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Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi, ca. 1350

Peter, of Poitiers, approximately 1130-1205 [Browse]
Italy, ca. 1350
ca. 1350
1 v. 71.0 x 37.0 cm
Summary note:
Fragment of a parchment roll with text written in two columns, beginning with the prologue, "Considerans sacre historiae prolixitatem...." Peter of Poitiers's text is often presented in roll format to facilitate classroom display and use. The present fragment is the first section of the roll. The genealogy of Christ is divided into Six Ages: The main central line begins with lozenges for Adam and Eve (the beginning of the First Age), descending to Noah (Second Age), and then Abraham (Third Age), where the branches become more complicated. To the left of Noah are two diagrams of the Ark of the Covenant, as described respectively by Bede the Venerable and St. Augustine. To the right is a diagram of the Tower of Babel. Some marginal notes. A tawed leather strip is sewn at the beginning of the roll, used to tie up the roll. A small rust-stained hole piercing at the very top suggests the roll was at one point nailed to a wall for display.
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Purchase, 2017. AM 2017-87.
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Scrolls 14th century.
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