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Physics of nonideal plasmas / edited by Werner Ebeling, Andreas Förster, Rainer Radtke.

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Stuttgart : B.G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft, 1992.
1 online resource (318 pages) : illustrations.
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1: Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo results -- Numerical simulation of Coulombic freezing -- Monte Carlo simulation study of dense plasmas -- Large Coulomb and Lennard-Jones crystals and quasicrystals -- Localization of quantum electrons in one, two and three dimensional disordered systems of scatterers. Monte Carlo investigations -- N log N code for dense plasma simulations -- 2: Thermodynamics and phase transitions -- Statistical thermodynamics of bound states and phase transitions in nonideal plasmas -- A simple statistical mechanical model for pressure induced ionization -- Single and two particle properties in dense plasmas -- Second-moment sum rules for correlation functions in a classical ionic mixture -- The Saha equation for a two-temperature plasma -- Phase transition in simplest plasma models -- Mean spherical approximation for the thermodynamics of partially ionized and strongly coupled plasmas -- Quasiclassical shell model and thermodynamical functions of dense plasma -- A model for the ionization equilibrium of a very dense hydrogen plasma -- Microfield, quasi-zones and plasmas nonideality -- Behavior of the electrical microfield in a plasma, for a strong field -- Critical point of lithium under influence of Coulomb interaction -- High pressure -- high temperature thermophysical measurements on liquid metals -- 3: Kinetics of transitions -- Equation of motion for higher order distribution functions and linear response theory -- Kinetic theory of ionization processes in dense plasmas -- Ionization and recombination coefficients of excited states in nonideal hydrogen plasmas -- 4: Collective modes and transport properties -- Collective modes in strongly coupled plasmas -- Viscosity and ion sound in strongly coupled plasma -- Interpolation formulae for the transport coefficients in dense plasmas -- Strong electric fields and nonlinear current-voltage characteristic non-ideal plasmas in liquid semiconductors at high temperatures and high pressures -- Measurement of the electrical conductivity of a strongly coupled metal plasma -- Recent development of experiments on non-ideal plasmas with the Kiel ballistic compressor -- 5: Radiation and spectroscopy -- Electric field dynamics at a charged point strong coupling limit -- About the influence of dense plasmas on spectral line shapes of different atomic radiators -- Theory -- About the influence of dense plasmas on spectral line shapes of different atomic radiators -- Experiment -- IR spectra of dense xenon and argon plasmas -- Light from dense plasmas -- Collision frequency of non-ideal plasmas: Influence of plasma oscillations -- Gas-liner pinch as a source for high density plasma spectroscopy -- 6: Astrophysical Problems -- Nuclear fusion in dense plasmas: supernovae to ultrahigh-pressure liquid metals -- The equation of state for stellar envelopes -- The plasma phase transition of hydrogen in giant planets -- 7: Laser and Ion Fusion -- Particle driven inertial fusion through cluster ion beam -- Strongly coupled plasma in laser-target experiments -- Thomas-Fermi calculation of laser beam and particle beam ranges in strongly coupled plasma -- Author Index.
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