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Theoretical sociology : a concise introduction to twelve sociological theories / Jonathan H. Turner.

Turner, Jonathan H. [Browse]
  • Los Angeles : SAGE Publications, [2014]
  • ©2014
xi, 271 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Summary note:
"What can sociological theory tell us about the basic forces that shape our world? With clarity and authority, leading theorist Jonathan H. Turner seeks to answer this question through a brief, yet in-depth examination of twelve major sociological theories. Readers are given an opportunity to explore the foundational premise of each theory and key elements that make it distinctive. The book draws on biographical background, analysis of important works, historical influences, and other critical insights to help readers make the important connections between these monumental sociological theories and the social world in which we live. This concise resource is a perfect complement to any course that seeks to examine both classic and contemporary sociological theory."--Publisher's website.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 1. Theoretical sociology today -- Violating the Law of Small Numbers -- Cab sociology be a science? -- Should sociology be critical, moral? -- What is the most important approach to sociological analysis? -- What level of analysis is most important? -- 2. Functional theorizing -- The beginnings of functionalism -- Advocacy / Auguste Comte -- Functionalism / Herbert Spencer -- Functional analysis / Emile Durkheim -- The basic elements of early functional theories -- The transition to modern functionalism -- Anthropological functionalism -- Contemporary-era functional theories -- "Action theory" / Talcott Parsons -- The downfall of functionalism -- 3. Conflict theorizing -- Early conflict theories in sociology -- Theory of conflict / Herbert Spencer -- Theory of conflict / Karl Marx -- Conflict theory / Max Weber -- Conflict theory / Georg Simmel -- Contemporary conflict theory -- Analytical conflict theories -- Historical-comparative conflict theories -- Conflict theorizing / Randall Collins -- Neo-Marxian theories of conflict -- 4. Ecological theorizing -- Early ecological thinking in sociology -- Contemporary ecological theorizing in sociology -- Urban ecological analysis -- Organizational ecological analysis -- Macro-level ecological theorizing in sociology -- 5. Exchange theorizing -- The reluctance to embrace utilitarianism and behaviorism -- Early distrust of utilitarian economics -- The rise and initial rejection of behaviorism -- Early exchange theories in classical sociology -- Contemporary exchange theories -- Basic exchange processes -- Exchange processes, social solidarity, and commitment behaviors -- 6. Symbolic interactionist theorizing -- Synthesis / George Herbert Mead -- Contemporary symbolic interactionism and the analysis of identities -- Multiple identities -- Hierarchies of salience and prominence -- Emotions, defensive strategies, and defense mechanism -- Psychoanalytic symbolic interactionist theories.
  • 7. Dramaturgical theorizing -- The Durkheimian roots of dramaturical theory -- Dramaturgical theory of encounters / Erving Goffman -- The dramaturgical metaphor -- Encounters -- focused encounters -- Unfocused encounters -- Extensions of Goffmanian dramaturgy -- Arlie Hochschild on emotional labor -- Theory of dramaturgy / Candace Clark -- Randall Collins on interaction rituals -- 8. Structural theorizing -- Social structure -- "Structuration" theory / Anthony Giddens -- Giddens' Critique of science in sociology -- Structuration -- Agents, agency, and action -- Routinization and regionalization of interaction -- Network theorizing on structure -- The development of network analysis -- Basic theoretical concepts in network analysis -- Patterns and configurations of ties -- Can network analysis make conceptions of structure more precise? -- Toward a more simplified conception of social structure -- 9. Cultural theorizing -- Early sociological conceptions of culture -- The mid-century legacy of Claude Levi-Strauss -- Cultural analysis today -- Theory of cultural meanings / Robert Wuthnow -- Constructivist structuralism / Pierre Bourdieu -- Approach to cultural pragmatics / Jeffrey C. Alexander -- Theory of idioculture / Gary Alan Fine -- Explicitly "weak" cultural program / Jonathan Turner -- 10. Critical theorizing on modernity and postmodernity -- The delimma [sic] of early critical theory -- Marx's emancipatory optimism vs. Weber's pessimism -- The rise of the Frankfurt School -- The transformation of Marx's project -- Contemporary Frankfurt School -- Conception of "the public sphere" / Jurgen Habermas -- The critique of science -- Legitimation crisis in societies -- Early analysis of speech and interaction -- Habermas' reconceptualization of evolution -- The changing balance between system and lifeworld (cultural) processes -- The postmodern turn in critical theorizing -- Economic postmodernism -- Cultural postmodernism -- 11. Stage-model evolutionary theorizing -- Early stage models of societal evolution -- Functional theories of evolution -- Early conflict theoretic explanations -- The end of the classical era -- Modern stage models of societal evolution -- Theorizing on societal evolution / Gerhard Lenski -- Stage model of evolution / Talcott Parson -- 12. Biologically inspired evolutionary theorizing -- New ideas from biology -- The genetics of the individual -- The genetics of populations -- The codification of sociolobiology [sic] -- Fitness and evolution -- Group and individual selection -- Key behaviors driven by genes : inclusive fitness, kin selection, and reciprocal altruism -- Evolutionary psychology -- Cross-species comparisons -- Richard Machalek -- Alexandra Maryanski -- Making evolutionary theorizing more Darwinian, more biological.
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