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Green building, environment, energy and civil engineering / editors, Jimmy C.M. Kao, Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Wen-Pei Sung, Department of Landscape Architecture, Integrated Research Center for Green Living Technologies, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taichung, Taiwan.

International Conference on Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering (2016 : Hong Kong, China) [Browse]
  • London : Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
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  • "Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering (GBMCE2016), Hong Kong, China, 26-27 April 2016"--title page.
  • "A Balkema book"--title page.
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  • Safety problems and control measures in the construction of the building project / M.-L. Guo & S.-P. Huang -- Study on protecting and inheriting the traditional crafts and the contemporary design education / L.-S. Hao & L.-L. Chen -- Financial accounting of long-term equity investment / J. Wu -- Workflow design and analysis of the function of a PLC ship power station management system / S.-C. Jiang, X.-P. Sui, Z.-Z. Liu, S. Wu & Y.-Z. Geng -- Suitability of electrochemical methods to evaluate the corrosion of reinforcing steel in micro-cell and macro-cell states / Z.-L. Cao, H.-Y. Chen, Z.-C. Su, S.-D. Mi, L.-Y. Wei & M. Hibino -- Green consumption attitudes of the tourists lodging in resort hotels / C.-C. Lin & W.-T. Wu -- Comparison of prediction models for shrinkage and creep of high-strength, lightweight aggregate concrete / S.-Q. Mei, H.-B. Xie, L. Su, J. Gong, K. Guo & Y.-F. Wang -- Social impact assessment of green residential district in China / L. Fan, Y.-X. Zhang, Y.-R. Zhang, B. Pang, J.-J. Wang & W. Luo -- Problems of and strategies for financial fund management of enterprises / J. Wu -- Mono-layer reticulated shell structure design / L. Mi -- Research on the neural network based on an improvised PSO algorithm / J. Liu -- Study of the consolidation effect of a marginal bank by vacuum preloading based on a network / C.-H. Wang -- Design of the man-machine interface for the operating system of two-for-one twister / Q. Shen, Y.-B. Ni & Q.-H. Zhou -- Design of the measurement standard for ultrasonic PD tester / Q. Wang, J. Zhang, W. Zhou, B. Lu & X.-C. Rao -- Summary of the research on a network fault prediction method / W.-Q. Xu, G.-S. Chen, G. Niu & W.-G. Chen --Study of the green design strategies of the senior housing in Wuhan / J. Lu -- Survey and analysis of intellectual capital of scientific research team / F.-L. Chen -- A fuzzy DEMATEL method to analyze the criteria for sustainable supplier selection / X.-L. Jiang, Z.-B. Wu & Y. Yang -- Research on ecological reconstruction strategies for the Shanghai Shendu Building / M. Gao -- Applications of the passive solar energy technology in office buildings in Changchun / J. Qiu & T.-L. Zhao -- Study of the effects and applications of fiber art on the indoor space / H.-B. Sun -- Finite element analysis on shear lag effect of concrete curved box girder under moving loads / H.-L. Lu, C.-Y. Wan, X.-L. Zhou, J.-Q. Qian, B. Chen & S.-B. Zhu -- Application of soundscape in city parks by case study / J.-L. Zhou & L.-F. Xie -- RCS terminal test / X.-F. Ren & J.-F. Zhao -- Research on Shanghai ecological residence green ecological technology / M. Gao -- Study on the modern dilemma of the Chinese traditional literati painting / Z.-H. Zhang --
