Arthur's book of alphabets: with illustrations printed in colours.

New York. ; London. George Routledge and Sons, Broadway, Ludgate Hill; New York: 9, Lafayette place. [between 1865 and 1889].
[28] leaves. color illus. (chromolithographs?) 25 x 18.5 cm.


  • The contents consist of four alphabets, presumably reprinted from separate works previously issued by the publisher. The first alphabet depicts scenes in the daily life of Arthur and his little brother. The text begins: "A for Arthur, careful and good,/ Learning his lesson, as little boys should./ B is Baby cheerful and gay,/ Too young to learn, but ready for play./ C is the cart, in which baby sits down,/ Playing with Arthur ar driving to town." The second untitled alphabet is designed in two columns divided by orange lines into six squares. The left-hand square in each row has an illustration of a object with a caption of three words alliterating with its name. The right hand square has the corresponding letter in upper and lower case, with a sentence incorporating the subject of the illustration. Several of the cuts are signed J. B. Z., i.e. John Baptist Zwecker?. The text begins: "Ape, Active, Artful. An active, agile ape,/ Tries from prison to escape. Brown Bear Bites. Brown Bear when brough to bay,/ Fights with his foes in a gallant way. Carrion Crow Croaks. Curious croaking carrion crow/ The tailor shot at with his cross-bow.".
  • The third alphabet has the running title "The New A B C. The full-page illustrations, puzzle pictures incorporating multiple subjects, are signed WJW, i.e. William J. Wiegand? The text begins: Ass, baby, balloon cat; Dancer, elephant faggot, figure, gallop. The illustration for Kiosk, lamp, omelet, and opal includes the figure of a Jew inspecting a diamond ring with a magnifying glass. The fourth alphabet is a modernized version of A was an archer. The text is broken up with a double-page spread of anthropomorphized figures of the letters in a curving line.
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pub. olive green pict. cloth gilt stamped in brown, tan, blue and green over bevelled bds.
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Also available in an electronic version.
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Arthur's book of alphabets. With illustrations printed in colours.
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