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T-cell trafficking : methods and protocols / edited by George Edward Rainger, Helen M. Mcgettrick.

New York, NY : Humana Press, [2017]
Second Edition.
xi, 252 pages : illustrations (mostly color) ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Introduction to homeostatic migration / Mark C. Coles -- Analysis of thymocyte migration, cellular interactions, and activation by multiphoton fluorescence microscopy of Live Thymic Slices / Jessica N. Lancaster and Lauren I.R. Ehrlich -- Visualizing and tracking T cell motility in vivo / Robert A. Benson, James M. Brewer, and Paul Garside -- Graph theory-based analysis of the lymph node fibroblastic reticular cell network / Mario Novkovic, Lucas Onder, Gennady Bocharov, and Burkhard Ludewig -- Visualizing endogenous effector T cell egress from the lymph nodes / Manisha Menon, Alexandre P. Benechet, and Kamal M. Khanna -- Introduction : T cell trafficking in inflammation and immunity / Myriam Chimen, Bonita H.R. Apta, and Helen M. Mcgettrick -- Leukocyte adhesion under hemodynamic flow conditions / Charlotte Lawson, Marlene Rose, and Sabine Wolf -- Endocrine regulation of lymphocyte trafficking in vitro / Bonita H.R. Apta, Myriam Chimen, and Helen M. Mcgettrick -- Mesenchymal stromal cells as active regulators of lymphocyte recruitment to blood vascular endothelial cells / Helen M. Mcgettrick, Lewis S.C. Ward, George Edward Rainger, and Gerard B. Nash -- Monitoring RhoGTPase activity in leukocytes using classic "Pull-Down" assays / Marouan Zarrouk, David Killock, Izajur Rahman, Jessica Davies, and Aleksandar Ivetić -- Utilizing lentiviral gene transfer in primary endothelial cells to assess lymphocyte-endothelial interactions / Jasmeet S. Reyat, Michael G. Tomlinson, and Peter J. Noy -- Introduction to lymphocyte trafficking in disease / Patricia F. Lalor and Elizabeth A. Hepburn -- Using ex vivo liver organ cultures to measure lymphocyte trafficking / Benjamin G. Wiggins, Zania Stamataki, and Patricia F. Lalor -- In vitro and ex vivo models to study T cell migration through the human liver parenchyma / Benjamin G. Wiggins, Konstantinos Aliazis, Scott P. Davies, Gideon Hirschfield, Patricia F. Lalor, Gary Reynolds, and Zania Stamataki -- Monitoring migration of activated T cells to antigen-rich non-lymphoid tissue / Eleanor Jayne Ward, Hongmei Fu, and Federica Marelli-Berg -- Tissue digestion for stromal cell and leukocyte isolation / Saba Nayar, Joana Campos, Nathalie Steinthal, and Francesca Barone -- T cell response in the lung following influenza virus infection / Robert A. Benson, Jennifer C. Lawton, and Megan K.L. MacLeod.
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