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The Latin America elite poll II [electronic resource].

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[Utica, NY?] : Zogby International, [2003?]
Numeric survey data
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Use of these data is restricted to Princeton University students, faculty, and staff for non-commercial statistical analysis and research purposes only.
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Data from a continuing series of polling conducted by Zogby International on behalf of the University of Miami School of Business Administration in Latin America from August through October 2003.
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Numeric survey data
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Methodology note:
537 elites were interviewed in face-to-face meetings between August 20 and October 2, 2003. Most of these interviews were conducted, by appointment, at the respondent℗s work office. A handful of interviewees requested an interview by telephone. Interviews were conducted in six Latin American countries: Argentina (80), Brazil (103), Chile (80), Colombia (87), Mexico (107), and Venezuela (80). The sample was selected using a base list of elites. A near-equal portion (approximately 25%) of each of the following sectors was targeted: government, media, academia, and business. For the purposes of the survey, elites are defined as high/middle-high income respondents with special knowledge of their area of interest. Since all interviewees lived or worked in urban areas, all interviews were conducted in the main cities in each of the six countries. Trained specialists who were nationals in the country they surveyed conducted all interviews. All interviews were conducted in Spanish, except for those done in Brazil, where interviews were conducted in Portuguese. On average, one in every four people contacted agreed to participate in the survey. Interest in participating was high. The reason most often given for not participating in a survey was a lack of time.
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Latin American elite poll II raw data
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  • Latin America raw data
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  • Latin American University of Miami elite poll
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