  • Reliability analysis of pre-stressed concrete continuous girder bridges using the incremental launching method on Chinese code and BS5400 / C.H. Lou & F.H. Dong -- Stability analysis of underground roadways in large fault zones / Y.-F. Su, P. Wang & J. Zhai -- Effect of sputtering time on the micro-hardness of QC-10 alloy / M. Hu, X.-X. Ren, Y.-L. Zhang, J. Gao & P.-L. Ding -- Automatic incident detection algorithm based on under-sampling for imbalanced traffic data / M.-H. Li, S.-Y. Chen & Y.-C. Lao -- Stress calculation and analysis of cut-off wall in the sand gravel foundation / X.-M. Dong, Z.-Z. Wei, J.-T. Niu & W.-L. He -- Stress distribution of anchor bolts due to empty pulp defects / S. Zeng, J. Zhang & B. Sun -- Damage laws of layered and jointed rock mass under the impact of cyclic loading / B. Sun, X.-S. Deng, J.-H. Xie & S.-Q.-Y. Zhang -- Heating characteristics of microwave-absorbing asphalt mixture / W. Liu, P.-H. Miao & S.-Y. Wang -- Numerical analysis of the influence range of a tunnel ventilation resistance grid / Y.-X. Xin, Y.-Q. Wang & K. Lai -- Degradation of benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) in clay soil by electro-bioremediation / D.N. Huang, Z.S. Ai, J. Tan, Y.J. Zhao & J.X. Fu -- Study of the cable breaking effect on the structural characteristics of cable-stayed bridges / W.-F. Tang -- Passive and energy-efficient house design based on the climate of Tianjin / Y.F. Zhao, Z.R. Wang & Y.X. Tian -- Location information provider framework using the open IoT technology / N. Kim, J. Park & E. Choi -- Review of three-dimensional braided piezoelectric ceramic matrix composite / X. Ma & G.-F. Wei -- Analysis of deformation of a transmission tower by vacuum-combined surcharge preloading / B.B. Xu & W. Si -- Numerical modeling of air flow and pollutant distribution in industrial workshop with different solar chimney on the roof / Y.-F. Xue, X.-Z. Zhang, Y.-X. Su & W.-Y. Deng -- Test and analysis of hydration heat for the zero block of a continuous rigid frame bridge / H.B. Zhang, C.L. Lv, M. Ma, S.B. Chai & X. Ren -- A review on load forecasting of town gas : methods, applications, and analyses / H.Y. Tan, N. Li & C.Y. Tang -- Distributed temperature sensor- and fiber Bragg grating sensor-based method for gas pipeline leakage detection / T. Li, H.-D. Gong, L.-C. Su & Q. Li -- Study on the re-utilization of wasted civil air defense project / X.-Y. Zu & L.-C. Su -- GPR scan assessment of pressure mortar quality in a tunnel vault / S.-L. Tian & M. Cui -- Research on existing residential building refurbishment in the urban area of cold climate region in China based on the aging population trend / Z.-G. Chen & Y. Zhang -- Assessment of isolation methods for the erected tower near soft road embankment / B.B. Xu & W. Si -- Research on variable water volume collaborating with a variable water temperature operation scheme / H.Y. Tan & F. Cai -- Corrosion resistance of a plasma ion-implanted QC-10 alloy / M. Hu, X.-X. Ren, Y.-L. Zhang, J. Gao & P.-L. Ding -- Exploring research theories and methods of rural settlement landscape from a multidisciplinary perspective / N.-X. Wang & Q. Lu -- Research on reinforced methods for a concrete structure / M.-X. Zhang, B. Sun & X.-Y. Zhang -- Analysis of the factors influencing energy consumption of a passenger transport station / X.-K. Meng, Z. Yan, W.-W. Heng & C. Zeng --
