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Manuscripts, Arabic—18th century
  • Fols. 350; 11 x 7.7 cm.; written surface 8.5 x 6.5 cm.; 9 lines to page on glazed European paper; in naskhi; with vowel signs; with catchwords; entries in green and red.
  • A safīnah on the tenets of the Druze religion, together with moral exhortations; Muslim anecdotes, some of which are of classical origins, and several Druze fatwas. The first tract is by al-Amīr ʻAbd Allāh ibn Sulaymān al-Tanūkhī, the foremost Druze commentator.
  • Beg.: المرحوم الامىر جمال الدىن عبد الله بن الامىر ...
  • Ending: ...تجري فاذا برجل ىعدوا
  • MS incomplete at beginning and end; in fair condition; worm-eaten and foxed. Arabic leather and cloth binding; blind stamped. Probably from XVIIIth century.
  • Acquired from Bārūdī, Beirūt, A.D. 1925.
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