloponnēsiou kai petrou vyzantiou. / eti de kratēmata kata tous oktō ēchous, a/nēkonta ekastō eirmō, en hō dei psallesthai, / kata to neon systēma tēs mousikēs epistēmēs. / metegraphē de ek tou prōtotypou hyp' emou apostolou / hyiou tou pote iōannou hiereōs kai nomophylakos / tou kōnsta, en etei sōtēriō αωλω kata / mēna noemvrion, eis arnaoutkioi." On folia 170-172: bilingual (Italian-Greek) dictionary written in two columns dated in more recent years.
  • Ms. codex.
  • Title from fol. 4r.
  • Physical description: 12 double lines per page, 8vo; written in black ink with head-pieces, titles, and lettering in red ink; large elaborated initials in red ink.
Binding note
Manuscript bound in brown leather over hard boards; worn; spine and upper cover missing; lower cover detached.
Source acquisition
Acquired with matching funds provided by the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund. AM 2013-57.
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