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Cruikshank, Isaac, 1756-1811 [Browse]
Visual material
[London?] : S. Fores, 1792.
1 sheet ; 38 x 35 cm
  • Engraving. Colored.
  • "Published as the Act directs July 23, 1791, for J. Ridgway, York Street, St. James's Square."
  • This British cartoon depicts Paine as a radical revolutionary for hire. "I am Ready & Willing to offer my Services to any Nation or People under heaven who are Desirous of Liberty & Equality," he says, flourishing a scroll proclaiming "Rights of Man"/"Common Nonsense"/ "Equality of Property." The bottle of ink is labeled "gall." Paine stands on the discarded scraps of the established British order: Protection [of] Property, Religion, National Prosperity, Magna Charta, Loyalty, Obedience to the Laws, Morality, Happiness, Industry, Personal Security, Inheritance, Justice. In the quiver on his back, he offers all the vices of the French Revolution: Cruelty, Equality Madness, Anarc[h]y Murder, Treason Rebellion, Perjury, Atheism, Misery, Famine, National & Private Ruin, Ingratitude Idleness, Treachery, and Injustice.
  • Ex copy: Forms part of: The Sid Lapidus '59 Collection on Liberty and the American Revolution.
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Ex copy: Gift, Sidney Lapidus, Princeton Class of 1959, 2010.
Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809Caricatures and cartoons [Browse]
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