Collection of Greek rhetorical texts.

  • Manuscript, Book
Greek, Modern (1453- )
between 1701-1800.
i-iii, 1-377 leaves: paper ; 160 x 104 (135 x 84) mm bound to 165 x 110 mm.


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Speeches [Browse]
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Manuscripts, Greek18th century [Browse]
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Open for research.
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A compilation of rhetorical texts by classical and late antique Greek writers. Presumably produced for or by a student or rhetoric.
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  • Physical description: manuscript on paper, 8vo; decorative initials with interlinear glosses; a few leaves with burn marks and slight loss of text; unfoliated. Manuscript written in Greek script in black ink.
Binding note
Bound in contemporary tooled calf over pasteboard; calf defective and partly replaced with later leather and cloth (wormed); sewn on two raised bands.
Indicated names of the writers and titles of the works included in the manuscript are: [fol. 1r] Tou en hagiois patros hēmōn Vasileiou tou Megalou. -- [fol. 28r] Isokratous pros Dēmonikon parainesis. -- [fol. 45r] Tou autou pros Nikoklea peri vasileias. -- [fol. 64r] Dēmosthenous Olynthiakos logos A'. -- [fol. 76r] Tou autou Olynthiakos deuteros. -- [fol. 89r] Tou autou Olynthiakos tritos. -- [fol. 103v] Tou autou kata Philippou logos A'. -- [fol. 121r] Tou autou kata Philippou logos tritos. -- [fol. 145r] Ploutarchou Chairōneōs peri paidōn agōgēs. -- [fol. 182r] Tou autou peri tou akouein. -- [fol. 213r] Tou autou peri polypragmosynēs. -- [fol. 236v] Livaniou Presveutikos B' pros tous Trōas hyper tēs Elenēs Odysseus. -- [fol. 267r] Tou autou meletē tritē. -- [fol. 284r] Synesiou eis ton autokratora Arkadion peri vasileias. -- [fol. 336r] Themistiou Philosophou tou epiklēthentos Euphradous peri philias. -- [fol. 364r] Diōnos tou Chrysostomou logos Diogenēs ē peri aretēs.
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Purchase: Acquired with matching funds provided by the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund. AM 2019-18.
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Speeches. Selected Speeches.
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