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Handbook of carbohydrate-modifying biocatalysts / edited by Peter Grunwald.

  • Singapore : Pan Standfor Publishing, [2016]
  • ©2016
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  • Pan Stanford series on biocatalysis ; vol. 2. [More in this series]
  • Pan Stanford series on biocatalysis ; volume 2
Bibliographic references:
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 1. Basics in carbohydrate chemistry/ Heinrich Hühnerfuss -- 2. Glycoconjugates : a brief overview / Peter Grunwald -- 3. Oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates in recognition processes / Thisbe K. Lindhorst -- 4. Glycoside hydrolases / Motomitsu Kitaoka -- 5. Disaccharide phosphorylases : mechanistic diversity and application in the glycosciences / Christiane Luley-Goedl and Bernd Nidetzky -- 6. Dihydroxyacetone phosphate-dependent aldolases : from flask reaction to cell-based synthesis / Mohui Wei and 10 others -- 7. Enzymatic and chemoenzymatic synthesis of nucleotide sugars : novel enzymes, novel substrates, novel products, and novel routes / Leonie Engels and Lothar Elling -- 8. Iteratively acting glycosyltransferases / Songya Zhang and Andreas Bechthold -- 9. Bacterial glycosyltransferases involved in molecular mimicry of mamalian glycans / Warren Wakarchuk -- 10. Sulfotransferases and sulfatases : sulfate modification of carbohydrates / Eli Chapman and Sarah R. Hanson -- 11. Glycosylation in health and disease / Peter Grunwald -- 12. Sialic acid derivatives, analogs, and mimetics as biological probes and inhibitors of sialic acid recognizing protiens / Joe Tiralongo and Thomas Haselhorst -- 13. Enzymes of the carbohydrate metabolicm and catabolism for chemoenzymatic syntheses of complex oligosaccharides / Stephan Böttcher, Julian Thimm, and Joachim Thiem
  • 14. From gene to product : tailor-made oligosaccharides and polysaccharides by enzyme and substrate engineering / Maria Elena Ortiz-Soto and Jürgen Seibel -- 15. Synthesis and modification of carbohydrates via metabolic pathway engineering in microorganisms / Xian-wei Liu, Lei Li, Hai-tao Gao, Li-jun Dang, and Peng George Wang -- 16. Metabolic pathway engineering for hyaluronic acid production / Esteban Marcellin. Wendy Y. Chen, and Lars K. Nielson -- 17. Microbial rhamnolipids / Marius Henkel, Markus M. Müller, Barbara Hörmann, Christoph Syldatk, and Rudolf Hausmann -- 18. Chitin-converting enzymes / Karin Moss, Susanne Zibek, Thomas Hirth, and Steffen Rupp -- 19. Linear and cyclic oligosaccharides / Hajime Taniguchi -- 20. Fungal degradation of plant oligo- and polysaccharides / Ronald P. de Vries, Joost van den Brink, Kristiina S. Hildén, Miia R. Mäkelä, and Henrik Stålbrand -- 21. Bacterial strategies for plant cell wall degradation and their genomic information / Yutaka Tamaru and Roy H. Doi -- 22. Heterologous expression of cellulolytic enzymes / Christian Eckert, Rainer Fischer, and Ulrich Commandeur -- 23. Engieered minicellulosomes for consolidated bioprocessing / Youyun Liang, Ee Lui Ang, and Huimin Zhao -- 24. Design of efficient multinenzymatic reactions for cellulosic biomass processing / Anne S. Meyer.
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