  • Environment development of the reading room in the university library based on human factors engineering / C.-J. Xu -- A study on the optimization of green light sources in subway stations / Z.-C. Zhao -- A study on the mechanical properties of mechanism sand mortars subjected to different temperatures / H.-J. Xu & C.-X. Cen -- Study on numerical simulation of three-dimensional viscoelastic mechanics for steel deck asphalt pavement / W.-K. Huang, X.-N. Zhang, H.-L. Rong & S.-F. Cai -- Analysis of fluctuation in China's remaining recoverable oil reserves / L. Wang & J.S. Zhang -- Research on the recycled brick concrete technology / M.-X. Zhang, X.-Y. Zhang & B. Sun -- A comprehensive information system for landslide monitoring based on a three-dimensional geographic information system / M.-W. Xie, Y.-C. Jia, F.-X. Lv & S.-X. Chang -- Study on the compatibility of the art design major and the Chinese language course in the colleges and universities of fine arts / M.-Y. Liang & Z.-X. Ge -- The calibration of refinery wastewater treatment process / D.-L. Cheng & L.-H. Yan -- Relationship between microcell corrosion and macrocell corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete structures / Z.-L. Cao, S.-D. Mi, H.-Y. Chen, Z.-C. Su, L.-Y. Wei & M. Hibino -- The application of an active filter based on FPGA in a large building / Y. Lou & X.-J. Wang -- Crouching suspicions, hidden potential : a literature review on US-China clean energy cooperation since 2009 / Y.-N. Ding & J. Shi -- Research on the crack resistance ability of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete / X.-K. Liu, Z.-Q. Du, J.-X. Hui & Y. Gao -- Fabrication and characterization of B[subscript 4]C ceramics with Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3]-La[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] aids / Y.-L. Zhang, Y.-M. Zhang, X.-S. Ding, M. Hu, C.-L. Ma & C.-H. Li -- An experimental study on eccentric compression reinforced concrete columns strengthened with HDPFs / Y. Qiao, C.Z. Sun, Z.B. Wang & G. Zuo -- Road traffic conflict prediction model based on speed dispersion in mixed traffic environment / X. Xia & J.-Y. Gai -- A review on the current development and debate of the global green new deal / Y.-N. Ding & J. Tang -- Toward a more compact and sustainable city : the use of underground space for Chinese mainland cities / J.-Y. Chen, L.-M. Huang & L.-C. Su -- Natural ventilation and seismic performance analysis of the special L-shaped spiral layout green building / X.-D. Li, W.-J. Li, H. Yang & Z.-T. Chen -- Effect of freezing and thawing on the physical properties of red sandstone / H.-M. Zhang, X.-N. Liu, C. Peng & X.-Z. Meng -- Effect of surface microstructural features of injection-molded zirconia on the construction of dental implants / C.-C. Wang, M.-H. Lin, S.-L. Chen, C.-C. Lin, Y.-C. Liu & C.-Y. Lin -- Application of the catenary method and FBG sensors to monitoring ice thickness of power transmission lines / L.-M. Li, Z.-M. Liu, Z.-G. Zhang & C.-L. Liu -- Low temperature synthesis of CNTs on the micron-sized Cu[subscript p] surface / P.-L. Ding, Y.-L. Zhang, M. Hu & J. Gao -- An experimental study on stiffness degradation of reinforced concrete columns strenthened with HDPF / Y. Qiao, C.Z. Sun, Z.B. Wang & G. Zuo -- Architectural design strategies of zero-energy houses in a solar decathlon competition / C. Chen & X.-P. Liu -- Hot pressure sintering of BN-SiC composites with La[subscript 2]O[subscript 3]-Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] aids / Y.-L. Zhang, Y.-M. Zhang, Z.-H. Shao, M. Hu, Y. Li, J.-P. Gong, B. Li & Y.-H. Zhang -- Optimization of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and model simulation through the Jeju electric vehicle demonstration project / J. Gu, J. Lee & J. Lee -- Research on the impact of the fault's thickness on underground roadways / M.-H. Zhang, P. Wang & L.-L. Shao -- Study on the selection of adaptable plants in the area polluted with lead-zinc tailings in Hunan province / Q. Wang, W. Sun & L.-L. Wu -- Research on development and utilization of the empty layer space of Nanjing Weisanlu Yangtze River tunnel / L.-C. Su, X.-P. Zhu, X.-Y. Zu & W.-N. Hou -- Study of rural landscape design ideas / X.-Y. Zhang.
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