Cildo : estudos, espaços, tempo / Diego Matos e Guilherme Wisnik (orgs.)

Meireles, Cildo, 1948- [Browse]
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São Paulo, SP : Ubu Editora, 2017.
304 pages : illustrations ; 31 cm.


Summary note
Cildo Meireles is one of the most important Brazilian artists in activity, perhaps the most relevant in what is conventionally called contemporary art. With exhibitions in the world's leading museums (Tate Modern, New Museum, Reina Sofia, Pompidou and a pavilion in Inhotim), Cildo's work is characterized by experiments that mobilize senses beyond sight - hearing, smell, touch and taste - proposing also reflections on logical and mathematical reasoning and conceptual questions of philosophical background. This book presents the work of Cildo taking as a goal the concept of "study". Much of his most relevant production is shown not only with the photographs of the works in exhibitions, but also with drawings and sketches that reveal the process of performing these works. "Unlike the previous publications, [this book] has not been commissioned on an occasion of a specific exhibition, or conceived as a catalogue. Instead, our goal is to present an idea that is of uttermost importance when dealing with such a relevant and prolific artist, but which not yet has been addressed. On one hand, we aim to organize a collection of texts that expound and highlight the moments of growing national and international recognition of Meireles's work, providing theoretical means for their critical interpretation. On the other hand, we wish to present a number of essential works stressing the notion of "study", an idea that is fundamental to Meireles's poetics."-Page 22.
Edição trilingue (portugués / espanhol / inglés)
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Language note
Texts in Spanish, Englsih and Portuguese.
  • Presentación -- OBRAS -- ENSAYOS -- "Ambientes" de Cildo Meireles / Federico Morais -- Frecuencia inmodulada / Ronaldo Brito -- Metamorfosis del círculo / João Moura Jr. -- Cildo Meireles: desvío hacía la interpretación / Lisette Lagnado -- El arte como trabajo seductor de contrainformacion industrial, cultural e ideológica / Frederico Morais -- Cinco enfoques / Guy Brett -- Variaciones sobre el tiempo / Maaretta Jaukkur -- Babel / Moacir Dos Anjos -- Creamundo / Lynn Zelevansky -- Dónde / Sônia Salzstein -- Desvío hacia lo innombrable / Suely Rolnik -- Entre la razón y el caos, las sutilezas del desencadenamiento / Diego Matos.
  • Foreword -- ARTWORKS - ESSAYS -- "Environments" of Cildo Meireles /Federico Morais -- Unmodulated frequency / Ronaldo Brito -- Metamorphosis of the circle / João Moura Jr. -- Cildo Meireles: a shift into interpretation / Lisette Lagnado -- Art as seductive work of industrial, cultural and ideological counterintelligence / Frederico Morais -- Five approaches / Guy Brett -- Variations on time / Maaretta Jaukkur - Babel / Moacir Dos Anjos -- Worldmaking / Lynn Zelevansky - Where / Sonia Salzstein - A shift towards the unnamable /Suely Rolnik -- Between reason and chaos, the subtleties of deflagration / Diego Matos.
  • Apresentação -- OBRAS -- ENSAIOS -- "Ambientes" de Cildo Meireles Meireles / Federico Morais -- Frequencia imodulada / Ronaldo Brito -- Metamorfose do círculo / João Moura Jr. -- Cildo Meireles: desvio para a interpretação / Lisette Lagnado -- A arte como trabalho sedutor de contrainformação industrial, cultural e ideológica / Frederico Morais -- Cinco abordagens / Guy Brett -- Variações sobre o tempo Maaretta Jaukkur -- Babel / Moacir Dos Anjos -- A criação de um mundo / Lynn Zelevansky -- Onde / Sônia Salzstein -- Desvio para o inominável / Suely Rolnik -- Entre a razão e o caos, as sutilezas da deflagração / Diego Matos.
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