Afonso Tostes : entre a cidade e a natureza = between the city and nature / Daniel Rangel.

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Primeira edicao.
Rio de Janeiro : Cobogo, 2019.
256 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm.


Summary note
The book dedicated to Afonso Tostes (b. Belo Horizonte, 1965) revises the artist's research path, his influences, his creative process, and finally his formalized works, when working with iron, wood, rope, in addition to found objects that he acquires by barter in his travels. "Afonso Tostes is a contemporary popular artist. A capoeira practitioner, a man of the sea, the orishas and handicraft; in fact, he uses the same tools as crafts artists. Tostes conveys the sense of the popular in himself, his experiences and the path he decided to take. Nevertheless, his work isn't formally close to what is called "popular art". By embracing and re-signifying popular knowledge in his production, Tostes connects his work to Art Povera, and to other movements in the history of art and, above all, makes it resonate with the actions of Brazilian conceptual artists of the 1970s generation. "Between the city and nature", the first publication about Tostes' trajectory, is organized in segments and visual interludes. The segments Are linked through texts, sketches and images as in a travel journal." --Pages 11-12.
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In Portuguese and English.
Between the city and nature (There's the Human Being) = Entre a cidade e a natureza (existe o ser humano) / Daniel Rangel -- Pathways = Caminhos -- Between Minas and Rio (there are Hills) = Entre Minas e o Rio (existem morros) -- Between departure and arrival (there's the Journey) -- Entre a partida e a chegada (existe a viagem) / Jose Saramago -- Entre telas e Farmoes (existe o desenho) = Between Canvases and Chisels (there's the drawing) / Paul Valery -- Entre o chao e o teto (existe o espaco) = Between Floor and Ceiling (there's the space) / Matthew Gale -- Between Ocean and Hills (There's a City) = Entre o mar e morro (existe a cidade) / Italo Calvino -- Between blance and fall (there's the swing) = Entre o equilibrio e a queda (existe a ginga) / Mestre Sinhozinho -- Between hand and work (there's the tool) = Entre a mao e o trabalho (existe a ferramenta) / Walter Benjamin -- Alfonso Tostes: A little connotative glossary, not in alphabetical order = Afonso Tostes: pequeno glossario conotativo fora de ordem alfabetica / Paulo Herkenhoff -- Entre o rio e o mar (existe o mangue) = Between river and sea (there's the mangrove) / Chico Science -- Entre uma margem e outra (existe o rio) = Between two riverbanks (there's the river) / Joao Cabral de Melo Neto -- Entre arvores e raizes (existe a mata) = Between trees and roots (there's the forest) / Giuseppe Penone -- Cronologia = Chronology -- Exposicoes colectivas = Group exhibitions -- Colecoes publicas = Public collections.
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  • Entre a cidade e a natureza
  • Afonso Tostes : between the city and nature
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