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Reading for the blind / by W. Moon.

Moon, William, 1818-1894 [Browse]
Brighton, Sussex, England : National Institute for the Blind (Moon Branch) for Embossing and Circulating Books &c., for the Blind ; Philadelphia, PA : Bible Society House, Pennsylvania Home Teaching Society and Free Circulating Library for the Blind, [not before 1882]
1 sheet ([1] p.) ; 36 cm.
Biographical/​Historical note:
William Moon (1818-1894) became totally blind at the age of 22, and went on to become an indefatigable campaigner for teaching the blind, and in particular those going blind later in life. He began teaching and in so doing devised a new system of printing in 1845 which was easier to learn than the Braille system, based on a simplified form of roman letters, embossed on paper. Profiting by his own knowledge of the normal alphabet he was able to devise characters based on it but simplified to facilitate touch reading. He adopted the return line system and added an embossed bracket at the end of each line leading to the line below.
Summary note:
Printed and embossed on thick paper, the broadside spells out in raised letters the regular alphabet, the classified alphabet and the Lord's Prayer, and is an example of one of many educational aids and reading material published for the blind by William Moon.
The Pennsylvania Home Teaching Society and Free Circulating Library for the Blind was established in 1882.
Ex copy: On verso: Clara M. Newth (Personal copy)
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