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The place to go : contexts of learning in Baghdād, 750-1000 C.E. / edited by Jens Scheiner & Damien Janos.

Princeton, New Jersey : Darwin Press, Inc., 2014.
xviii, 655 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • Studies in late antiquity and early Islam ; 26. [More in this series]
  • Studies in late antiquity and early Islam ; 26
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Baghdād: political metropolis and intellectual center / Jens Scheiner & Damien Janos -- Talking about Arab origins: the transmission of the ayyām al-ʻarab in al-Kūfa, al-Baṣra and Baghdād / Isabel Toral-Niehoff -- The language of the Arabs in early ninth century philology: an investigation of the term mathal in Abū ʻUbayda's Majāz al-Qurʼān / Nora Schmidt -- 'Earnest and jest (al-jidd wa-l-hazl)' as an educational concept? Some considerations on selected works of al-Jāḥiẓ (d. 255/869) / Hans-Peter Pökel -- Abū I-ʻAtāhiya and the versification of disenchantment / Nora K. Schmid -- Teachers and Ḥadīth transmitters: The Quṣṣāṣ in Ibn Ḥanbal's Musnad / Jens Scheiner -- 'We shall neither learn the Qurʼān nor teach it to our children': the Covenant of ʻUmar on learning / Clare Wilde -- Christian learning about Islam in the early ʻAbbāsid Caliphate: the Muslim sources of the Disputation of the monk Abraham of Tiberias / Krisztina Szilágyi -- Muḥammad b. Khalaf b. al-Marzbān (d. 309/921) and his role in translations from the middle Persian / Mohsen Zakeri -- Why did Ḥunayn, the master translator into Arabic, make translations into Syriac? On the purpose of the Syriac translations of Ḥunayn and his circle / John Watt -- Al-Maʼmūn's patronage of astrology: some biographical and institutional considerations / Damien Janos -- Court astrologers and historical writing in early ʻAbbāsid Baghdād: an appraisal / Antoine Borrut -- From lyrics by al-Fazārī to lectures by al-Fārābī: teaching astronomy in Baghdād (750-1000 C.E.) / Johannes Thomann -- 'Until his eyes light up': Talmud teaching in Babylonian Geonic Yeshivot / Elisabetta Abate -- Safeguarding Lord's word: the work of the Masoretes in Palestine and Babylon / Elvira Martín Contreras -- Sketches for further research. 'Baghdād for lovers lies not far away': Baghdād and other imaginary places in a 7th/13th cent. manuscript of the Hundred and one nights / Claudia Ott -- Historical writing in Baghdād: the case of the Futūḥ al-Shām ascribed to al-Wāqidī (d. 207/822) / Yoones Dehghani Farsani -- Teaching Qurʼānic exegesis: some initial insights / Luise Ossenbach.
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