Hagiōn paterōn apophthegmatōn apanthēsmata.

John Chrysostom, Saint, -407 [Browse]
  • Manuscript, Book
Greek, Modern (1453- )
1 v. 170 x 105 (140 x 85) mm bound to 175 x 113 mm


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Greek manuscript containing proverbs of several Church Fathers and philosophers, including: Athanasios, Vasileios, Grēgorios Nyssēs, Grēgorios ho thaumatourgos, Theodōrētos, Theophanēs ho Korydaleus, Iakōvos, Iōannēs ho Theologos, Iōannēs ho Chrysostomos, Iōannēs Damaskēnos, Aischylos, Aisōpos, Alkiviadēs, Aristophanēs, Dēmosthenēs, Zēnōn, Hēsiodos, Thalēs,Theophrastos, Loukianos, Periandros, Plutarch, Pythagoras, Polydōros, Philōn, and Chrysippos. The second part of the manuscript bears the title: "Philosophikōn apophthegmatōn apanthēsmata." Date also in purple ink at the end: "Tē 14 Ioun[iou] 1815."
  • Ms. codex.
  • Title from page [1].
  • Physical decription: 22-27 lines a page, 2 parts in one volume, 8vo and 4to. The first part is on ff. [1]/1r-[4]/12v and the second on ff. [13]/1r-[14]/8v. It is written by several hands. Drop-head titles, author names and initials in purple ink, glosses preserved as fold-out extensions; index in another hand at the end of the manuscript; without foliation or signatures, pagination until p. 64.
Binding note
Bound in contemporary half-leather (worn, most part of spine is missing).
Source acquisition
Purchase: Acquired with matching funds provided by the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund. AM 2018-61.
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  • C0879 (Princeton Greek MS. 133)
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