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The Feminist Avant-Garde : art of the 1970s : the Sammlung Verbund Collection, Vienna / edited and curated by Gabriele Schor.

  • Munich : Prestel, [2016]
  • ©2016
559 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm
Summary note:
"With greater energy than any artistic movement before, the feminist avant-garde of the 1970s deconstructed society's image of womanhood, dismantling centuries' worth of projections, stereotypes, and male hegemony. For the first time in the history of art, women, in an act of collective consciousness-raising, took the representation of their sex in visual art into their own hands and unfolded a wide spectrum of sel-determined female identies: provocative and radical, poetic and ironic. Gabriele Schor, director of the SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection, coined the term the Feminist Avant-Garde in order to highlight the pioneering achievemetns of these artists. This book presents over six hundred works in the SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection created by forty-eight women artists. Established in Vienna in 2004 by VERBUND AG, Austria's leading electricity provider and one of the largest producers of hydropower in Europe, the collection has two main foci: "Perceptions of Spaces and Places" and the "Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s". Publisher
Catalog published on the occasion of a traveling exhibtion first held at Galleria Nazionae d'Arte Modern, Rome, February 19-May 16, 2010 and held or to be held at 9 other locations through Spring 2019.
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Contains bibliographical references (pages 536-557).
On the Identity of the Sammlung Verbund Collection, Vienna / Gabriele Schor -- The Feminist Avant-Garde : A Radical Revaluation of Values / Gabriele Schor -- The Fourth Wall Turns pensive: Feminist Experiments with the Camera / Mechtild Widrich -- Presence and Absence: On the Legacy of 1970s Performance Art / Merle Radtke -- Vienna's Female Actionists: Feminist Positions in Austria / Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer -- Works from the Sammlung Verbund Collection, Vienna. Helena Almeida: Inhabiting Art / Teresa Grandas -- Letícia Parente: The Body and the Opus as a Witness of Times / Mirtes Marins de Oliveria -- Eleanor Antin: Resisting Representation / Abigail Solomon-Godeau -- Lorraine O'Grady: Mlle Bourgeoise Noire / Gabriele Schor -- Teresa Burga: Diverse Worlds / Brigitte Kölle -- Mary Beth Edelson: "The Goddess Is Us" / Nora Höglinger -- Margot Pilz: Psychoanalytical-Performative Photography / Eva Krauthaker -- Esther Ferrer: Reduction as Resistance / Luisa Pauline Fink -- Ketty La Rocca: Reduction of Language / Angelandreina Rorro -- Nil Yalter: Performing "The Other" / Michelle Marie Roy -- Gina Pane: "A Glass of Hot Milk" / Daniela Hahn -- Carolee Schneemann: Theater of Responsiveness / Jenni Sorkin -- Anneke Barger: The Possibilities of the Moment / Astrid Helen Windingstad -- Judy Chicago: A Struggle for Equality / Julia Garimorth -- Linda Christanell: Finger Fan and the Wings of Androgyny / Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer -- Karin Mack: In the Theater of Self-Events / Margit Zuckriegl -- Hannah Wilke: Superstar / Beate Söntgen -- Valie Export: Body Cinema / Mechtild Widrich -- Lili Dujourie: Poetic Strategies / Sophie Lauwers -- Marcella Campagnano: The Invention of Feminity / Daniela Hahn -- Lynda Benglis: Notations of Self / Catherine J. Morris -- Lynn Hershman Leeson: Identity Circuit -- Katalin Ladik: To Reclaim the Female Body / Emese Kürti -- Judith Bernstein: Vertical / Heather Jones -- Ulrike Rosenbach: Feminist Incursion / Theresa Dann -- Martha Rosler: The Home as a Battlefield / Inka Graeve Ingelmann -- Renate Bertlmann: Unmasks Society / Jessica Morgan -- Kirsten Justesen: Performing Sculpture - Feministically / Birgitte Anderberg -- Leslie Labowitz and Suzanne Lacy: In Mourning and in Rage / Merle Radtke -- Ewa Partum: The Significance of the Female Body / Eva Badura-Triska -- Friederike Pezold: The New Embodied Sign Language / Gislind Nabakowski -- Suzanne Santoro: Towards New Expression / Giovanna Zapperi -- Rita Myers: A Revision of the Well-Proportioned Human Being / Merle Radtke -- Suzy Lake: On the Politics of Role-Play / Gabriele Schor -- Martha Wilson: Feminist and Political Performance Artist / Hanne Beate Ueland -- Alexis Hunter: Touching Points, Points of Touch / Patricia Allmer -- Annegret Soltau: Spinning, Enmeshing, Sewing - Emancipatory String-Games / Leena Crasemann -- Orlan: Exposed Body, Body for Sale / Camille Morineau -- Penny Slinger: Exorcism Exercises / Angela Stief -- Ana Mendieta: The State of "In-Between" / Stephanie Rosenthal -- Renate Eisenegger: "My Rage Was My Starting Point" / Gabriele Schor -- Birgit Jürgenssen: Body as Art Against the Semiotics of Capital / Peter Weibel -- Sanja Iveković: Woman as Political Subject / Roxana Marcoci -- Brigitte Lang: Metal, Skin-Tight / Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer -- Lydia Schouten: "How Does It Feel To Be A Sexobject" / Mirjam Westen -- Francesca Woodman: Photographic Tableaux Vivants / Elisabeth Bronfen -- Cindy Sherman: Subversive Metamorphoses / Gabriele Schor --- Artists Biographies / Theresa Dann -- Timeline 1968-1980 / Daniela Hahn -- Selected Bibliography / Theresa Dahn.
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