Protocols for in vitro propagation of ornamental plants [electronic resource] / edited by S. Mohan Jain and Sergio J. Ochatt.

New York : Humana Press, c2010.
xiv, 400 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.


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Section A. Protocols for in vitro propagation of ornamental plants. Micropropagation and organogenesis of Anthurium androeanum Lind cv rubrun / Oropeza Maira, Mejias Alexander, and Teresa Edith Vargas. A highly efficient protocol for micropropagation of Begonia tuberous / Duong Tan Nhut, Nguyen Thanh Hai, and Mai Xuan Phan. Micropropagation of Vanda teres (Roxb.) lindle / M. Firoz Alam, Pinaki Sinha, and M. Lokman Hakim. In vitro propagation through axillary shoot culture of Ranunculus asiaticus L / Margherita Beruto. Micropropagation of Crataeva adansonii D.C. Prodr : an ornamental avenue tree / Purnima Tyagi, P.K. Sharma, and S.L. Kothari. Strategies for the micropropagation of bromeliads / Miguel Pedro Guerra and Lirio Luiz Dal Vesco. Micropropagation of Poinsettia by organogenesis / Marcos Castellanos, J. Brian Power, and Michael R. Davey. Micropropagation of Phalaenopsis blume / Pinaki Sinha, M. Firoz Alam, and M. Lokman Hakim. Genetic transformation of carnation (Dianthus caryophylus L.) / Chalermsri Nontaswatsri and Seiichi Fukai. Matrix supported liquid culture and machine vision analysis of regenerated shoots of gladiolus / S. Dutta Gupta and V.S.S. Prasad. In vitro propagation of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) / Jose L. Casas, Enrique Olmos, and Abel Piqueras. In vitro propagation of Jasminum officianal L. : a woody ornamental vine yielding aromatic oil from flowers / Sabita Bhattacharya and Sanghamitra Bhattacharyya. Micropropagation of Lysionotus pauciflorus maxim. (Gesneriaceae) / Toshinari Godo, Yuanxue Lu, and Masahiro Mii. Micropropagation of Rhododendron / Tom Eeckhaut, Kristien Janssens, Ellen De Keyser, and Jan De Riek.-- In vitro regeneration and multiplication of Passiflora hybrid "Guglielmo Betto" / Luca Pipino, Luca Braglia, Annalisa Giovannini, Giancarlo Fascella, and Antonio Mercuri. In vitro propagation of rose / Pratap Kumar Pati, Navtej Kaur, Madhu Sharma, and Paramvir Singh Ahuja. In vitro propatation of Chrysanthemum / D. Nencheva.-- Micropropagation of Codiaeum variegatum (L.) Blume and regeneration induction via adventitious buds and somatic embryogenesis / Silvia Radice. Methods for in vitro propagation of Pelargonium x hortorum and others : from meristems to protoplasts / Noëlle Dorion, Hatem Ben Jouira, Anthony Gallard, Anber Hassanein, Mazen Nassour, and Agnès Grapin. Marigold regeneration and molecular analysis of carotenogenic genes / Alma Angélica Del Villar-Martínez, Pable Emilio Vanegas-Espinoza, and Octavio Parades-López. Somatic embryogenesis in in vitro culture of Leucojum vernum L / Agata Ptak In vitro propagation of Australian native ornamental plant, Scaevola / Chai Eng Wong and Prem L. Bhalla. Micropropagation of tulip : production of virus-free stock plants / Małgorzata Podwyszynłska and Dariusz Sochacki. In vitro propagation of ornamental Myrtus (Myrtus communis) / Barbara Ruffoni, Carlo Mascarello, Marco Savona. Sunflower propagation / M.L. Mayor, G. Nestares, T. Vega, R. Zorzoli, and L.A. Picardi. Clonal propagation of Cyclamen persicum via somatic embryogenesis / Traud Winkelmann -- Section B. Protocols for in vitro propagation of ornamental plants. In vitro production of sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus L.) via axillary shoots / Sergio J. Ochatt, C. Conreux, and L. Jacas. In vitro conservation and cryopreservation of ornamental plants / Elif Aylin Ozudogru, Alberto Previati, and Maurizio Lambardi. Genetic engineering of novel flower colors in floricultural plants : recent advances via transgenic approaches / Masahiro Nishihara, Takashi Nakatsuka. Azalea phylogeny reconstructed by means of molecular techniques / Ellen De Keyser, Valentina Scariot, Nobuo Kobayashi, Takashi Handa, and Jan De Riek. Status of floriculture in Europe / Johan Van Huylenbroeck. Thin cell layers : power-tool for organogenesis of floricultural crops / Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva.
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