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Domains of freedom : justice, citizenship and social change in South Africa / edited by Thembela Kepe, Melissa Levin, Bettina von Lieres.

  • Claremont, [Cape Town] : UCT Press 2016.
  • ©2016
xiv, 308 pages ; 23 cm
Summary note:
After 20 years of freedom in South Africa we have to ask ourselves difficult questions: are we willing to perpetuate a lie, search for facts or think wishfully? Freedom has been enabled by apartheid's end, but at the same time some of apartheid's key institutions and social relations are reproduced under the guise of 'democracy'. This collection of essays acknowledges the enormous expectations placed on the shoulders of the South African revolution to produce an alternative political regime in response to apartheid and global neo-liberalism. It does not lament the inability of South Africa's democracy to provide deeper freedoms, or suggest that since it hasn't this is some form of betrayal. Freedom is made possible and/or limited by local political choices, contemporary global conditions and the complexities of social change. This book explores the multiplicity of spaces within which the dynamics of social change unfold, and the complex ways in which power is produced and reproduced. In this way, it seeks to understand the often non-linear practices through which alternative possibilities emerge, the lengthy and often indirect ways in which new communities are imagined and new solidarities are built. In this sense, this book is not a collection of hope or despair. Nor is it a book that seeks to situate itself between these two poles. Instead it aims to read the present historically, critically and politically, and to offer insights into the ongoing, iterative and often messy struggles for freedom.--Publisher's website.
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Foreword / Achille Mbembe. JUSTICE. Overview / Sharlene Mollett -- Land, politics and policy change in South Africa: what questions for land redistribution policy and practice? / Thembele Kepe & Ruth Hall -- Law and political conflict in South African land reform / Christiaan Beyers & Derick Fay -- Cui bono? A political-economy assessments of 20 years of South African freedom / Antoinette Handley -- South African housekeeping policy over two decades: 1994-2014 / Marie Huchzermeyer & Aly Karam. FREEDOM. Overview / Dickson Eyoh -- Freedom Park and the Voortrekker Monument: commemorative practices between reconciliation and decolonisation / Melissa Levin -- The paradox of trade union action in post-apartheid South Africa / Sakhela Buhlungu -- The politics of women and gender in the ANC: reflecting back on 20 years / Zine Magubane -- The role of rights and litigation in assuring more equitable access to healthcare in South Africa / Lisa Forman & Jerome Amir Singh. CITIZENSHIP. Overview / Jacqueline Solway -- The politics of citizenship in South Africa / Bettina von Lieres -- Fire in the vineyards: farm workers and agrarian change in post-apartheid South Africa / Christopher Webb -- From Ubuntu to Grootboom: vernacularising human rights through restorative and distributive justice in post-apartheid South Africa / Bonny Ibhawoh -- Social protests and the exercise of citizenship in South Africa / Anver Saloojee -- Migration to South Africa since 1994: realities, policies and public attitudes / Belinda Dodson & Jonathan Crush. Afterword / Gillian Hart.
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