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The Gods of Greek hexameter poetry : from the archaic age to late Antiquity and beyond / edited by James J. Clauss, Martine Cuypers and Ahuvia Kahane.

  • Stuttgart : Franz Steiner Verlag, [2016].
  • ©2016
xiii, 458 pages ; 25 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 407-442) and index.
  • Hiero's question : an introduction / James J. Clauss, Martine Cuypers and Ahuvia Kahane -- The justice of Zeus in the Theogony? / Jenny Strauss Clay -- The gods in the narratives of the Homeric Hymns / Andrew Faulkner -- Divine perspective and the plots of Zeus in the Hesiodic Catalogue / Kirk Ormand -- Herding cats : Zeus, the other gods, and the plot of the Iliad / Jim Marks -- Poseidon in the Odyssey / Richard P. Martin -- The gods in cyclic epic / Christos Tsagalis -- Ares in the Pseudo-Hesiodic Shield / Timothy Heckenlively -- Heldendämmerung anticipated : the gods in Apollonius' Argonautica / James J. Clauss -- Zeus in Aratus' Phaenomena / John Ryan -- Gods in Callimachus' Hymns / Ivana Petrovic -- Gods in fragments : Callimachus' Hecale / Massimo Giuseppetti -- Erotic battles? Love, power-politics and cosmic significance in Moschus' Europa and Eros on the run / A.D. Morrison --
  • Reading Homer, writing Troy : intertextuality and narrativity of the gods and the divine in Quintus of Smyrna's Posthomerica / Silvio Bär -- "With a little help from my (divine) friends" : double motivation and personification in Triphiodorus' Sack of Troy / Laura Miguélez-Cavero -- The huntress and the poet : Artemis in the Cynegetica -- Naming the god of metamorphosis : the ever-changing shape of the infant Dionysus in Nonnus' Dionysiaca / Domenico Accorinti -- Jesus' late Antique epiphanies : healing the blind in the Christian epics of Eudocia and Nonnus / Anna Lefteratou --Gods and men in Colluthus' Rape of Helen / Enrico Magnelli -- The Argonautica of Orpheus as "poetic theology"? Divine hierarchies in late Antique philosophy and poetry / Oliver Schelske -- Polytheism in the Sibylline Oracles / J.L. Lightfoot -- Homer's gods and Virgil's Aeneid / Ward Briggs -- The gods in Ovid's Fasti / Fritz Graf -- From epiphanic idyll to faith-bound epyllia : Tennyson's poetic descent from Virgil to Gibbon / Edward Adams -- Modernity and the twilight of the epic gods : reading Derek Walcott and Alice Oswald / Ahuvia Kahane.
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