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Interior structure of Jupiter's satellite Io based on thermal equation of state data / Kenny Hulpach.

Hulpach, Kenny [Browse]
  • Book, Senior thesis
Princeton, NJ : Princeton University, Department of Geosciences, 2017.
35 leaves : color illustrations ; 29 cm
Summary note:
We use equation of state data obtained from recent high-pressure-temperature experiments on iron-iron sulfide and olivine compositions to construct improved models of the interior of Jupiter's moon, Io. We initially constructed two-layer and three-layer constant density models using measured values of Io's radius, mean density, and moment of inertia factor to calcuate core density and relative core radius. We also constructed models incorporating high-temperature Birch-Murnaghan (HTBM) equations of state from recent compression experiments on pure iron and (Mg₀.₉Fe₀.₁)₂SiO₄ olivine, as well as Murnaghan equations of state from FeS compression experiements. For all models, we determined the depth dependence of gravitational acceleration and pressure versus relative radius. Our estimates of the relative core radius range from 0.367 for a pure-Fe core to 0.530 for an Fe-20 wt.% S core. Our estimates of pressures at the core-mantle boundary and center of Io range from 4.3 and 7.6 GPa for an Fe-20 wt.% S core to 5.6 and 9.1 GPa for a pure-Fe core. Mantle iron content decreases from 14 wt.% for a pure iron core to 11 wt.% for an Fe-20 wt.% S core, and increases from 14 to 24 wt.% as assumed crustal thickness increases from 0 to 100 km.
Advisors: Thomas Duffy, Jessica Irving.
Dissertation note:
Thesis (Senior)-Princeton University, 2017.
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